What I Wore Last-Last Week

Hey everyone! I meant to post this while I was in Cuba but honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking!!! I didn’t have any time to really sit and blog. I mean, who wants to sit and blog when you can be laying on the beach and soaking some sun? The trip was amazing. I plan to share more about the trip in a later post so stay tuned! Normally, I would just let this #OOTW post go and just write about more recent outfits that I’ve worn since I’ve been back, but I like these ones too much! I have to share them. So although they might not be that relevant to me right now (because I am like 4 shades darker lol), I hope they’re still something for you guys to enjoy!

Outfit #1: My cowboy boots came out to play, again! It was warmer this week so I was able to let my legs out! Woo-hoo! ;)) This is my favourite and only blue denim pinafore, and I’ve worn it a lot within the last couple of years! I am so glad that it’s slowly getting warmer and that I can finally start wearing it again. Underneath my pinafore I wore a ribbed polo t-shirt with a three-quarter zip. I’ve spoke about it before but I can’t get over how great it fits! I also added this printed headband for some colour to this outfit, some silver hoops earrings and of course, my Gucci baby.

Outfit #2: I got a lot of compliments on this outfit and to be honest with you, I was inspired by the lobster earrings that I was wearing (which you cannot see in this photo lol). I wore my yellow cropped pants and a thrifted “maybe real or maybe fake” Gucci sweater? It was $20 at Value Village so I doubt it, but I love it and it looks sick paired with yellow! This day here was the beginning of an obsession with this transparent tortoiseshell purse. I love this purse!!! It fits more than you’d expect and I love that I can see everything that’s in it so it’s much easier to find my metro pass or my house keys. For shoes I wore my white booties and to mix it up a little (because there was finally some sun), I wore these pink cat-eye sunglasses from Aldo! I’ve always been a sucker for their sunglasses.

Outfit #3: A Canadian tuxedo day. My favourite Binx jeans from TOPSHOP and my favourite cropped denim jacket with a raw hem seems to be the best denim-on-denim look for me! The washes match pretty well and I love the way they fit together! To add some colour/personality, I wore my leopard boots and added a gold chain belt. For a top, I wore this ribbed sleeveless top that has a matching skirt. You might recognize it from a previous blog post but since then I’ve found that it goes and looks good with a lot in my wardrobe. I’m very happy I bought it :))

Outfit #4: This is an oldie but a goodie! The grey slip dress I’m wearing is from a couple years ago and I found it in a bag that I had previously packed full of clothes I wanted to give away! I forgot that I had left it in there! I clearly couldn’t let it go. However, it has these really thin straps and I felt that it was a little too much exposure for work, so I threw on one of my favourite printed blouses over it. It’s this blouse covered in tigers and I am shocked at how good the quality is of it. I mean, it’s not 100% silk or anything like that. It just looks the same way it did when I bought it and I’ve washed it sooo many times! I wore my patent combat boots for shoes and added my transparent tortoiseshell purse. For jewellery, I wore a cute hair clip, my chunky lock necklace, and another pair of hoop earrings! I have so many versions of hoop earrings that I feel like I could do a whole blog post on them. Should I???

Outfit #5: This is my FAVOURITE suit! My power suit! That suit that just makes you feel so good? You know those ones? I forget about this suit because when it’s this bright of a colour, I feel like I can’t wear it too often or people will start to notice. Do I really care? Not really. But it is definitely a suit you can’t forget! It’s from TOPSHOP’s Petite department a couple of years ago and it fits so perfectly on me. I’ve tried other suits from the Petite department this year and they just don’t fit the same!!! And I don’t know why! It makes me sad but at least I have this one that I can try to keep forever. To make this suit less formal and business-y, I added my checkered slip-on VANS and one of my favourite graphic t-shirts. I think this is the best way to make a suit more casual.

That’s it for these outfits! Like I said, these were from the week before my trip but I had to share them any way! The next post will be more recent because it’s the week after my trip! I can guarantee that you’ll notice a difference in my skin colour lol.

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤


A Love Story: A girl and her hats.

I’m back with the second outfit! I based this outfit on my new bucket hat. I love, love, looove wearing hats and I really wanted to prove to myself that I could wear it with pretty much anything because I’ll be honest, this hat wasn’t cheap! I mean, $30 isn’t a lot but it is a lot if you’re trying a new trend for the first time. I could have thrifted one, and normally I would have, but I’m too afraid of catching head lice. That’s fair, right?

