Spring is here!!!

I think by now those of you that read my blog know that I’m a fan of colour. I wear bold colours and prints all year long but somehow in spring it hits a little different. Maybe it’s because the sun is out more often? Maybe it’s because it seems more acceptable in the spring (not that I really care)?

I’m crazy excited to start wearing the brightest colours in my wardrobe, and I decided to kick things off with this outfit that I’m sharing with you today. I think I picked almost every colour of the rainbow for this one lol. I’ve probably mentioned this bag that I’m wearing in one of my previous posts but it’s a recent addition to my collection and it just *screams* spring. It’s from a vintage store in Montréal called “Singulier MTL” or @singuliermtl on Instagram. I’ve tried to wear it with more winter-y pieces and it just doesn’t work. I love the bag and I love it even more now for making me pull out all my brighter colours. Goodbye, winter clothes! You’re going to the back of my closet!

For this look I wore these pants that I got last year that I absolutely love. They’re from Topshop Petite because that’s basically where I get all of my pants. I love this cream/beige colour because it completely lightens up the outfit. On top, I wore this t-shirt that I’ve had from Topshop for the longest time. It’s purple and has this cool outline of a woman’s face. I dig it a lot. I think I’ve gotten so much wear out of it. I remember taking it with me to the Philippines, and that was like three years ago. As a layering piece, I added this blue cardigan from Free People. My favourite colour is blue, as we all found out it one of my previous posts, so I just couldn’t say no to this sweater when I saw it. It’s a BEAUTIFUL shade of blue! I really don’t think these photos even do it justice.

The shoes and accessories that I chose for this outfit are the bag that I’ve already mentioned, a fuzzy bucket hat from Durumi, and my checkered slip-on Vans. I also layered a couple of pearl necklaces because if you can’t tell, I’m IN LOVE with pearl accessories right now. I have no idea why I love pearls so much. I feel like it’s always been this way, even as a child. I think it’s just come out in full force now that I’m older. Pearls go with everything (at least I think so). They’re neutral and dress up any boring ol’ outfit. I just feel like you can’t go wrong with them!

HAT – Durumi

CARDIGAN – Free People

T-SHIRT – Topshop

PANTS – Topshop Petite


BAG – Singulier MTL

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful. Sunshine on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday and the temperatures were 10-12 degrees! I am so excited for it to just keep getting warmer. I love the sun and I love the warmth. My Filipino side just THRIVES in the spring/summer and I can’t wait. You guys don’t even know lol.

I hope you had a chance to enjoy the weather wherever you are. Hopefully it’s as nice as it was here, if not nicer!

Have a great rest of your week!

– Tiny ❤

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