Style Stalking: Gigi Hadid

I have plenty of style icons. I love to observe the personal style of others. Is that creepy? I have always been particularly fond of Gigi Hadid. Not only is she friends with another one of my favourite icons (Kendall Jenner), but she’s dating (or dated?) Cody Simpson. I think they’ve broken up just recently.. I’m not a particular fan of his music but I think they’re an adorable couple (they should really re-think this break up). I’m weird like that. Besides the fact that she’s gorgeous, a model and has the coolest group of friends, she’s got style. Here are some of her looks that I love:

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Do you guys have a specific style icon? Is there a specific someone who’s style inspires you most?

I would love it if you’d let me know in the comment box below xo

– A

You’re So Classic

Happy Easter Sunday everybody! Today I have another outfit post. Simple but full of classics! Your classic black skinnies and a classic white button-up! I think with a nice pair of shoes (like my Spring booties) and a nice purse, this outfit is perfect for everyday! An outfit like this is perfect to gravitate to because it’s chic and effortless. I usually think of outfits like this when I have no idea what to wear but want to seem like I tried a little. I particularly wore this outfit the day before the long weekend! I’m home right now and reunited with my family!! Unfortunately I’ll be on my way back later today, but it was a nice little escape from the stress of exams and assignments that I’m dealing with back in Toronto. I hope all of you are enjoying the weekend with your loved ones! Here’s a better look at my outfit:








Shirt – Topshop | Jeans – Topshop | Bag – Top shop | Shoes – Aldo


Until next time!

– A xx


I woke up this morning like I normally do – checking all my social media accounts (it’s unhealthy, I know). However, it was when I came across my Instagram newsfeed that my eyes were fully awakened. Like actually though, I almost jumped out of bed screaming “YES! YES! YES!” Chanel. Paris. Spring/Summer 2015. Absolutely Amazing!

Chanel is known for being the most extravagant and expensive fashion show of the season. Does anyone else remember the Supermarket façade they used last season? Brilliant. Perhaps I’m biased because I am so passionate about Chanel, but this season was no different. Chanel did not disappoint. Karl Lagerfeld created a certain façade that resembled a ‘Boulevard Chanel’. Grand Palais was transformed into a wide Parisian street/neighbourhood. According to articles that I’ve read, a fashion insider said that the set-up was so real, it was just lacking some dog poo on the sidewalk.





Chanel’s looks on the runway were all about modernity, colour, and combining masculine and feminine touches. There were silver looks with scale-like textures and double-breasted tweed jackets. I found that a lot of inspiration was taken from the 80s. The clothes were without a doubt beautiful, but that wasn’t even the best part. Karl Lagerfeld knows his way around a good finale. For SS15, Chanel recreated the event that took place in 1968, where students protested with very strong spirits. Cara Delevingne, Karl Lagerfeld, and Gisele Bundchen (who rarely does runway) were only a few who led this ‘fashion riot’. Cara was shouting “Come on!” as all the models filed out in a group – a feminist mock protest. There were signs that read, “History is Herstory”, “Tweed is better than Tweet”, “Be Your Own Stylist”, and “Women First”. There was even a male model who carried a sign that read, “He for She”. To some people, I’m sure it may have seemed a little bit over the top but it was most definitely inspiring. Another sign said, “Boys should get pregnant too.” (That makes no sense to me…) However, as a fashion leader and overall powerful and influential brand, Chanel made a fantastic move. Whether it was as serious as it should have been or not, Karl helped by simply creating awareness. Gender equality is overlooked. Feminists are so easily disregarded or taken the wrong way. People should be paying more attention. We have to think about the other countries around the world who are still fighting to be given the equal opportunity to get an education or a job. I’m not a professional spokesperson for feminists, but I know that gender equality is something we all should want to achieve – whether you’re male or female.

ANYWAY, the basis of this blogpost is that I wanted to say ‘kudos’ to Chanel.

So. Kudos Chanel 🙂

And thank you for reading!

– A

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