These photos were taken in two of the best thrift/vintage shops (in my opinion) in the city. One’s called Uncle Vintage and the other is Vintage Depot. They have some pretty great stuff! I highly recommend you give both them a visit :)) They’re located near Lansdowne Station.

For my outfit, I wore this half-zip (or quarter-zip?) t-shirt that I love. I appreciate how fitted it is and the zipper makes it better than your usual plain white tee. On the bottom I wore this ribbed midi skirt in this sweater material. I’m a little obsessed with it. I don’t think I own anything like it! I don’t wear fitted midi skirts because usually they’re too plain for my taste or just don’t fit me. I added to this casual vibe with my cropped denim jacket with a raw hem, and for shoes I wore my go-to checkered slip-on Vans. I read an article that used the word “funkify” (which is pretty rad lolol), and I think this shoes do just that.

Here are the photos of the outfit!!

So what’d ya think?!! I really enjoyed shooting in these stores. TBH it was kind of awkward at first, but they were super cool about it! Where should we take photos next? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

Yee freaking haw.

Ouuuuuu an outfit post! You guys know I’ve been with Jemilla (@jemillajems) when I have fresh outfits to share with you guys. I am so lucky to have her to take these awesome photos :)) As always, I have three outfits that are coming your way. But first, let’s start with my boiler suit outfit.

The boiler suit is pretty much an outfit all on it’s own! I did, however, spice it up with my latest pair of cowboy boots. I’ve mentioned them before but I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on them recently. If you haven’t read my previous posts, I got them at a Talize (thrift store) in Oshawa and I paid only $13 for them! I also wore this fabulous clip that I recently purchased when I went to Twentyseven to get my hair done. One of my clients, Olivia, owns her own hair salon on St. Clair Ave. West and it is sooo freaking cute! Not only is she an amazing hair stylist, but she sells these adorable clips that I’ve been sending all my friends to go get! For this outfit, I wore this emerald green one and I love it. I got three hair clips for $21!!!

Now here’s the outfit!

I hope you like my boiler suit/the first of three outfits. I will be meeting up with Jemilla to take even more photos when I get back from Cuba! I can’t wait to share all my Cuba content :DD This is so exciting!!! Are you as excited as I am?!???!!!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

What I Wore Last Week

ONE MONTH OF OUTFITS. Guys, I’ve officially shared a full month of outfits and I can’t believe I did it!! I’m going to give you guys a heads-up and say that I’m probably going to take a break next week (because I missed a day – I was hung over lol). But I really enjoyed writing these posts and I definitely want to continue writing them :)) I also want to make sure I apologize for the delay. I meant to have this up sooner but my sister’s bachelorette weekend came waayy toooo fast. It was so much fun but with work and other life things (like preparing for my trip to Cuba!!), I haven’t had any time to breathe until now.

Outfit #1: This cute ribbed sweater set was like a dream come true when we received it a couple of weeks ago. Although I’m not the biggest fan of the colour, I HAD to have it. It’s so cute and so flattering! Mind you, I feel like I can’t eat in this skirt. It does show allllll the curves/lumps and bumps (including food babies) aha-ha. I’ve noticed that a lot of earth tones are coming in this season. As well as a lot of utility-inspired clothing. I decided the best way to wear this set is with my camouflage shacket (shirt + jacket = shacket – it’s a thing). I also wore these safari-inspired hoops and my nude booties with the hardwood floor heels (I’m never going to quit calling them this lol).

Outfit #2: Leandra Medine (ManRepeller) vibes, no? If you haven’t heard of her, you’re crazy! She was my inspiration for this outfit. I wore my two-toned Straight jeans with one of my favourite graphic t-shirts (obsessed with lilac right now!). A pearl necklace (big time inspired by Leandra) and my most recent check-print blazer! For shoes I wore my white ankle booties, and for a purse I wore a bag that was very much loved during the Summer of 2018. I also remember loving this bag while I was in the Philippines, so it has a lot of great memories attached to it!

