Fabric Soldier

Another outfit post is here to share! This is the outfit that I wore and these photos were taken before we left to eat pho, get bubble tea, and see the Canada Day fireworks. The fireworks that were CANCELLED that is. It was SO ANNOYING to have them cancelled due to high winds, but I get it (clearly not over it though lol).

I knew it would get cooler at night so I used it as an excuse to wear this camo shacket, that I just added to my collection, for the first time. To be honest with you, I know this piece is called a “shacket” but I’m not 100% familiar with where it gets its name. I just know that it looks like a utility jacket, and is part of that army/utility dressing¬†trend right now.. but that’s about it. Is it shaggy and jacket combined? Who knows.

I wanted to feature this green camo shacket so I paired it with an entire grey ensemble underneath and broke it up with my favourite white Nike AF1s. This is definitely a more relaxed, “comfort over style” kind of look but I think the jacket really saves my butt style-wise. I’m actually really surprised I didn’t already own a utility jacket. When I was trying it on in¬†Topshop (surprise!), a friend was like, “it looks like you should already own it”. And that was that lol.

Now take a good look at these outfit photos! (Thank you, Jay!)


Sweater – Topshop | Jeans – Topshop | Camo Shacket – Topshop | Sneakers – Nike

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend! Happy Saturday ;D

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Currently Craving

Currrently loving

Hey friends! This week’s post is all about what I am currently craving. Just so you know, there is no way I will ever be able to afford most of these things. I’m just dreamin’ ya’ll..  So here we go!

  1. Lace-up Sweater (Isabel Marant): I love the lace-up trend. I love tops that lace up the front but I haven’t quite found the perfect one for me or one that is in my price range. This cream knit sweater that laces up the front by Isabel Marant is gorgeous.. would I pay $1000 for a sweater? No.
  2. Chloe bags: I’ve decided that I am in love with Chloe. They just get me, you know? Chloe gets me. As a bag addict, I would probably purchase a Chloe Faye bag if I had the funds. I also love the Chloe Drew bag. Honestly, I would sell an organ on the black market for one of these bags. I am not kidding you.
  3. Newsboy caps (NastyGal): I’m a hat girl. I love hats. I have them hung up on my wall. What I am missing from my collection is an adorable suede newsboy cap, like this one from NastyGal. I think this style plays into the 70s trend and you all know how I feel about that.
  4. Plaid shirts (Isabel Marant): I don’t own a plaid shirt. If I am to be honest, I’ve always related plaid shirts to rednecks and never really considered them as fashion. I think with the right colours, plaid could maybe grow on me. The one in the picture is probably more me colour-wise. What do you guys think about plaid?
  5. Sneakers: I have my AF1s and I wear the crap out of them. I’ve been eyeing a pair of Nike Roshe Runs, preferably in black or in this cool design that I have in the picture. Sneakers are everyday shoes now and not to sound creepy, but I think Kendall Jenner wears sneakers with almost every outfit. I love her, and she rocks them. I wanna rock them too!!
  6. Knee-high boots: I think I’ve accepted that I will never be able to own a pair of these boots (keywords: I think). I really want a pair of black suede fitted knee-high or over-the-knee high boots but if I’m to be realistic, they’ll probably go to my thighs.

So there you have it, that is what I am currently craving. I hope you guys don’t think I’m weird, but if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably already do (baha!).

To all my Canadian friends (and anyone else who celebrates Thanksgiving this weekend), I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving! Eat lots of turkey! Happy Friday, and I’ll talk to you next week!

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Feeling Clueless

Back with another outfit post! You’ll probably recognize a few of these items, I just decided to switch it up a bit! I wore this outfit to work the other day and was told I look like I’d hopped outta “Clueless”. I mean, I guess I can see it.. Plaid. White sneakers. Looks a little like a throwback. I love it nonetheless!







Top – Topshop | Vest – Topshop | Skirt – F21 | Sneakers – Footlocker

As always, I hope you’re all having a fabulous Wednesday!¬†Let me know what you think of my “Clueless” outfit in the comment box below!

Until next time!

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Double Slit v2

Another double slit top. I loved the other so much, I decided to get another! This version is darker, sleeveless and made of a lighter material! I also got it from Forever21.

Today’s outfit is another Spring transition outfit. Honestly,¬†I just don’t want to wear a jacket anymore! I’m craving a day wear I can walk out of the house without a jacket and slip on some ballet flats. My patience is wearing thin! This winter has honestly been the longest winter in the history of winters. I actually think a customer¬†at work said it was fact. The last time we had such a long winter was like 10 years ago, but don’t quote me on that ha-ha. Nonetheless, I have waited this long.. what’s another couple of weeks, right? (At least I hope it’s only¬†a couple more weeks!) Knowing me, sooner or later I’ll be wishing and missing all these layers! Enough rambling – here’s my outfit!







