Bein’ Green

It’s Friday again, so I’m back with something new to share! Today I (FINALLY) have a fresh outfit post for you guys. It features this adorable green dress that I never would have thought I’d enjoy wearing this much. Old me would have NEVER worn a dress like this. Too much color. Way too bright. I love seeing how my style and taste have changed.

This dress is from.. Want to try and guess? Topshop, of course! I’ve been branded guys. I’m having trouble branching out from Topshop. I just love the clothes so much, and being surrounded by them almost every day does not help at all. I just love everything the brand has to offer. Believe me, I have wandered into other stores and have tried other pieces on but nothing really speaks to me as much as Topshop. Perhaps I’m biased because I work there, but Topshop never fails me! Is this as bad as I think it is? Do you guys know of any brands similar to Topshop? I just don’t want to have a closet full of Topshop clothes and then one day hate everything. Gosh, I’m so dramatic. #smh

Now take a look at these awesome shots Jay ( took of me again!


T-Shirt – H&M | Dress – Topshop | Sneakers – Converse | Sunglasses – RayBan

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend!

Until next time!

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Cuckoo for Culottes

Hello hello! I’m am so glad that¬†I can say that I have an outfit post for you guys this week! This is the fourth (and last *sadface*)¬†set of photos taken by the talented Joanna Dass. This outfit was created around these burnt orange culottes (perfect colour for Fall!)¬†that I actually love even more now that I’m looking at these photos again. They are a bit on the longer side but with heeled booties they don’t look¬†too shabby. I purchased these culottes from Aritzia. They’re not from Topshop! – That’s a shocker ha-ha. What I like about them most is that they are loose and air-y! They’re so comfy! We were a little worried about the lighting of these photos but I think the outfit actually¬†works well¬†with it! What do you think?¬†I’m getting real edgy vibes.. I look tough, right? (LOL)

Anywho! Here are the pictures, I hope you like them!

AB_15 AB_16  ABS_-51 ABS_-52 ABS_-53 ABS_-54 ABS_-55 ABS_-56  ABS_-58 Top РTopshop | Leather jacket РTopshop | Culottes РAritzia | Boots РTopshop

*pictures taken by

Once again, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Thank you to all of you who follow my posts regularly, it really means a lot!

Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend!

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October Inspiration 2015

Hi friends! It’s been awhile and I apologize. I didn’t get any time to make a post for you guys last week and this week really isn’t any less busy! It’s the middle of the semester for me so I’ve had projects and midterms to focus on. Despite that, I have managed to find some time to put together an inspiration post for ya’ll. You guys should know how these posts work by now, so here you go!¬†Take a look at what’s inspired me this month!

tumblr_nv6jqk3yWR1qdsqp6o1_500 tumblr_nvbb5jDpjB1qfrtudo1_500 tumblr_nvqcg6dlyM1qf9ervo1_500 tumblr_nvrwlmrv4i1rsuch2o1_500

tumblr_nvx6hmayBF1qhsmllo1_500 tumblr_nw5ok6xJxf1tdxwrco1_500 tumblr_nw3ncu58v51qazha9o1_500

tumblr_nvaxb2WOPY1uuzxjuo1_540 tumblr_nw65jeHO7a1qcc2gvo1_540I’m really sorry that I¬†haven’t been able to keep up with everything here, but I hope this post is good for now!¬†I should be all caught up within the next few weeks or so, so keep your eyes peeled!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Good luck to all of you who are sharing my pain, I hope you make it through haha! Midterms suck -_-

Happy Friday xo

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*all photos were taken from Tumblr*

Dungaree Daze

I have an OUTFIT POST! Man, who would have¬†thought I’d get around to making one of these anytime soon eh? Well I’m proud to say that I found time to get some pictures taken. I knew that if I was going to make another outfit post, my next one had to be of me in my dungarees. I could live in dungarees for the rest of my life. They’re just so comfortable and in my opinion, stylish. I feel super cool when I wear them –¬†and again,¬†that’s just my personal opinion! I understand if some people think they’re ridiculous or dumb, or maybe a little juvenile. I can’t lie and say that I don’t love them though. Going to the bathroom is rather annoying.. I’m always afraid a strap is going to dip into the toilet… but it’s all worth it! The dungarees/overalls that I’m wearing in these pictures are from Topshop. Like, where else would I get them haha?¬†I adore the classic denim wash. A true blue! I feel like I’ll be able to wear these for a long time. I mean, not only is the¬†wash timeless but¬†it’s not like I’m going to grow anytime soon (unfortunately).. right?

