Currently Loving (&HAPPY NEW YEAR!)

Hey friends! I’m currently a victim of a terrible stomach bug, and have isolated myself in my room with nothing to do. I can’t sit around and do nothing, so I thought I’d be productive and share a blog post! I kind of lost track of my “December Inspiration” and therefore I’ve decided to just share inspiration photos/photos of things I’m “currently loving”. I’ll probably continue to do monthly inspiration posts for 2017 because I like to see how my taste evolves throughout the year. I am going to put a stop to “Wardrobe Additions” though. As much as I liked the idea, I feel like it has encouraged me to shop more. I’ll go shopping and think: “I love this! And I could add it to my Wardrobe Additions for the month, so that’s even better!” So basically I was buying (or thinking of buying) even more clothes just for blog content. Definitely not the kind of mentality I should have if I want to save my money, pay off student loans, and travel. I have plenty of clothes that I can remix and re-style. I think that’s the great part about fashion and personal style. It works for any budget, and it’s more about how you express yourself than if you have the latest trendy piece. So here are some photos that inspire my current taste in fashion/style, and also some photos that I just loove right now:

There you have it! A quick post on what’s currently inspiring me style-wise. I know it’s not much, but it’s something! A new year’s resolution of mine if to be more consistent with blogging and to really (like actually) start my YouTube channel. I will keep you guys updated!

And until then, I hope you all had happy holidays and I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store!

Have a great weekend (hope your Friday is going better than mine!),

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Style Stalking: The Olsen Twins

Hi guys! I don’t know what happened, but I saw this photo of one of the Olsen twins on Tumblr.. and it just triggered this huge obsession. I have always thought the Olsen twins were fashion icons, but this photo (it wasn’t even THAT great of an outfit) just inspired me. I can’t explain it. I was just really digging the look, so then I googled and looked at more Olsen looks. I think I spent a good hour just stalking their style and trying to find an affordable croc textured tote bag lol. I can’t believe I never gave them more of my attention. I can’t believe I forgot about them!! I love their style. I love how sophisticated their looks are. They’re SO CHIC. Mary-Kate and Ashley are two very classy ladies, and I adore them. Their outfits look so effortless. I also can’t believe how easy their looks are to recreate. A few key things when it comes to the Olsen twins’ style: black, croc textured bags, loafers, anything oversized, and more black. They like scarves and clothing pieces that drape/have no shape. I know I said that I was trying to steer away from black, but they’ve really sold me on simple black pieces (like skinny jeans, cigarette trousers, long overcoats, and sweaters). They have the best monochromatic/neutral/tonal looks. I think most of their wardrobe is either white, black, or grey. These twins also know how to play with texture – they’re fashion pros! While stalking, I also browsed their website “Elizabeth and James”, and I would kill to have a piece of their collection. Preferably one of their croc leather bags because they certainly have a strong purse/bag game – and this is coming from the ultimate bag lady herself. Below are photos that I saved while I went crazy googling the Olsen twins.

Do you get what I’m saying about the croc leather bags?!! I hope I don’t sound like a lunatic while I rant about the Olsen twins lol. Hopefully, there’s a few of you who agree with me? If not, at least this gave you a good laugh.

Have a happy Friday, everyone!

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June Inspiration’16

Hey lovely human beings! It’s that time of the month again! I’m back to share with you my collection of photos/inspiration for the month. As I look over the photos that I have collected throughout the month of June, I’ve noticed a lot of common things – denim, for one! I don’t understand how some people can hate wearing jeans, or even denim in general! Denim is classic! Jeans are going to be around forever. Recycled denim is the best! I love love love denim. I could go on, but then it’ll start to get a little weird. You get my point, right? Denim = Win.

Anyways, from looking at these photos, you guys can probably tell that I’ve been enjoying a good t-shirt paired with jeans. You really can’t go wrong. Whether it be a graphic tee or a nice blouse, I’ve been wearing it with a pair of jeans and a few accessories, and then I’ve been good to go! Keeping it minimal is kind of key. Summer really calls for simplicity because who wants to layer when it’s hot and humid?

I’ve also been loving pink. It’s really strange because I went from owning zero pink items in my closet, to owning like five. What is going on here?! Honestly, it’s so out of the ordinary for me to love pink so much that I am most definitely going to dedicate a blog post to just pink outfits. I’ve been seeing this color everywhere, am I crazy? I’m drawn to it, and I’m not complaining! Stay tuned for that post btw. I have a full blown list of blog post ideas, it’s finding the time to take pictures that’s the problem.

I really want to do a blog post on chokers, printed socks, pink (like I’ve already said), thrift finds, and bodysuits! On top of that, I really want to collaborate with other bloggers, as well as get this YouTube ball rolling! My memory card is currently with my mother because she wanted my graduation photos, but as soon as she gets it back to me, we’re good to go!

Also, I want my room to be a little more put together and decorated before it’s shared all over the internet. You feel me, right?

That’s everything for today’s post! I hope I’ve inspired you guys in some way or entertained you or whatever ha-ha. As always, I love blogging and sharing my thoughts on here.I’ve really started to notice how my style is evolving and maturing as time goes by. Hopefully, and I mean HOPEFULLY, I can blog and post more frequently than I have. I’m really starting to understand why some bloggers don’t have jobs. I mean, I get why blogging is a job on its own. This stuff is hard work.. Enough rambling!

Hope you guys are having a terrific Monday (at least as terrific as Mondays can be)!

Until next time,

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Neutral Something.

I want to begin by saying: I had no idea what to call this post. I get boho and Indiana Jones vibes from this look, but seriously, what kind of title can come of that lol? If you know me well, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of neutrals. I tend to gravitate towards black. A: It looks good with everything. B: It’s my favourite colour.. because it looks good with everything. I honestly need to gravitate towards more color. I don’t really own anything bold. Perhaps that’s something I can try to work on. The focal point for this outfit was the brim hat. It’s neutral, so ideally any color would go with it.. but for some reason, I chose more neutral colors haha. It works, but I would have liked to pair it with a color that isn’t black, gray, white or cream, etc. (Basically a color I don’t own.) What do you think is a safe color (that’s NOT neutral) to try for those who are afraid of going bold? Blue? Maybe green? Help me.








I hope you like the outfit nonetheless! I also hope you’re having a great week so far! Enjoy your Monday 🙂

– A xx