Top – Forever 21 | Necklace – Express | Jacket – H&M | Jeans – Topshop | Sneakers – Nike

As always, I hope you’re all having a great Wednesday! Take care!! Xx

– A

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(Faux) Fur Baby

There aren’t even words to describe how excited and happy I was to find this faux fur jacket. I’ve looked and looked for years for a faux¬†fur jacket that was a reasonable price, and up until now I had zero luck. I was Christmas shopping downtown¬†with a friend one day and stopped at Urban Outfitters. Of course, when your goal is shop for presents for OTHER people, you end up finding the perfect things for yourself. This jacket was regularly $200 and was marked down to $69. Sale items were also on sale for 50% off the lowest ticket price, so at this point I’m like freaking out that it’s only $35. I tried it on, fell in love, got to the cash, and by some miracle it came to $25!! Seriously, it was meant to be. I love it, but then again, I say that about a lot of other things in my closet. I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT. Here’s myself wearing my new (faux) fur baby.






Jacket – Urban Outfitters | Jeans – Topshop | Sneakers – Nike

Thanks for reading!! Happy Monday! Xox

– A

Sneaker Love

HEY LOVES! I have a new post todaay!! The other day I took some photos of my outfit after work and of course I wanted to share them with you guys!¬†This outfit was based around my brand new kicks!! My par- oops!- I mean Santa, got them for me for Christmas! I got the Nike¬†Low-rise Air Force Ones in white and they’re in a children’s size bahaha! I’m a size 1 in kid shoes¬†guys. I’m 21 years old and I fit in a kid’s size 1.. #tinyintoronto. Oh well! It was cheaper! ;D Anyways,¬†I’m a little obsessed with my new sneakers. I’ve been wearing them with almost every outfit to work lately (co-workers have started to notice..). I’ve only been wearing them to work because there is no way in heck that I will go outside in these babies. Not in the snow, no way Jos√©! So here’s my outfit!

Aviary Photo_130650787173143776

Aviary Photo_130650787956158118

Aviary Photo_130650789976740794

Aviary Photo_130650790466759667

Aviary Photo_130650791143350000

Sweater – Forever21 | Trousers – Topshop | Frilly Socks – Topshop | Sneakers – Gift | Purse – Topshop

Thank you for reading! I hope you’re all having a fabulous day! Xoxo

– A

Currently Craving (XMAS EDITION!!)

Hey guys!! I’m back with another ‘Currently Craving’ post. I’m sorry, I seem to be always craving something.¬†Am I a bad person?¬†I have the worst shopping addiction. I just have zero willpower/self-control.¬†Fortunately, Christmas is coming!! Which means I can hold back spending and maybe ask for it from Santa? If I were to send Santa a letter today, these are the things that what would be on my list.¬†


‘Grace: A Memoir’ by Grace Coddington is a book that I have been wanting for a few Christmases now. I’m on a ‘fashion book craze’ (if that makes sense?). Basically, I’m addicted to fashion books.¬† If I get a few for Christmas, expect reviews! Not only are they inspiring and motivating but they also¬†look great sitting on my dresser (lol). I’ve been eyeing a pair of white Nike Air Force 1s after seeing them all over Paris during Fashion Week. I love the clean look of them and I think they’ll be super comfortable to wear everyday. Third on my list is another purse (how embarrassing..).¬†Of course I don’t really need it, it’s just something that’s been taunting me at work. The gray joggers are something I never pictured myself ever wanting. However, I think that¬†with the AF1s they’d be great together as a casual outfit. I absolutely loove the camel color of the sweater, and I don’t own anything of this color in my wardrobe. I can never have enough sweaters (especially here in Canada), so a sweater for Christmas would be more than welcome! (It’d have to be a¬†chunky turtle neck though, they look super cozy.)¬†The last thing that would have to be on my Christmas list would be these beautiful lace trimmed shorts. I’m not quite sure how I would wear these yet, but I’m enchanted by them. If I can’t make use of them during this season, I could most definitely wear these during the spring/summer! – Ou!¬†Ou!¬†Can you picture them with tights, booties and a chunky sweater?! I sure can *wink*

So yeah, there’s the basis of my Christmas list. What about you guys? Currently craving anything? Is there anything specific that you would like from the jolly old man? You know the drill, please let me know in the comment¬†box below (hehe, that rhymed)!

– A