Style Stalking: Gigi Hadid

I have plenty of style icons. I love to observe the personal style of others. Is that creepy? I have always been particularly fond of Gigi Hadid. Not only is she friends with another one of my favourite icons (Kendall Jenner), but she’s dating (or dated?) Cody Simpson. I think they’ve broken up just recently.. I’m not a particular fan of his music but I think they’re an adorable couple (they should really re-think this break up). I’m weird like that. Besides the fact that she’s gorgeous, a model and has the coolest group of friends, she’s got style. Here are some of her looks that I love:

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Do you guys have a specific style icon? Is there a specific someone who’s style inspires you most?

I would love it if you’d let me know in the comment box below xo

– A

Neckerchief me, please.

This season I’ve noticed a lot of women accessorizing by tying smaller sized scarves (kerchiefs) around their necks. By women, I mostly mean my favourite blogger: Danielle Bernstein (LOVE! HER!). If you’re familiar with bloggers you’ll know her as ‘weworewhat’. She inspires me. I just recently added her on snapchat haha. Anyway! I personally love the look of the neckerchief. I had been looking for one for a while but I could not justify the price. Even at H&M they were like $15 – yuck!  Although I really love the look, I can’t see myself wearing a neckerchief on a day-to-day basis or getting my $15 worth. That’s why I got super excited when I found one at a thrift store a week ago.  It was only $3 and I really enjoy the pattern. It was made in Italy, so that’s pretty funky! This is how I styled it for work. For a more casual/everyday outfit I think I would add the neckerchief to a plain tee and jeans. How do you feel about the “neckerchief”?







Leather Jacket – Topshop | White T – F21 | Olive Jumpsuit – American Eagle | Neck Scarf – Thrifted | Boots – Aldo (Super Old)

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! I also hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

‘Til next time!

– A xx


As previously mentioned (in my last post), I recently purchased “mom jeans”. I have always liked the look on other people, in pictures and in person, but I was never 100% sure they were fit for me. I’m pretty petite/tiny (as we all know lol), so I was afraid they would swallow me! However, we received a bunch of mom jeans at work last week so I decided to amuse myself and try them on. It was worth a shot. They ended up fitting me but the way they fit is so different from what I’m used to! I was so torn! They were baggy and loose. I’m a girl who wears skinny jeans like a second skin!! As a fashion lover/addict, I am open to trying new styles and therefore in the end I went with my gut and bought them. I get a discount so I didn’t burn a huge hole in my pocket. It wasn’t easy though. I was asking my co-workers, half of them loved them and half of them didn’t. Mom jeans are definitely a love or hate kind of piece but I have nothing like them in my closet. I liked them and if I want to wear them, I’m going to make them work. So what is your take on “mom jeans”? Do you love them or do you hate them? Do you think they may be just a fad, or will we be seeing mom jeans as the new skinny jeans? *gasp*

Here’s how I styled them:







Everything but the sneakers are from Topshop.

Hope you’re having a fab Monday!!

– A xox