December Inspiration

I was inspired this month by the oversized look (as per usual), and embellishments/glitzy things for the holidays. I still have a huge obsession with all things chunky and knitted. I’ve also been all about that dark lip, interesting footwear, and I really REALLY want a full ribbed/knit/sweater outfit, top and pants, the whole she-bang (like the picture below). I think I saw Selena Gomez wearing one from Zara???? Anywaaays. Like always, these are pictures I took from Tumblr. I take no credit for any of them, they’re just pictures that I’ve been loving/going to for inspiration!








Double Slit

Hey friends!! Today I have a new outfit post, and it was inspired by this marvellous creature that I found at Forever21. It’s a double slit dress *gasp*. A co-worker of mine described it to me at work the other day and I was sold at the words ‘double slit’. I had been looking for something like this for a while and when she also mentioned that it was ONLY TWENTY DOLLLARS, I sped over to F21 during my 30min break. I had to!! It took a bit of hunting too, there was only two left!! I’m so glad that I found it. It’s so unique and I can picture myself wearing it with denim shorts in the spring/summer time! I love it! What are your thoughts?

Aviary Photo_130631706843428392

Aviary Photo_130631709351986953

Aviary Photo_130631710056362288 Aviary Photo_130631710596988749 Aviary Photo_130631711664384166 Aviary Photo_130631712416836743

Outfit: Dress – F21, Jeans & Jacket – Topshop, Boots – Zara, Necklace – Brandy Melville

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I’ve got a surprise coming your way, so keep them peepers open!!

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– A

#GirlBoss Material?

Aviary Photo_130626355213011472

What is a #GirlBoss? What does it take to become a #GirlBoss? Just recently I have finished reading Sophia Amouruso’s book “#GirlBoss” (I was up until 3am), and I absolutely loved it. LIKE LOOOVVVVVED IT (no exaggeration). Her writing style and words of wisdom are beyond inspiring, making this book a must-read for all aspiring fashion students/people. Heck! Even if you aren’t crazy about fashion but are interested on how to be successful in the business world, you HAVE to read this book! Sophia’s story behind her amazing success is far from glamorous, and it was definitely far from easy (she was a 17 year-old dumpster eater for Pete’s sake!)! However, after reading, I’ve learned a number of great ways to help me fulfill my dreams. Sophia made it clear to me that hard work and compromise is rewarded. Her story and the things she had to say were so relatable that I feel empowered after reading it. She gives me hope and the motivation to try to “be the best”. I really don’t want to give too much away because I’m really hoping you guys will read this book too. Sophia and other inspirational #Girlbosses (like Leandra Medine from Man Repeller) give advice on a few things like how to manage your money, stay positive, and achieve success. After reading this book all I want to do is work hard and keep busy!

You all have to read it, I highly recommend it 🙂

– A

A Plaid Affair

Another cold day (you can tell by the pictures where I look hand-less). These definitely aren’t the greatest of shots but I loved my outfit and had to share. This is a vintage skirt that I picked up at a thrift store downtown a few weeks ago. You’ll probably recognize it from my previous post ;D I wore it for the first time on a day I had to work and as I was walking to the bus stop (in a mad hurry), I made my boyfriend document my outfit.

Isn’t he the best?

Anywho! Voilà!! (Enjoy that expression in the second picture, it kills me.)

Aviary Photo_130611903207654519

Aviary Photo_130611901195680226

Aviary Photo_130611902488075636

Aviary Photo_130611901755916848

Aviary Photo_130611900631705336



– A

Feelin’ Thrifty


Hey! I’m back with a new post!! Today I’ll be sharing with you my first second-hand purchases. I went thrift shopping!!!! Is it weird that I found it so exciting? I went to a few thrift stores downtown Toronto, on Queen St. W, and found a few things I’m quite proud of haha. There’s only three items, but I wanted to show you them before any future outfit posts! I don’t know why, I just think these babies deserved it. For my first time thrift shopping, I’d say I did okay.. or am I a total noob? Don’t tell me, cause I’d be crushed! Anyways, here are my finds!

