Little Woman by Little Lake

Although I love being in the city and can’t imagine myself permanently living in a small town again, it’s always nice to go home. I’m from a small town and visit my family whenever there’s a birthday or a holiday. We went to my sister’s to have an Easter dinner together (she has started a family close to our home town) and it was so nice to be with them. So nice that I actually cried in the car on my way back to the city. I needed to see my family. They remind me of what’s important and they’re the people I’m most comfortable being myself around. They’re everything to me. As the oldest of four kids, I also feel responsible for my siblings and feel bad that I don’t see them enough to properly look after them.

Long story short, it was nice to be home and I wish I could see them more often. My littlest sister is 13 years-old and getting so big. She has a BOYFRIEND now and I still haven’t fully processed it. I’m not ready! And I don’t want my little baby sister to get her heart broken! With a positivity rate of 11% here in Ontario, we’re in another full lockdown so now I can’t see them as much as I would like to. This free time would be perfect spent with them but police are stopping people and checking IDs to see if you’re out of your “zone” (or something like that). But enough with the heavy stuff. I try to keep this space negativity-free. Easter was the best. It’s so nice to be out in the country. I never appreciated it when I lived there but there are so many beautiful places to see outdoors. These photos that I’m sharing with you are by “Little Lake”. It’s really close to where my sister lives and we went there to take in the view, and to take some photos. My brother went there to do a little fishing. It was so nice!

It was just a chill Saturday so I wore my comfy overalls. This black pair of overalls is my absolute favourite. I wear them at least once a week. I’m sure y’all have seen them in a previous post. They’re from Free People and they’re called the “Ziggy Overalls”. They come in lots of different colours (I also have them in green). And I think they also have a striped pair! It’s in blue and white stripes and perfect for summer – nautical vibes! Underneath these overalls, I wore this top that I never expected to wear as much as I do. It’s not normally my style but it goes with a lot in my wardrobe. I’ve worn it with my snake print trousers, with bike shorts, and now underneath overalls. I haven’t worn it with jeans yet but that’d be super cute, too. It’s from last year so I don’t think you can find it at Free People anymore, but there are so many tops like it. It’s kind of a classic Free People silhouette. I think it’s called a “puff sleeve blouse”. Honestly, if you look at the blouses on Free People’s website, you won’t have trouble finding something similar.

The shoes I wore are these sandals that I picked up at Zara. I do not recommend them. They hurt my feet. I think they’re too heavy. They were $30 or $40 and I wish I could return them, but I’ve worn them so it’s too late. When I say that they’re heavy, it’s like the sole or something is made out of heavy plastic or rubber? It puts a lot of pressure on the spot between my toes and so it hurts to walk. I don’t know if I’m explaining that correctly but I hope you know what I mean. They’re just not practical. I like the style but they’re not comfortable at all. Maybe I need to break them in? Have you ever had to break in flip flops lol? I thought these were going to be my summer sandals but it looks like I’m still on the hunt. I’m open to recommendations in the comments!

I think you’ve seen all of these accessories before. The jewelry is mostly BonBonWhims. I’m wearing the rings that I’ve talked about time and time again. These earrings are new additions to my BonBonWhims collections and they’re so cute. They’re these little gold hoops with charms that are coated in coloured enamel. One side is a pink heart and the other is a pop can tab! I actually saw Kylie Jenner wearing this green pop can tab earring and thought it was so cool. I ordered it right way. Yes, I admit that I was influenced. You probably won’t be surprised when I tell you that I’ve just recently placed another order with BonBonWhims. I ordered her “Ling Bling” ring, which Clare created so that 50% of the proceeds could go towards AAPI Women Lead, Stop AAPI Hate, The Asian-American Legal Defence Fund and the families that lost their loved ones in the Atlanta shooting. As a Filipino/Canadian, I have witnessed racism towards my Filipino mother. We grew up in a small town with mostly white people. I know I’m not American but everyone is important. And not only do I absolutely love Clare’s design, but I love that my money is supporting diversity and inclusion. #STOPASIANHATE

TOP – Free People
OVERALLS – Free People
BAG – Nunoo
SUNGLASSES – Free People
JEWELRY – BonBonWhims

As I’m finishing up this post, I’m just realizing that we’re approaching the end of April already. Where has the time gone?! We’ve made it to May and unfortunately we’re still living in a global pandemic. I think I’m going to have another lockdown birthday this year. It’s a little hard to process but I think the only thing I can hope for is that next year we’ll be in a different and better position globally. Hopefully all of us will be vaccinated? Although it’s taking way longer than we had expected, I’m just grateful that I’ve remained safe and healthy so far. And I hope that you’re all safe and healthy, too!

Sending all my love,

– Tiny ❤

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