Cowgirl In Toronto

Hello everyone! I took a much needed break from social media this weekend, and I feel great! I understand the need for a break for sure, but I never had the courage to take one (even if it’s just for a weekend). I don’t know exactly why. Maybe I’m worried that everyone will realize that I’m gone and unfollow me? But then again, if these people aren’t happy with me taking a break then do I want them to follow me? Anyways, I put me first for a change and it was really nice.

Before I get into today’s outfit, I want to take some time to complain about the weather here in Toronto. WHY DO WE HAVE SO MUCH RAIN?! When is it going to start warming up?! It’s been gloomy and chilly for over a week now and it’s really putting a damper on things. I feel super lazy on rainy days. I feel like I should be getting more accomplished but all I want to do is nap. Have I been the only one suffering this extreme fatigue? Does anyone know when we’ll start seeing sunnier days? I now completely understand what it’s like to live in the UK. If there’s any sign of sun, I’m bolting for the door and going outside lol.

Today’s outfit photos were taken on a cloudy day. It was warmer so I wasn’t worried about wearing a dress, but I most certainly needed a jacket of some sort. The dress I’m wearing is one that I picked up in the Urban Outfitters sale last year. I’ve talked about UO’s sales before. They have certain times of the year where they mark everything down really low, then offer like an addition 40% off- it’s insane! I think I got this dress for $15. It’s old so I don’t think you can pick it up anymore. However, if I do come across another sale like this at Urban Outfitters, I’ll definitely let y’all know!

With this dress, I wore my pleather blazer. Or is it a trench? I got it from TOPSHOP a couple of years ago so I’m not sure what its proper name is. I’ve been seeing them a lot though, and was kind of glad I already had something similar sitting in my wardrobe. Since I’m wearing a dress there really isn’t much to this outfit. I love how easy dresses are that I think I’m going to wear them all summer long! Like maybe I’ll wear a dress 4/7 days a week? Is that too much? I just love how comfortable they are and they make styling so easy. AND it makes me focus more on the accessories (my favourite part)! You can completely change a look with just accessories and I LOVE that.

The accessories that I chose for this outfit are my cowboy boots that I picked up while I was in Montreal. It’s been 3 years since I’ve been there now and I think that’s absolutely wild. So much time has gone by and I don’t really feel like much has changed! As soon as things are back to normal, I need to take some vacation time and go somewhere. I love picking up forever pieces like these cowboy boots at places I’ve visited. It just gives them more meaning/makes them feel more special. The bag I wore is my latest Nunoo bag. It’s one of their Helena bags made out of recycled canvas. It’s green because I’ve been absolutely OBSESSED with green. I’ve been wearing it like crazy and I’m now realizing that green can be a neutral in most cases lol (depending on how you look at it). You guys know me, I love a pop of colour.

For jewelry, I’ve been wearing the same pieces on rotation. The necklaces from VibeSzn have been fun to mix up and layer with other pieces in my collection. I especially love this circle pendant from the bunch. It has my star sign on it: Gemini! I’m wearing my BonBonWhims earrings that I talked about in my last post. I’ve been loving wearing the green pop tab on it’s own. It’s just so cute and unique.

DRESS – Urban Outfitters
JACKET – Topshop
BOOTS – Thrifted
BAG – Nunoo
JEWELRY – VibeSzn, BonBonWhims, and Mejuri

Okay, that’s it from me for now! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I’m so glad to have the free time to write as much as I have lately. It’s going to kind of suck going back to working full-time in two weeks. OH! I’m getting vaccinated in 10 days! I’m nervous but also relieved that I’ll be a bit more protected going forward. It was so scary to be working retail while this whole thing just kept getting worse. Hopefully Ontario is making steps towards the right direction this time! It seems like there’s a significant amount of people that are vaccinated now, so maybe we’re getting closer to getting back to normal!

I hope you’re all doing well and are staying safe!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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