Choker Obsessed

“Chokers are the new flower crowns.” I’ve been reading that a lot over the internet. Do I believe it? Not really (ha-ha). For one, I was never really a fan of flower crowns. Secondly, I believe chokers are SO MUCH BETTER. Chokers are like the new.. I can’t come up with anything clever, but I’m telling you they’re 50x better than a flower crown. They’re perfect for when you need a little “oomph!” to your outfit.

This post is simply a glimpse of my choker collection. These pictures were taken by my super awesome roommate, Jay and I love how they turned out! He used soft lighting and did a WAY better job than what I could have done. Oh! – Jay also has a blog! I’ll leave the link below if you wanna check it out!!

Choker from Etsy
Choker from a local fabric store
Choker from Free People
Choker from Topshop
Choker from Free People
Neckerchief from Topshop

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I’m really happy with it, and I’m also happy that it changes things up a little in terms of content. I know a lot of my posts have been monthly inspiration. I mean, I love the monthly inspiration posts but I’m definitely starting to feel like I’m cutting myself short. I can do better! Especially now that school is no longer taking up most of my time, I just have to focus on saving time for posts when I’m not at work. Easy enough, I think! ;D

Anyways, hopefully this post made your Monday a bit brighter. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Until next time!
– A ❤

P.S. Click this link to see my roomie’s new blog <3:

Rant: H&MxBalmain Launch


Hey friends! I just want to apologize in advance for this excessive rant but also, a part of me really wants to share my experience at the launch of the H&MxBalmain collaboration. If you don’t want to listen to me complain, stop reading now ha-ha.

As most of you well know, the H&MxBalmain collaborated collection came out yesterday. I went, and wish I could tell you it was an amazing experience but it wasn’t. It was however my first time going to one of these things so maybe I just wasn’t prepared? Anyway, here’s my story and the beginning of my rant.
From the name of my blog, you’ve probably guessed that I live in Toronto. I chose the Yorkdale location because I researched online that it was best for those who didn’t want to have to camp outside. Boy did they lie! I contacted Yorkdale and asked when their shopping centre would be open for the event. They said 5am. By telling me this I thought that the doors would open at 5am and we would get to run inside, line up IN THE MALL, and patiently wait for them to give us our bracelets. If you don’t know, H&M had organized it so that the first 420 people would be granted access to the collection. For every 20 or 30 people, they assigned a coloured bracelet that read your time slot. Every ten minutes a group of 20 or 30 (sorry, I can’t remember if it was 20 or 30 lol) people, would go inside the store (once H&M opened at 8am) and buy what they wanted.
This is where it all went terribly wrong. Yes, they opened the doors at 5am.. but you couldn’t go inside the mall without a ticket number! Once you got a ticket number they put everyone in single file and handed out the bracelets OUTSIDE (this took hours). It was cold. Yorkdale is a huge mall, we definitely could have lined up inside but they chose not to let us go in. That bugged me! I was #400. Even though I got there just before 5am, I was 20 people away from not getting a bracelet. I thought my odds weren’t THAT bad. I mean, H&M specifically chose 420 people for a reason.. So why wouldn’t I get at least one thing that I wanted, right? Again, SO VERY WRONG. I got my time slot and it was from 11-11:10. By eleven o’clock, I had waited 6 hours to get my hands on a piece from the H&MxBalmain collection. Unfortunately, as I waited in line, I sadly became more and more discouraged.
Two people had came out of the store with 15 large black bags full of items.
My first thought was, how is this fair?!? How were they allowed to walk out of there like that?! There are 418 other people here dying to get even one thing and you’ve bought the whole collection in TWO different sizes (this is true btw)!! My heart sank. More and more couples were doing the same. I started to wonder, are you actually going to keep all that stuff, or are really planning to resell it online? What about the people/fashion students that are actually in love with the collection and are saving their hard earned cash to get only ONE THING?? You just stole our chances.. Of course, none of that matters.
When it was finally my turn (6 hours later, no food, running off 2 hours of sleep), the only items left were $40 earrings and $30 bras. Whoopee. I wasn’t going to walk out of there with nothing, especially after waiting so long, so I bought a pair of the earrings (which I’m probably never going to wear).
After sharing my story (I could share more!), I just want to say that I hope for future collaborations that H&M establishes a rule where there’s a limit on how many pieces you can buy. I was so so so so disappointed guys. I felt bad for myself and for everyone there who were so excited, had planned so much around this, and had ended up walking out with nothing. The reason behind these collaborations is for those who can’t afford the designer’s permanent pieces, to exclusively have the opportunity to still purchase something by the designer at a more affordable price. However, the people who can afford Balmain’s more permanent line ended up buying the entire freaking affordable line as well. Not fair. I know it’s out of our hands, it’s going to happen. They stood in line too.. But a limit really wouldn’t have hurt anybody and I think ethically, it just makes more sense.
I hope this made sense to some of you. Personally, I just needed an outlet. This blog seemed like the perfect place to rant and to let people know that H&M was not organized and is probably going to get a lot of complaints. The main point being is that they had made a statement that insinuated that 420 would walk out with their own designer piece, but what actually happened, was only half of them really did. Sigh.
Thanks for reading, I’ll be back with a more positive post next week – I promise!

Have a great weekend!

  • A xo