Outfit #3: I completely forgot about my Jamie Flares! I brought them back and I love them just as much as I used to. I’ve been too caught up with our Editor jeans that I really need to make sure that my flared jeans are back in the rotation lol. I also wore this blouse that I never expected to love so much. On the hanger this thing was droopy and unflattering but when I put it on, I was OBSESSED. They’re on sale now ($25!!) and I think I might buy another colour. I also had a customer that saw me walking around wearing this blouse and she asked a coworker of mine to help her find my entire outfit ha-ha! For shoes I wore my cowboy boots (obv)! To accessorize, I added the same pearl necklace, these cute mismatched pearl earrings from Oak + Fort, and a leopard print scarf as a headband! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this purse before but it’s also a favourite of mine! The chain/strap and the patent off-white colour is dressy but not tooo dressy, which makes it perfect.

Outfit #4: Casual Alannah is not a girl you see every day. But until recently there’s been part of me that wants to try the whole “urban street vibe”. I wore my first ever tie dye shirt and my favourite/only pair of overalls. I paired them with my checkered slip-on Vans (that I am obsessed with btw – am I obsessed with too many things?) and my recently purchased bucket hat. It’s by the brand Fila and I got it from Urban Outfitters! It’s actually reversible so I got TWO bucket hats in one!! For an extra accessory, I just added my favourite lock chain necklace. What do you guys think of this look? Is this too strange/weird on me? What do you think of bucket hats?!!

Outfit #5: First: This blouse was $15. I had been eyeing it since it was $65 and the moment it was returned and marked down to $15, I had to buy it (obviously). There was really no other choice! My jeans are one of my favourite pairs right now. Never did I think I’d like a pair of Jamie’s again so soon but this pair is an exception. Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat on IG) collaborated with Joe’s Jeans and this pair that we got at TOPSHOP looks almost EXACTLY like them. LOOK!! >>>

The one we have at work are a much cheaper alternative and I even got them altered! They were too long so I went and got a couple of inches taken off. Ever since I got my boiler suit altered, I’ve been getting hems from my new friend at “Altered Image” whenever I can lol. If I only I knew that if I waited another week or two, we’d get them in Petite, I wouldn’t have needed to hem these jeans at all! C’est la vie.

So that’s everything and concludes a month of outfits! If you want me to continue for the month May (I say May because I won’t be back from Cuba until the 4th!), let me know in the comment section below! These are really fun and easy to share and I may just keep doing this any way ha-ha!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

What I Wore Last Week

Okay, I have to admit. These blog posts have been really good for me. Having a photo of my outfit for the past 3 weeks has definitely kept me creative and organized, and I haven’t even repeated an outfit yet! Last week was a busy work week for me. Nothing exciting happened. I’ve been watching a lot of Game of Thrones. I’m currently on Season 4 and the new season starts in ONE WEEK. I’ve calculated and it looks like I have to watch three to four episodes a night to be caught up LOL. Wish me luck!

Outfit #1: I’ve been seeing A LOT of tie dye lately. I’m not complaining! I love tie dye and I love that it makes everything more colourful! I know a lot of people might be intimidated by the return of this trend but I’m going to embrace it! My first step is with this cute top from work! It was also spotted on the cover of Teen Vogue! Look! >>

With this top I wore the blazer to my favourite orange suit and my Binx jeans that I talked about in my “My Favourite: TOPSHOP Jeans” post. I wore these cute hoop earrings with sparkly shells dangling from them. This is going to be another huge trend this Summer! Prepare for shells EVERYWHERE! I just recently ordered a shell necklace from Amazon that I can’t wait to share with you guys!! For a bag (I wore this bag all week lol), my Gucci baby. And for shoes I wore my white ankle booties!

Outfit #2: As per usual, these outfits aren’t in the right order lol. I wore this dress overtop of a black turtleneck on Friday because at work we have “Fashion Friday”. The theme for last week was to dress like our co-worker because she got promoted and it was her last day with us. She dresses very bohemian and I thought this gave some “boho vibez“. I wore this necklace that I am very much obsessed with. I know it looks exactly like a Chloé pendant necklace, but it’s again, FROM AMAZON. I think I want to do a post on all the great jewellery I am finding on Amazon lol. What do you think? Would you guys appreciate a post like that? To complete this look I wore the same boots and the same pink velvet headband that I wore last week!

