Yellow Fuzzy Bucket

Hiiiii! Happy Valentine’s Day or whatever! I’ve got nothing Vday-related for you today, but I have another outfit post to share! Valentine’s Day is great and all but I think love should be celebrated every day. I think it’s dumb that we’ve created a holiday to show people we love them, go on dates, buy them flowers, etc. You should want to do that for your loved ones every day, no?

Anyways, here’s a look from another day of taking photos with Jemilla (@jemillajems). We took photos of three outfits and I’m so excited for you to see them all! This outfit was created around these new Straights that we got in-store at TOPSHOP. I love them. I think we’re going to see a lot of colour-blocked jeans/jeans with mixed washes this season. It’s fun! However, not that easy to style. Maybe it was because I’m not used to it or I was overthinking it, but I couldn’t find a top to pair with these jeans. So far I’ve paired them with a graphic tee and this striped oversized button-up shirt. I want to try them with a coloured oversized fuzzy sweater! Or a blazer! Okay, come to think of it, I probably was overthinking it.

As an accessory, I added my favourite yellow fuzzy bucket purse. I love how casual (yes, casual) this bag is. I add it to almost any outfit that I think is plain or needs some sprucing up/pop of colour. I’m kind of obsessed and I’m trying to let her shine as much as she can because I don’t think I’ll use her as much when it gets warmer outside.

Here’s the full look! Let me know what you think in the comment section!

** I also want to quickly say that keeping up with NYFW/Fashion Month has been a lot harder than I thought. It officially ended yesterday and I’m going to try to narrow it down to my top 5 favourite shows. I want to put more thought and effort into this post, so bare with me! I’ll definitely have it finished by next week! :))

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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