Aviary Photo_130623154061666363

My first find was this scarf. Lately I’ve been seeing this trend where people are wearing these tapestry-looking scarves and I became interested. I mean, its definitely not a trend I’d fully invest in. So I found this scarf for $3 at a Salvation Army Thrift Store! Am I good, or am I good?!

Aviary Photo_130623152791672534

Aviary Photo_130623153180419084

My second find was this old band t-shirt. It’s a Nirvana t-shirt. Yes, I don’t really listen to them but I like the look. I know, it’s shameful. It’s in a size XL, so I’m probably going to wear as a dress! It was $10!

Aviary Photo_130623151905418842

Aviary Photo_130623152385880017

My last find was this vintage skirt AND I LOVE IT!! I paid $20, which isn’t very cheap, but it’s like the perfect fit for me. I have always wanted a midi/maxi skirt but because I’m so vertically challenged, everything usually drags on the floor. So when I found this little treasure that fit my waist, didn’t drag on the ground, AND was vintage, I couldn’t say no!! I can’t wait to style this piece and show it to you all!

So there you have it, my very first thrift finds. I enjoyed the experience so much that I can promise you I will be sharing more finds in the future. Hope you guys are having a happy December so far!

– A

Currently Craving (XMAS EDITION!!)

Hey guys!! I’m back with another ‘Currently Craving’ post. I’m sorry, I seem to be always craving something. Am I a bad person? I have the worst shopping addiction. I just have zero willpower/self-control. Fortunately, Christmas is coming!! Which means I can hold back spending and maybe ask for it from Santa? If I were to send Santa a letter today, these are the things that what would be on my list. 


‘Grace: A Memoir’ by Grace Coddington is a book that I have been wanting for a few Christmases now. I’m on a ‘fashion book craze’ (if that makes sense?). Basically, I’m addicted to fashion books.  If I get a few for Christmas, expect reviews! Not only are they inspiring and motivating but they also look great sitting on my dresser (lol). I’ve been eyeing a pair of white Nike Air Force 1s after seeing them all over Paris during Fashion Week. I love the clean look of them and I think they’ll be super comfortable to wear everyday. Third on my list is another purse (how embarrassing..). Of course I don’t really need it, it’s just something that’s been taunting me at work. The gray joggers are something I never pictured myself ever wanting. However, I think that with the AF1s they’d be great together as a casual outfit. I absolutely loove the camel color of the sweater, and I don’t own anything of this color in my wardrobe. I can never have enough sweaters (especially here in Canada), so a sweater for Christmas would be more than welcome! (It’d have to be a chunky turtle neck though, they look super cozy.) The last thing that would have to be on my Christmas list would be these beautiful lace trimmed shorts. I’m not quite sure how I would wear these yet, but I’m enchanted by them. If I can’t make use of them during this season, I could most definitely wear these during the spring/summer! – Ou! Ou! Can you picture them with tights, booties and a chunky sweater?! I sure can *wink*

So yeah, there’s the basis of my Christmas list. What about you guys? Currently craving anything? Is there anything specific that you would like from the jolly old man? You know the drill, please let me know in the comment box below (hehe, that rhymed)!

– A

Shade of Winter

Hey friends! I thought I’d share with you today an outfit that I wore on a very verrry cold day lol. If I look like I’m freezing in these pictures, it’s because I was!! I don’t want to sound bitter but I hate the winter. I know “hate” is a strong word, but I really feel like it’s appropriate in this circumstance. If hibernating was an option, I’d take it.

Aviary Photo_130611891223866559

Aviary Photo_130610037521181751

Aviary Photo_130610035803069182

Aviary Photo_130610036489584969

Aviary Photo_130610038276940957

Aviary Photo_130610048107239248

Aviary Photo_130610047588645906

Hat – Topshop

Sweater – F21

Necklace – Brandy Melville

Jacket – Topshop

Skirt – F21

Purse – Rebecca Minkoff

Socks – Topshop

Boots – Blundstone

Hope you are all doing well! Xx

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– A