Outfit #3: Cropped jeans. I stand by this prediction when I say that cropped jeans are going to be the jeans of the Summer. I swear it! I have a pair with side stripes and I just recently got this yellow pair that I am in love with. I’m a huge fan of yellow right now. All shades of yellow! However, I think I need a plain and simple pair of wide cropped jeans. Nothing fancy. Just a nice classic denim wash with no fancy embellishments for every day. I also really think this pair will come in handy throughout the following seasons! They’re so comfortable to wear and I really like the way they look, so I know I’ll wear the crap out of them! With my yellow cropped wide leg jeans, I wore a Rolling Stones graphic t-shirt and my cropped denim jacket with the raw hem. For shoes (I got a little excited for Spring), I wore these cute strappy heels that are super comfy and red. I love yellow and red together. It reminds me of Ronald McDonald and McDonald’s in general. I have some great memories with McDonald’s because it was my first real job lol. To accessorize, I added this necklace and some dangly earrings. This chunky chain necklace with a padlock pendant is somewhat of a go-to for me these days. It makes my outfits a bit quirky and edgy, and I think they’re also kind of trending right now.

Outfit #4: I got my period on this day. How do I remember? I wore a graphic t-shirt with a huge smiley face in the center and painted my nails to look like a rainbow. Guys, I was trying really hard to be in a positive mood that day lol. I actually like this outfit a lot though! Definitely will wear it again sometime in the future, I think! I like how I paired it with my khaki green cargo-ish pants, my snakeskin booties, and another chunky chain necklace/choker! This choker kind of reminds me of a dog collar but I dig it. To dress it up a little I thought I’d add a sparkly hair clip and I think it worked! What kind of outfits do you ladies gravitate to when you’re on your period? I know we all want to wear our sweats but say you can’t. What do you wear?

Outfit #5: This blazer is the shining star of this outfit. This “vintage” (it’s from Le Chateau but the tags scream “OLD”) blazer was thrifted from Talize in Oshawa for $14. I got so lucky with this find and I got so many compliments on it! I also wore a grey cropped t-shirt, Mom jeans, and my black patent combat boots. To add some more colour/spunk, I added my Toucan Sam headband (I just officially called it this now lol).

Oki! That’s a wrap on my third “What I Wore Last Week” post! What do you guys think?! Should I keep this going? I’m actually quite shocked at how consistent I’ve been with this (*pats self on the back*). I’ll be back next week with another! ;))

Until then!

– Tiny ❤

March Favourites 2019

April is officially here!! January was long af, February was a hot mess, but March made it all worth it :)) I did exciting things and I’m feeling so motivated and inspired that I believe that April is going to be even better! During the month of March I hosted a bridal shower with my cousins for my sister that’s getting married at the end of this month. I think that after the bridal shower everything just hit me! My sister is GETTING MARRIED and there’s so much that still needs to be done!!!

March was also great because I did a little modelling for TOPSHOP Canada and the Hudson’s Bay! They needed a model for their prom campaign and since I’m 25 years-old and still look like a high school senior, I seemed pretty good for the job lol. It was only for their social media but it was fun being a lil’ model for a day! A lot of the dresses were big for me so we had to clip a lot. It’s crazy what goes on behind a photo! *Spoiler alert*: everything is not what it seems! Here are some photos that have been shared on Instagram so far:

They’re not that bad for having zero modelling experience, right? This experience for me was really cool and I hope I get an opportunity to do something similar again!

Now on to my March Favourites! I’m going to be honest and say that I feel like if you have already read my previous posts, none of these favourites are going to surprise you. But here they are any way!

1. Urban Decay “Naked Reloaded” Palette: I’ve been loyal to Urban Decay for so many years and I don’t plan on buying eyeshadow palettes from any other brand in the future. (Well, maybe if I can afford a palette by Pat McGrath ha-ha) I love their quality and I love their colour ways! I think I have 4 or 5 Urban Decay “Naked” palettes and this most recent one is a practically a combination of all of them! I love having my favourite shades in one palette, it’s like UD made this for me!! My favourite shades are (and you can probably tell by how beat up some colours are compared to others lol) “Barely Baked“, “Angel Fire“, “Reputation“, “Burn” and “Boundaries“. Honestly, if you want a lightweight palette to carry with you everywhere for that perfect “every day”/natural look, this one is for you!

