Tiny In The Philippines – Day 10

Another one of the best days of our trip was “Day 10”, when we finally got to go island hopping! It was an early start. We left our condo at 8AM and got to Mactan Island/Lapu-Lapu City around 10AM. We paid 4,500 pesos to rent a boat to take us from island to island. That’s roughly $115 CDN. This paid for not only the boat but for a couple of guys to navigate and take us from island to island ’til 4PM.

The boat ride/trip was amazing. I don’t even know how to describe it. I felt like I was in a dream! The ocean was beautiful. The fish, the islands, and general view was just beautiful. I couldn’t believe the colour of the water! Did I already say it was amazing? What I found interesting was that “island hopping” does not entail getting off the boat at all. You go from island to island, but you just park your boat in front of it and chill, then go to the next one! I’ll be honest.. I expected to have some time to lay in the sand and tan a bit, but I still managed to get a tan while on the boat!

While we were “parked” (or is it anchored?), we had a few vendors or gentleman paddle over from their own boats to sell us jewelry and sea urchins! My sister and mother got some pearl earrings and I got a pretty pearl necklace! I also had no idea that you could eat a sea urchin but trust me, it’s a thing! If you open up a sea urchin, there’s this weird spoonful of “goop” that you can eat! I know, I make it sound super appealing. My mom loves the stuff but I wasn’t brave enough to try it. While we were sitting pretty in the ocean we fed fish, mom lost her hat, and we saw some starfish!

At one of the islands we also had the opportunity to do some fun things like tubing or what they call it: riding the banana boat! My brother and sister went on a jet ski for a bit. I, being the boring one, soaked up some more sun on the boat while reading a book! I also can’t swim, so going into the ocean seemed pretty scary to me and like, life jackets aren’t cute (LOL).

It was a super long day and we were all exhausted by the end of it. After island hopping, we went straight home and called it an early night.

  • I can’t believe I’m getting close to sharing the end of my trip! The trip was 16 days total, and within the next post I’ll share what we did during “Day 11” and “Day 12”!

Until then!

  • Tiny ❤

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