Channeling My High School Self

I don’t know about you, but I went to a Catholic high school. And whenever I put on a pleated miniskirt, I’m immediately transported to my high school years when I wore that god awful pleated plaid miniskirt with a polo and knee socks (don’t ask me how long ago this was lol). If I can find you a decent photo of me in high school, I’ll insert it here:

However, like most of us I’m sure, this pandemic has made me super nostalgic. I do *slightly* miss the uniform, so I decided to play dress-up! Here are some photos of me styling this black pleated miniskirt that I got from Aritzia a couple of years ago. I’m actually surprised it still fit.

With this skirt, I added knee socks (obviously). It wouldn’t be a high school throwback without the knee socks for me. I think they’re a very old pair from Topshop. I also wore a plain white t-shirt from Topshop and added a thrifted sweater vest overtop (I thought this was pretty collegiate/preppy). And then to add some “spice”, I wore this bucket hat that I’m clearly obsessed with because I think I’ve worn it a lot lately. It definitely would have been confiscated in high school though. We weren’t allowed to wear hats. This bucket hat is from Free People but by the brand Kangol. I’ve talked about this brand before but all you need to know is that I have a TON of their hats, and I love them.

For accessories, I added a few pieces that y’all haven’t seen in a while. I wore my precious Chopova Lowena necklace that I got for my birthday last year. She was a pretty penny (and one of the best birthday gifts ever) and I’m really excited to start wearing her again throughout this spring/summer season. I also wore these safety pin earrings that I got a few years ago (I think?). It was when En Route Jewelry (@enroutejewelry) first collaborated with @bestdressed. I forget when that was but I was one of those people that placed an order the same day the collection was released. I still wear them often and they still look like new. I highly recommend these earrings if they’re still available! The colourful rings that I’m wearing are my latest obsession. I mean, I obsess over things pretty easily so take that as you wish lol. But I’M SUPER OBSESSED with these rings from BonBonWhims (@thebonbonwhimsclub). I want to order more. I’m trying to be good but to be completely honest and transparent with y’all, I have earrings on the way (I think I may have already told you this lol). Claire’s stuff is SO FUN and 100% the vibe I want for spring/summer. I will probably order more rings eventually. If you haven’t had a chance to check out her stuff, here’s a link to the website:

The shoes that I chose to wear are those loafers that I picked up from Zara. They’re definitely something similar to what I wore in high school, but these are way cooler. If you don’t know the story behind these shoes, they were practically meant to be. I rarely find shoes from Zara in a size 5 and this style of loafer was exactly what I was looking for. I kind of want a white pair now so I’m keeping my eyes peeled on the Zara website to see if I’ll get lucky again. What do you guys think of the loafer trend?!

HAT – Kangol at Free People

T-SHIRT – Topshop


SKIRT – Aritzia

KNEE SOCKS – Topshop

SHOES – Zara

NECKLACE – Chopova Lowena


Would I ever wear this outfit outside of my bedroom? I don’t really know. I think my little sister (she’s in grade 8) might appreciate this look, but I don’t know if I feel comfortable walking around like this. Am I trying to look much younger than my actual age? Do you ever think about things like this? I THINKKKK I’d get rid of the knee socks. Some white frilly socks would completely change the look and feel of this outfit for me LOL. What do y’all think?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday!

– Tiny ❤

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