Schoolgirl Sunday

This past Sunday was the first time since last year that we’ve had 20 degree weather here in Toronto and it was so nice! I really regret not being outside more that day but I think it was for the best. We shouldn’t be out that much anyway. The few minutes we took to take these photos were more than enough and I’m honestly grateful for even a few seconds of sun (you guys know how much I love the sun ;)).

The warmer weather had me really wanting to dress more Summer-y. I felt pretty much obligated to pull out and dust off this black pleated miniskirt that I bought from Aritzia last year. It reminds me of the plaid pleated skirt I used to wear in high school and I’m not going to lie, I loved that skirt. Pleated skirts in general are so cute and so girly, and I also think they kind of remind me of Sailor Moon (if I’m being honest)? You know by now that I’m also obsessed with Sailor Moon, so me wearing this black pleated miniskirt just makes sense. To pair with it, I wore this graphic/band t-shirt that I scooped up on a thrift trip. I go to the same area whenever I go thrifting and across the street from the Value Village is this secondhand boutique called “Uncle Vintage”. It’s a lot of athletic wear but they do carry some really cool graphic t-shirts as well. For shoes, I wore my checkered Vans. I honestly think I want these shoes for life. I will forever have a pair of these Vans. They’re just so easy to wear and I love how good they look with almost everything. For accessories, I added this brown fuzzy bag (it kind of looks like a teddy bear) that my boyfriend got me years ago. It’s from TOPSHOP and I will never let it go. It’s just so cute and there’s a lot of sentimental value with it (it was one of my first gifts from my boyfriend).

I think my most favourite part of this outfit is my jewelry. Why? Because I made most of it! I wore my everyday jewelry that I’ve shared on my IGTV (if you want to know more, follow me @tinyintoronto), and I also wore these beaded bracelets and matching earrings that I created myself!!! I’m so proud of them even though they’re so easy that you guys could probably make them yourselves. If you want me to teach you how to make them in a video, let me know in the comment section below! I had so much fun and they weren’t time consuming at all. I was shocked! Then again, I have the tiniest wrist so it doesn’t take that many beads to make a bracelet ha-ha.

I’m really excited to sport all my beaded jewelry during the Summer. I’m even more excited to wear more Summer outfits! What do you love most about the Summer?

Let me know in the comment section below!

I hope you’re all having a fab week!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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