2. Sweet Bitter by Stephanie Danler: This book has been on my list of books to read for about a year but I kept finding other books and pushing it to the side. Part of me wishes I read this book sooner but also, everything happens for a reason. You guys know I suck at summarizing or giving a gist of things because I always end up giving everything away. So what I’m going to tell you is that if you like food and restaurants/have ever worked as a waitress/server, you’d really like this book! It gives a perspective that I never knew and more insight on what life might be like in New York. Speaking of New York, I really want to try and go for even a weekend this year! It’s definitely on my mind and on my list of things to do in 2019. Anyways, going back to Sweet Bitter, there’s also a bit of romance in there if you’re sucker for that stuff like I am. There’s also a TV Show based on the book. It’s only a few episodes long but it was cool to watch afterwards!

3. More Than Words by Jill Santopolo: Idk what it is about Jill Santopolo’s writing but she knows how to get you to feel for and relate to her characters. I cried reading her last book. It’s called “The Light We Lost” and it was so good. Even though I didn’t cry, her latest novel “More Than Words” is just as good. It’s about a woman who is about to inherit her father’s legacy, which is their hotel business in New York. Her father has cancer and she feels like she has even more pressure to live up to his expectations and really follow in his footsteps. She discovers a lot about herself and falls in love with her boss (not her father btw!). The catch is that she’s been dating her bestest friend for about a year and knows that he is who her father wants her to marry in the end. It’s quite dramatic, folks lol. But if you’re into this sort of thing, it’s one of the good ones! I recommend it!!

4. Vintage Gucci Bag: I’ve mentioned this in my last few posts but this is my Gucci baby up close and personal. I don’t really know what to say. I stumbled upon her, made sure she was real, and then in a matter of like, 3 days? – she was mine! This is my first designer bag. No, I’m lying. I had a Rebecca Minkoff and I owned a few Coach bags. However, I think Gucci is a serious step. I’d also love a Chanel, or a Chloé, or a Louis Vuitton, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here lol. I’d love to give advice on how to get your hands on vintage designer bags but I’m still experimenting and trying to figure it out myself. What I do know is that you have to do your research. You do not want to drop a ton of money on something that isn’t even real. Make sure you Google the crap out of it. Try to get a serial number and research how to spot a fake!

5. Hair Accessories: Again, in my last few posts I’ve talked about this. My hair is dull and dying. It really needs some TLC. I have a hair appointment next week and I’m so excited for it! It’s been at least 6 months since my last haircut. For now, I’ve been trying to make it look alive with hair clips and headbands. I’ve also been curling it a lot because who cares? My hair is mostly dead any way lol! A lot of these hair accessories are from TOPSHOP (all the headbands for sure). Some are from a boutique downtown Toronto, on Queen Street. I was gifted a few, too. I also think you can get some really cute ones on Amazon but I haven’t really looked into it. If you have any recommendations on where I can find unique, cute and affordable hair accessories, let me know in the comment section!

6. Boiler Suit(s): In my last post I shared that I wore my very first boiler suit a couple of weeks ago. To be honest, I wasn’t going to even bother with a boiler suit because I’m too short, and we never get fun stuff like that in our Petite section at TOPSHOP. But I saw that there was a size 0 (which is rare) so I thought I’d amuse myself and give it a shot. When I put it on I was so shocked that it actually fit me! The legs were super long but that’s an easy fix. We have a place that does alterations in the Hudson’s Bay and it’s pretty affordable (if you get an employee discount). So I bought it and I got it hemmed and now I have the coolest new piece in my wardrobe! I’d love to get another boiler suit in a light fabric to wear in the Summer, but I know I might be pushing my luck by expecting another size 0 to come in. Cross your fingers for me though!

Those are the things I loved most throughout the month of March! I’m already excited and writing down ideas for April because this will also be an exciting month for me! Like I said, my sister is getting married! In Cuba! So there will be a lot to share from that trip!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

What I Wore Last Week

Hi again! I got a lot of likes on my last post like this (4 likes – woohoo!! I appreciate it a lot :)) so I thought I’d try to do it every week! Within the last week I hosted a bridal shower for my sister which was stressful, but also cool and fun! I’m currently trying to figure out what to do for the bachelorette party (which is also in two weeks – yikes!). Good lord, being a maid of honour is hard work! If you guys have any killer ideas for a bachelorette party, let me know in the comment section below! Your girl will be forever grateful.