DSCN2205$ DSCN2207$ DSCN2210$ DSCN2214$ DSCN2215$ DSCN2216$

Dungarees – TS | Top – TS | Shoes – Aldo | Bag & Sunglasses- TS

You have no idea how happy I was to take these pictures and to finally get the chance to make a proper blog post. I hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I do! I REALLY hope I’ll get the opportunity to be consistent and have another post ready for you guys next week! Here’s to hoping!


Love you all ‚̧

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May Inspiration 2015

It’s like the last week of May. One out of four months of my summer is almost over. It needs to slow down!! My inspiration for this month is very similar to last month’s. Still loving denim, still loving the front button up skirt, still loving sneakers, still loving suede, and still loving¬†the 70s. Something new is my liking to the idea of wearing “joggers”, but like socially acceptable/fashionable joggers. They look real cute with sneakers and a nice crop top or tank. Very casual.



tumblr_nnftsp1gRz1rsuch2o1_540tumblr_nnknrkMf751smw1wso1_540tumblr_no99yrplep1rsuch2o1_540tumblr_no9a7s2mdq1rsuch2o1_500tumblr_no92e16wk41rsuch2o1_540tumblr_no9489fMFb1rsuch2o1_500Hope you guys have enjoyed your May so far! Here’s to making the last week of May count haha!

Until next time!

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Style Stalking: Gigi Hadid

I have plenty of style icons. I love to observe the personal style of others. Is that creepy? I have always been particularly fond of Gigi Hadid. Not only is she friends with another one of my favourite icons (Kendall Jenner), but¬†she’s dating (or dated?)¬†Cody Simpson. I think they’ve broken up just¬†recently..¬†I’m not a particular fan of his music but I think they’re an adorable couple (they should really re-think this break up). I’m weird like that. Besides the fact that she’s gorgeous, a model and has the coolest group of friends, she’s got style. Here are some of her looks that I love:

tumblr_nl0bjtcwAg1tdxwrco1_540 tumblr_nm7zblrlF61tdxwrco1_540 tumblr_nmk58213wa1tdxwrco1_540 tumblr_nml9d17Lev1tdxwrco1_500 tumblr_nml9j9olec1tdxwrco1_400 tumblr_nnc02q22gF1qcc2gvo1_540 tumblr_nmrnpbRg1M1qh9n5lo1_540 tumblr_nmrl33n1XH1qh9n5lo1_540 tumblr_nmoud8wmlo1tdxwrco1_540 tumblr_nmn3ypZCQG1tdxwrco1_540



Do you guys have a specific style icon? Is there a specific someone who’s style inspires you most?

I would love it if you’d let me know in the comment box below xo

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Current Obsession: Quay Sunglasses

Quay Sunglasses, pronounced “key”, are my latest addiction. I’ve been seeing them EVERYWHERE. Celebrities, bloggers, youtubers, people¬†I follow on snapchat,¬†etc. THEY ALL HAVE¬†BEEN WEARING THEM LIKE MAD! I honestly feel like there’s a new craze.. OR I’m just slow and realizing it now. I really like how unique they are and how good they look on everyone I see wearing them. I just recently got a pair of the “Frankie” sunglasses¬†by Quay Australia. I thought I would never get my hands on¬†a¬†pair until my friend sent me a picture¬†from @fashiontruckcanada’s Instagram account. They had posted this past weekend that they just got them in stock.¬†I really wish you guys were there to witness¬†this because I was literally dancing in my living room. I did everything I could to get my hands on a pair. I was visiting my family and was therefore out of town, so I couldn’t go downtown and snag them right away. So I e-mailed them, tweeted them, commented on their Instagram photo and they got back to me! I had such a memorable experience with them. Throughout this past weekend I was talking to Ashley (one of the owners of FTC) and she sent me photos of all the sunglasses they had in stock and gave me her opinion on them to help me choose. To top it all off, she even personally delivered them to my doorstep! When I came home from my visit with my parents, THEY WERE RIGHT THERE!¬†This happened within a span of like two days.. It was awesome! I’m still smiling (*loser*).

Here’s my face wearing my Frankies:


Here’s the pictures that I have collected of other people wearing Quay Sunglasses (*loser*):