My Favourite: TOPSHOP Jeans

I know you’ll probably think I’m biased because I work at TOPSHOP TOPMAN, but I really and truly believe that our jeans are the best. Not only do we have a TON of different styles/fits but they’re affordable and last as long as any other pair of jeans. I think we have a jean for everybody. You can quote me on that!

For this blog post, I’ve picked my favourite jeans from TOPSHOP. Then I’m going to show you how they fit!

**Now overall, all of our jeans come in a bunch of different lengths (28″-36″ inseams) and tend to stretch a bit! SO if you plan on shopping our jeans, please keep in mind that you want them to be a little tight at first! ALSO, every fit is typically high-waisted, aside from two fits that I won’t be mentioning (Leigh & Lucas) because they’re not very popular and we no longer have many in-store.

JAMIE: Our most popular jeans are our Jamies. They have the perfect amount of stretch that flatters almost every body type. They’re a skinny jean so they’re tight all throughout the leg. We always get a bunch of different washes/colours in Jamies, depending on the season. We also have a variety of Jamies that come distressed, either at the hem or ripped at the knees, or even ripped all over! I think most of my jeans are Jamies. My current favourite pair are these black corduroys. They aren’t exactly made of a jean material but they are cut and fit exactly like one that is! Just so you can see a comparison, I’ve taken a photo wearing an actual Jamie jean as well as one wearing the black corduroy Jamies that I love rn. See how they fit the same?!

MOM: A fab shape but doesn’t fit every body type as much as our Jamies. They’re also REALLY popular right now! They’re tight around the waist, get looser around the hip and thigh area, and then taper and get tight again around the ankles. Sounds complicated but they’re pretty flattering on the right body! I would say that they look best on hourglass figures and I know that not everyone is a hourglass. Women that have big hips and a bum tend to hate these jeans because the waist never quite fits properly. If you’re interested in our Mom jeans, I have to tell you that now is the time to shop for them. We just got a TON of new washes and have ALL the sizes, so hurry and come visit me!!

STRAIGHT: My current favourite jeans are probably Straights. They’re exactly what they’re called, jeans that literally go straight down the leg. They don’t taper and they’re not fitted all throughout. I’d say they also resemble your typical Levi jeans (kinda sorta). They aren’t super tight, which seems to be a trend now, and I think they’re flattering in terms of making your legs look longer. For a 4’11” short young woman, this is everything to me lol. My favourite pair of Straights would have to be this distressed pair in a washed black colour. I don’t know about you but I love the way they look!

DREE: I feel like a bit of a jerk sharing these last two fits. However, I love them so much and I am hoping that by talking about them, maybe TOPSHOP will bring them back? Drees are supposed to be a cropped flared jean! But on yours truly, they almost fit like an actual full-length flared jean ha-ha. There is a bit of crop action but it’s not as dramatic as it would be on an average person. To be honest, I like it! I also love that the hem of mine is unfinished. It gives it “character”, a little bit of edge? Kinda? I just love wearing them and it comes as kind of a shock to me because I was super hesitant to try them on. I thought they’d look ridiculous!

BINX: Okay, my favourite jeans of all time are my BINX jeans. They are just so flattering and I love the cut, and I’ve worn them so much that I’m starting to see some pulling at the seams. I’m scared they’re going to rip! If they do rip, I honestly might cry and give them a funeral because I don’t own any jeans like them. How do I describe them? They’re kind of a like, if Mom jeans and Straight jeans had a baby. TOPSHOP, if you’re reading this (and I highly doubt you are), PLEASE REMAKE THE BINX JEANS! I BEG YOU.

Okay! That’s all I have to say about TOPSHOP jeans. If you wanna know more, feel free to come visit me at TOPSHOP Yorkdale or DM me on Instagram!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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