Monthly Favourites: November 2020

Hiya! Okay before you call me out on it, I’m aware we have like a week and a half left before it’s January. I’m sorry! I recorded this video forever ago with the intention of having it up by now but like I said in my last post, I’ve been stupid busy! I really hope you’ll forgive how late this is. It kind of seems irrelevant since I should be talking about December favourites by now but I just couldn’t waste the “footage” lol.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post anyway and like I mentioned, there’s also a video I recorded if you’d just like to watch that instead!

Here’s the video!

Now if you rather not hear me ramble about these things awkwardly to a camera, please continue reading ha-ha! These are my favourite things from the month of November!

Crocheted rainbow sweater – Writing this on Dec. 21st makes me feel like making this sweater was forever ago and no longer exciting. However, I’m still super proud of it! The only reason it’s not as exciting is because I’ve made so many new pieces since then. It’s still one of my absolute favourite sweaters that I’ve made, and I’m actually making two more for some supportive friends! I can’t believe they’re paying me for these, it’s a little surreal. I have a blog post of me wearing this sweater if you want to check it out!

Nunoo “Bobby” bag – In the month of November, I ordered another Nunoo bag. Are we surprised? I’m also trying to fight the urge to buy another for Christmas, after I said that I was getting this one for myself for Christmas. How many Nunoo bags can you get yourself for Christmas lol? I’m not joking, I’m obsessed. This “Bobby” bag has been my go-to bag for the past two months because it’s gorgeous and chic, but carries EVERYTHING I need it to. It can even carry a small book! I love this bag so much that I’ve recorded a new “What’s In My Bag” video that I’ll probably have up in the new year. But stay tuned for that!

Belif Aqua bomb makeup removing cleansing balm – Well that’s a mouthful, eh? I picked this up in the Sephora sale and actually ended up returning it! Not because I didn’t like it, but my boss had a brand new one that she wasn’t going to use. So I feel like me and this product were kind of meant to be? I got her for free and I’m telling you, she’s the best at taking off my makeup. It kind of has a Vaseline-like texture that breaks up every little bit of makeup on my face – even my waterproof mascara! I always have trouble taking of my waterproof mascara and this one does the trick! I’m super impressed with it. I may actually purchase it once I run out.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask – I’ve had my eye on this mask for so long that I decided to treat myself since Sephora was having a 15% off sale. I’m a sucker for great packaging. I love this little tube. It’s so chic and I love to just stare it on my dressing table. Am I the only one that does this lol? This mask can be used as a primer, moisturizer, and an overnight mask! I’ve only used it as an overnight mask but I will most definitely try it underneath makeup sometimes soon (when I have a reason to wear makeup lol). It feels a little tight on your face when you go to bed, almost like an ointment. But when I wake up the next morning, MY FACE IS FREAKING SOFT. If there’s a feeling like I’m obsessed with, it’s soft and hydrated skin. I live for a clean and healthy face. Especially during lockdown(s) this year, I’ve been taking the time to really take care of myself and I’m really starting to see it pay off. Take care of your face, folks! Drink lots of water, and you should also try this mask!

The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui – I did a full book review on this book a little while ago. You should be able to still find it so I’m not going to go into full detail on what this book is about. It’s a graphic novel. I loved it so much. It rekindled my love for graphic novels that I had in high school. There’s just something so great about a story that can move you through pictures and fewer words. This book moved me and really reminded me of the importance of family. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for an easy read but a great story. Thi Bui won an award for this one!

Matthew McConaughey and Greenlights – Another book that I read in November was Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. Let me first say that Matthew will forever be a favourite on his own. That man, I don’t care if some of you think he’s no longer a hottie, I believe he’ll be a hottie forever. I can’t pinpoint what it is about him but I love him. Maybe it’s that he’s unapologetically himself? I’m attracted to that. When reading his book, “Greenlights”, it was like he was talking to me. It was such a great book to read. He compiled all these journal entries over the years and literally made a book out of them! It’s fantastic and I highly recommend it.

The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix – I’ve watched this series about three times now. I just love the story and the way it was filmed. It’s so well done! I didn’t know there was a book so I picked that up and plan on reading it soon. It’s about a young orphan girl and her natural talent as a chess player. She is brought to an orphanage after her mother kills herself in a car crash with her daughter in it. The daughter obviously survives but she’s lonely and troubled, and finds a purpose after she insists that the janitor teaches her how to play chess in basement of the orphanage. The show demonstrates the challenges there are for women in a male-dominated profession and let me tell you, she kicks ass lol. I asked for a chess board for Christmas. It is so inspiring and it made me look at chess in a whole new light. It’s so intriguing and takes serious thought and strategy. I love to challenge myself and put my brain to work so I’m excited to start playing. Right now, I’m just using the app that I downloaded on my iPhone.

The Crown on Netflix – One thing that I didn’t know until last month is that I’m actually a little obsessed with The Royal Family lol. I found this out last month while rewatching The Crown because a new season came out. I also got super obsessed with Princess Diana. I watched everything there is about The Royal Family on Netflix – it’s insane how much there is to watch on there! The Crown was my favourite because there’s like 4 seasons now and it’s like retelling everything that happened. Season 4 introduces Diana and her crazy relationship with Prince Charles. I am so late to all of this information but I can’t get enough of it now. Like, both of them were having affairs?! There’s so much drama and I’m guilty of being someone that’s a tad nosey. If you like drama and have never paid attention to The Royal Family like myself, maybe you’ll get sucked in like I did if you start watching The Crown! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Wow! That’s another *late* monthly favourites post complete! The next time that I have one of these to share will be next year! Is that crazy or what?! Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? I’d love to hear them in the comment section below! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to lose this lockdown weight so I can wear my jeans again ha-ha.

I hope you all have the best Christmas that you can have under these circumstances, and have an even better New Year!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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