Tiny In The Philippines – Day 11 & 12

On “Day 11” we didn’t really want to do anything too crazy. If you read my last post, we went island hopping the day before and we were still a little tired from that! We couldn’t start the day without Starbucks, obviously. Then we met up with Njay (our eldest cousin) to go to SM Seaside mall, the fourth largest shopping mall in the Philippines.

Before we started shopping and doing the fun stuff, we had to eat! Can you guess where we went? Seafood Island! Now that I’m back in Toronto, I really wish there was a Seafood Island here. It was so good and it really gave me that seafood fix that I’ve been looking for. Toronto/Canada, let’s get on this!!

We did some shopping after eating but to be honest, there wasn’t anything like Bershka so I was over shopping pretty quick. I tried a milk tea! I forget the flavour but it had cheesecake in it! It was sooo yummy. Then we went bowling, and guess who won?!

Yours truly.

After bowling it was about dinner time and we decided to try “pochero”. Pochero is a  Filipino stew made with either beef, chicken, or pork. I’m prettty sure the one that we tried had beef and it was yummy! I love a good stew lol.

Dinner was basically where we ended our day because afterwards we went straight back to the condo and went to bed. We wanted a good night’s rest because the following day (Day 12) was our day to go visit Danasan! Danasan is an Eco Adventure Park in Danasan City.

It was another early start and we had to stop in the city to pick up some lunch to bring and eat once we got to Danasan. Can you guess what it was?! Obviously we bought more BBQ pork, BBQ chicken, and hanging rice!!

After we grabbed food we met up with a driver in a Danasan van because our vehicle wasn’t a wise choice for driving up a mountain. Once we all piled into the van, we drove an hour to get to the top of the mountain. When we got to Danasan the first thing we had to do was sign up for the activities we wanted to do. There was sky biking, wake boarding, zip lining, ATVs, caving, waterfalls, and horse back riding! Once our activities were picked and paid for, it was time for lunch! We ate the food we bought in town and were given a “wild chicken” soup to eat as well! I’m not sure how wild chicken soup is different from regular chicken soup, but it was good ha-ha.

Here are some photos that I took of us doing all our activities after lunch! I’m gonna be honest.. I didn’t partake in all of them, only a few. Why? I was a major (not wild) chicken. After I saw my siblings zip line and sky bike, I realized it wasn’t as scary as I let myself believe. However by then it was too late. YOU GUYS PROBABLY THINK I’M SO LAME. I’m ashamed! It’s just another reason to go back, right?

The rest of the day consisted of us driving back to the bottom of the mountain, visiting grandpa, going back to the condo, and then going to The Social again! We went with our cousin Njay and I drank tooooo many Heinekens. Enough Heinekens to think that starting “The Haunting of Hill House” on Netflix was a good idea when we got home. Luckily I fell into a drunken sleep about 15min into the episode.

That’s it for Day 11 & 12! Four more days of my trip to share! I kind of don’t want it to end! Writing the rest of these posts while I’m back in Canada has prolonged the trip for me in a way. I feel that once I’m done writing, the trip will really be over and that makes me sad!!

The good part is that it’s not over yet, though. I’d say there are about two more posts to go!

Hope you guys are having a happy Monday!

– Tiny ❤

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