So after putting together this collage of my outfits that I wore last week, I noticed that I did quite a lot with my hair! Normally I blow dry my hair and let it do it’s thing. Last week, it looks like I’ve curled it, wore cuuute clips AND cute headbands! I’m quite proud of myself lol! I’m really mixing it up! It’s either that or I’ve noticed that my hair is kind of dead and in real need of a haircut. I think doing stuff with my hair kind of distracts people from noticing that my hair is completely straw (at the ends) lol.

Outfit #1: This was a big day for me, friends!! See that bag I’m carrying? I got my first little vintage Gucci bag and I love her sooo much!! I know that to most this isn’t anything special but this is the closest thing that I’ve gotten to owning a designer handbag, and I’m pretty happy about it! I also wore my favourite printed shirt for this outfit. It has TIGERS! And don’t worry, they’re for sure tigers ahah-ha. On the bottom I chose my cool two-toned Straight jeans and my good ol’ white booties!

Outfit #2: I tried something different with layering for this outfit. I really like how my long sleeve zebra shirt looks underneath my super cool Bruno Mars t-shirt. The t-shirt was bought for $10(!!!) at a vintage store downtown. I paired these two tops with my favourite Straight jeans at the moment. They’re this “washed black” colour with lots of distress down the legs. I just think they make my legs look longer! I know I might sound delusional because I’m 4’11” and nothing is going to make me look any taller, but I see it, okay?! It’s there. To complete the look I added my nude boots with the heels that look like a hardwood floor and my fuzzy teddy purse! (K is it just me or did I make it seem like a teddy bear was skinned to produce this bag? – THIS IS NOT THE CASE! I don’t think…)

Outfit #3: I actually wore this at the end of the week but I just really wanted it to be the center photo of the collage he-he. I LOVE THIS BOILER SUIT. IT IS SO RAD. I had to get the legs chopped and hemmed to fit me better but I’m so happy with it!! I would wear a boiler suit every day if I could. They’re so easy and they look SO COOL. I was definitely feeling myself this day and I felt so confident! I love how good clothes can make you feel lol. I wore the same nude boots and my Gucci bag to polish this look off – and look! I wore hair clips!!

Outfit #4: Sometimes I don’t do laundry for a really long time and then it forces me to wear clothes that I haven’t worn in what seems like freaking FOREVER. These trousers and this cute white long sleeve top are pieces that I STILL LOVE even after over a year. They’re just really flattering on me and I’m actually pretty happy that I thought to pair them together! I really don’t think I’ll be able to part with these guys any time soon. For accessories, I wore these cute heart shaped earring made out of “pearls” and a headband made out of a bird covered fabric. For shoes I wore these cowboy boots that I am sure I’ve mentioned before. I thrifted them for $15 and I am still very, very fond of them.

Outfit #5: There’s only one Britney and that’s Britney Spears. The same day I wore this shirt, I listened to a bunch of her old tracks on my way to work and it was so nostalgic. I can’t believe I had never thought to listen to them before! The songs make me feel so good and I remember all of the words! It’s a great time and I suggest that if you are an early 90s baby like myself, you need to get on this. With this Britney Spears graphic t-shirt, I wore a pair of dark blue Jamie jeans with a seam down the center of the legs. I feel like this seam also elongates my legs and again, I swear I’m not being delusional! To give myself more shape, I added a gold chain belt. I’ve noticed a lot of chain belts on my Tumblr feed and Instagram lately and it makes me very glad that I picked up this belt from TOPSHOP when I did. We have been sold out since and we still get people coming in asking for them! For accessories, I wore a light pink velvet headband, a smaller version of the earrings in my last outfit, and my Gucci baby. I also added a cropped denim jacket in a lighter wash on top. It has a raw hem. It’s cute and it’s from last year. We got a bunch in again this year and they’re already pretty popular. I’m predicting that everyone is going to own one of these by the end of the Summer, if they don’t already. Oh! And I can’t forget my second pair of cowboy boots that I just recently thrifted. I got these ones for $12(!!!).

There you have it! Another week of outfits! If you’re new here, EVERYTHING is from TOPSHOP unless otherwise mentioned. If you want me to continue posting “What I Wore Last Week” posts, you gotta let me know in the comment section!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