BENCH PHOTOS: Winter Edition

I’ll apologize now for the lack of originality. I really couldn’t think of a title for this blog post but they’re quite literally the same bench photos, just in a more winter-y setting lol. Well I guess there isn’t even snow, but you get the idea!

This blanket scarf that I’m wearing is one that I had been wanting for over a month. It’s called the ‘Prep Brushed Plaid Blanket Scarf‘ and comes in three different colour ways. I had it in my Free People cart for the longest time because I’m obsessed with this bright green/yellow colour. I think it’s such a great accent colour. I want it in every form! Anyways, I had this scarf in my cart and then we got it at our store location. Then I was like, there isn’t any snow so what’s the rush? There’s also like zero people shopping right now so this scarf isn’t going anywhere, right? But then we went into our second lockdown and I figured it was now or never. And that’s how this scarf became mine! Do you like it? Was it worth it? I think so!

It’s honestly the coziest thing. As I was in the car on my way back to the city from Christmas in my hometown, I passed out wearing this scarf. It felt like I was bundled up in my bed (but I was also up at 5am getting the turkey ready with my mom that morning) so I fell asleep instantly. I think this scarf has been a go-to lately because it’s warm and it goes with all of my coats. For this outfit, I was going for a more neutral look so I wore my favourite cream teddy coat that I got from TOPSHOP 3 years ago. I’m happy it still fits and that it’s not completely matted all over. Do you know what I mean? Some of my past teddy coats have turned all clumpy and that’s just not cute. For those of you that are wondering if this is the coat that I wear all winter, don’t worry. I actually bit the bullet and got a real winter coat this season! There is no way I’m risking my health for fashion this year lol.

For the rest of my outfit, I kept it really casual. I was just going for a walk (but obviously I had to use it as the perfect excuse to get photos in my new scarf haha). I wore the second of two pairs of jeans that actually fit me right now. They’re from TOPSHOP two years ago. I think they’re called the “Wide Crop” fit? I’m letting you guys hear it first, one of my NY’s resolutions is to freaking destroy this 2020 lockdown weight that I’ve gained. I could just accept it and buy new jeans, but I’m not there yet. I wanna try to lose it first. You can’t see it in any of these photos but I’m also wearing the ‘Elias Cashmere V Sweater‘ from Free People underneath all of this. My first ever cashmere sweater and let me tell you, it’s LIFE CHANGING. So soft and warm. Holy moly, it’s so nice. I also wore my favourite Mejuri bits that I’ve talked about in all of my outfit posts, so I won’t bore you with those details again (at least not this time lol). I wore my latest and greatest Nunoo bag: Bobby. And last but not least, the closest thing I have to winter boots right now: my Dr. Marten Leona Platform Ankle Boots!





Jewelry – MEJURI


Christmas is over and I’m now thinking about the fresh start we’re about to have. Are you guys feeling the same way? Even if things are the same for the first few months of 2021, I think I need a whole new reset. This year has been an absolute whirlwind. I may or may not share my list of resolutions within the upcoming weeks, but I haven’t decided. I’ve definitely learned and grown a lot. However, one thing this past year has taught me is that not everything goes as planned. Sometimes you just have to take things as they come.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, or at least as wonderful as it could be under all of these circumstances. I hope you have an even better new year!

Be safe!

– Tiny ❤

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