Croc Bag Dreams: Achieved.

Hey everybody! I’m back with information that I have been dyyying to share with you guys since Christmas. You’re¬†gonna¬†laugh.¬†Wait for it..

My brother got me the perfect croc-textured baaaggg!! (THANK YOU, AARON <3)

Mind you, I did pick it out and order it myself.. he just gave me the money.¬†NONETHELESS he still got it for me, and I love it, and I’m gonna use it until it falls apart!

Do you guys remember how this croc-textured-bag-hunt started? I noticed that the Olsen twins (and many of my other style icons) wear them ALL THE TIME. Literally every candid photo of them is with some variation of a crocodile or snake-textured bag. They’re gorgeous, and I think they’re also¬†pretty classy (the bags and the Olsen twins). I could go on with how obsessed¬†I¬†am but I won’t. All I¬† can say is that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are terrible enablers.¬†The saddest part is that¬†we’ve never even met..

Anywho! I am very grateful for this Christmas present (and for my brother, obv). I hope that one day I can maybe own a nice expensive one. It will probably take a million years but until then, this one from Zara is my baby. I took some photos of her, have a look!

I’m reading¬†this over¬†and I’m realizing that¬†I’m treating this bag like it has feelings. If you know me, this is how I am with bags. If you don’t know me:¬†I AM A HUGE BAG LADY (/nerd). If I could own a closet full of bags, I really, really would. A bag “is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity”. Thank you Doug, from the movie Devil Wears Prada. The Devil¬†Wears Prada is my favourite movie and¬†I just found out the character’s name was Doug.¬†He’s right though! I feel like a woman can be defined by the kind of bag she wears.¬†Her bag can express her personality and her taste. Am I wrong?¬†Hopefully this Zara bag expresses that I’m a wannabe Olsen twin, haha! I can’t wait to wear¬†it all the time!¬†I’ll be sure to include it in upcoming outfit posts!

Hope you all have a fab weekend! Happy Fridaay!

Until next time,

  • Tiny ‚̧

Currently Loving (&HAPPY NEW YEAR!)

Hey friends! I’m currently a victim of a terrible stomach bug, and have isolated myself in my room with nothing to do. I can’t sit around and do nothing, so I thought I’d be productive and share a blog post! I kind of lost track of my “December Inspiration” and therefore I’ve¬†decided¬†to¬†just¬†share inspiration photos/photos of things I’m “currently loving”. I’ll probably continue to do monthly inspiration posts for 2017 because I like to see how my taste¬†evolves throughout the year. I¬†am going to put a stop to “Wardrobe Additions” though. As much as I liked the idea, I feel like it has encouraged me to shop more. I’ll go shopping and think: “I love this! And I could add it to my Wardrobe Additions for the month, so that’s even better!”¬†So basically I was buying (or thinking of buying)¬†even more clothes just¬†for blog content.¬†Definitely not the kind of mentality I should have if I want to save my money,¬†pay off student loans, and travel. I have plenty of clothes that I can remix and re-style. I think that’s the great part about fashion and personal¬†style. It works for any budget, and it’s more about how you express yourself than if you have the latest trendy piece. So here are some photos that inspire my current¬†taste in fashion/style, and also some photos that I just loove right now:

There you have it! A quick post on what’s currently inspiring me style-wise. I know it’s not much, but it’s something!¬†A¬†new year’s resolution of mine if to be more consistent with blogging and to¬†really (like¬†actually) start my YouTube channel. I will keep you guys updated!

And until then,¬†I hope you all had happy holidays and I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store!

Have a great weekend (hope your Friday is going better than mine!),

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