Love or Hate: Oversized Denim Jacket

Let’s admit it, I mean, I admit it. I always have my eyes on something. I don’t know about you but I’m always looking to achieve different looks. I love clothes. I love style. I love fashion. It’s a way I choose to express myself and I feel like it makes me, me.

Although my bank account does not agree with my choice of expression, here is what I have been eyeing lately: an oversized denim jacket. Browsing through Tumblr on my phone (a daily routine), I came across a number of photos. Please see below.


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These looks are so cute, and so Spring, and so Summer! I googled ‘oversized denim jacket’ and the outfits that women can pull off with a simple denim jacket are endless! I loved how they paired it with heels and a dress, with skirts, with black skinnies, flow-y shorts and a crop tee, and even an all-white ensemble!

Ya! So then I started online shopping. I found this sick app on my phone called ‘depop’ and it’s THE BEST. It’s basically Kijiji for every fashion junkie around the world but there’s more pictures, and it kinda looks like Instagram. Honestly though, check. it. out. Some of my favourite bloggers sell their stuff on there! I found a vintage Levi jacket for $35 and I can’t decide between it or a men’s denim jacket that we have at Topman. With my employee discount it will come to the same price. My concern is the fit! The Levi is a medium. The men’s jacket is an extra small. I love the vintage/authentic idea of the Levi but I’m afraid of it being too big. Should I just go for the men’s jacket at Topman, and just try to break it in myself ha-ha?

That’s my “dilemma”. On another note, how do you guys feel about the oversized denim jacket? Love or hate? Do you prefer the more fitted and cropped version? How would you style it?

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Until next time!

– A xx

Currently Craving “Spring Edition”

Currently Craving Spring Edition

Hey everyone! I’m back with a “Currently Craving” post! I can’t quite remember the last time I posted one of these, but perhaps that’s a good thing (teehee). Right now, all I’ve been thinking about is Spring and Summer and all the new looks to look forward to! I really want this leather vest that Cara Delevingne is wearing in one of the Topshop ads displayed at work. Currently, I’ve been also craving a pair of Quay Australia sunglasses. They’ve collaborated with Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell (which is how I first discovered them), and now everyone and their mom is wearing them! Honestly though, their designs are so nice and affordable! I just hope they become available in Canada so that I won’t have to pay the crazy $30 shipping fees. At first I didn’t like the idea of platform slip-on sandals, but they’re growing on me. I’ve seen some pictures with girls rocking them and I can’t believe I’m saying it, but they look great! They’ve completely swayed me in terms of this trend. When I first found out about the 70s making a comeback, my first thought was definitely whether or not flared jeans would make a comeback as well. Of course they are! Topshop has designed a Jamie Flare and I’m eagerly waiting for them to show up at my location sometime soon! I’ve also been loving the 70s prints, I’m sure you’re sick of me talking about them by now. This shirt dress speaks for itself! Last but not least though, I’ve been DREAMING (AND I MEAN DREAMING) of the skirt in the bottom left of this photo. It is the skirt designed by Alexa Chung for AG Jeans. Ever since Alexa’s line came out, I’ve been drooling over this skirt and how much of a perfect staple it would be in my wardrobe. Topshop (of course .. *embarrassed by how much I talk about Topshop*) made their own version and I WANT IT SO BAD. SO BAD. SO BAD. *end rant*

Currently Craving

Here are a few things that I am currently loving and lusting for. As a college student, there is of course a fat chance of me owning all of this any time soon.. but a girl can dream, right?

Wish List

I’ve been dreaming mostly about that baby in the bottom right corner there. Isn’t she lovely? That’s the Rebecca Minkoff Avery Crossbody in all black *swoon* If you’ve read my first blog post, you’d know that I just recently discovered that I am lacking an everyday essential. It’s a tragedy. A small black crossbody goes with anything and everything, and the fact that I don’t own anything remotely similar means I just gotta have Avery!! Do ya feel me?

What about you guys? What is on your “currently craving” list? What are you lusting for? Please let me know in the comments! (Only because I don’t want to seem like freak.)

– A