Biba Inspired

I’m back! I’m back! I’m back! It feels like it’s been forever! I MISSED BLOGGING!

Now that I got that out of my system, here’s today’s post! A while ago, I mentioned my current obsession and attraction to all things 70s. This kimono/cardigan is no exception. It reminds me of art deco and the 70s’ iconic store in London called “Biba”. If you haven’t heard of it, you should definitely Google it! It was run by a Barbara Hulanicki but I think it no longer exists (unfortunately). Anywho! Back to this marvellous piece. I love it so much. I try my best not to wear it TOO often, but I can’t resist. It is now one of my favourite wardrobe pieces and I like how I can easily throw it on over a t-shirt and jeans.

So here’s my outfit and I hope you enjoy!






Shirt – H&M | Jeans & Cardigan – Topshop | Boots – Boohoo | Necklace – Brandy Melville

Again, I am so glad to have the time to give my blog more attention! Prepare yourselves for more consistency!


– A


Currently Craving 02/14

Currently Craving Feb. 2015

It’s that time again. I have an urge to splurge!! If I could splurge, here are the things that I would get my hands on. I’ll start with the top left corner. Recently I have ventured into the world of the bralette. I bought a bralette AND THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE. I’ve seriously been missing out. I bought one in a nude shade and I love it so much that I think I want another one, but in black. Beside the bralette is this shirt dress that I have seen in many different stores lately. They’re not all similar but they all have the same idea. It’s basically an oversized dress shirt. There is one at Topshop but it’s awfully big and I know that I’ll be able to find a more affordable version somewhere like Forever21. Next are two Topshop items that have been haunting me at work. Honestly though, I can’t decide whether working at Topshop was a good or bad idea. It almost feels like my paycheques are going right back to the company.. Oops. This ribbed and cropped sweater is a fantastic layering piece and it’s light enough that I could probably pair it with skirts in the Spring. The jeans are easy. I want them because I don’t have a pair in this wash that fits me as perfectly as the rest of my Topshop jeans. I’m obsessed. The fact that the length and the fit is so perfect on me, I really can’t say no. It’s hard for little ol’ me to find clothes that fit, and jeans are essential! Next is the backpack. Oh me. Oh my. I really want a leather rucksack-ish backpack. I have a cute backpack but it’s white and structured. I want one that’s black and kind of slouchy. I want to be able to toss all my junk in it and throw it on my back. BOOTS! If you follow me on Instagram (@tinyintoronto), I’ve been thinking about boots a heck of a lot lately. Spring and Summer are coming, and then eventually Fall.. and I want the perfect pair of boots for all of those seasons! Does a pair exist? I know they have to be a neutral shade. I don’t know what style though. I’ve researched many different kinds of boots, like the boots that are popular and worn a lot. I haven’t really come to any conclusion yet. So if you guys have any boot suggestions, let me know in the comment box below! The last two items are little things. I’m kind of loving the ‘your nails but better’ shades of nailpolish. One that I’m surprised I don’t have is Essie’s ‘Ballet Slippers’. It’s a classic!! I’ve also just recently treated myself to a Pandora ring. This is a long story but the gist of it is that my fingers are the smallest fingers of life. I have baby fingers. I can never find nice cheap rings that fit me anywhere! So I checked Pandora with the little bit of hope that I had left and I actually discovered a place that carries my size! So I bought one, and now I want to fulfill all my ring dreams.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this month’s current cravings!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

– A xox

Let’s Be Real.

Winter sucks.. and it’s only getting worse. It’s my least favorite season HANDS DOWN. Will Spring just get here already?! I’m sorry I haven’t posted an outfit in a while but it’s been difficult to take pictures in -30 degree weather. It’s really difficult to put together a cute outfit when you have to keep in mind that you could potentially lose your toes (hence why I’m wearing my blundstones lol). I currently have an obsession with turtlenecks or things that are just high in the neck area. They’re warm and they look great! I also added a bit of my anticipation for the Spring season by wearing my favourite jean jacket. I obviously had to wear a thicker coat over top but it worked out because it kept me warmer! I sincerely apologize for the lack of outfit posts but I’m trying to wait out until Spring comes. Don’t get me wrong! I’m still going to post as often as I can. It just hasn’t been as easy since Winter has seemed to have gotten worse this month. On a positive note, I have a few new Spring pieces that I added to my wardrobe and I’m DYING to share them ;D

Here’s a better look at my outfit:







Hat – F21 | Top & Jeans – Topshop | Jean Jacket – American Eagle | Boots – SoftMoc

Hope you guys are staying warm! I hope you had a happy Valentine’s day yesterday!

Enjoy your week!

– A xox

I <3 the 70s

As a fashion student, I am well aware that fashion typically runs in a cycle. The Fashion Cycle. Eventually, everything comes back into style. Based on the fashion shows that appeared in the Fall, most fashion trends in 2015 will be based on looks from the 70s!!! This excites me! After learning a lot about fashion history, I’d have to say that the 1970s is my favorite decade. When I’m working at Topshop, I see so many pieces that are 70s-inspired and I’m like #IGOTTAHAVETHIS. I also have parents coming in saying, “Holy smokes! This is what I wore at your age!” Basically, I am fully prepared to embrace this trend. There’s flared pants or “bell bottoms”, “psychedelic” prints, wide floral prints, fringe, and an interesting selection of vibrant colors. This year I don’t think I’ll be able to resist/avoid trying some color. I am also completely obsessed with the prints. I now gravitate towards them, which isn’t normally like me! I’m gradually beginning to add some life/character into my wardrobe (Hallelujah!). Here are some photos that I’ve accumulated as parts of my personal trendboard for this 70s trend. Some of you may not be a fan. It’s definitely a change from the simplistic and minimalistic pieces that we’ve seen during the past year or so – which now I find that so basic! (C’mon! Spice up your life!) Even if you’re not a fan of the 70s, it’s only the beginning of the year. Who knows what other trends we’ll start to see!











Hope you enjoyed these pictures (all were taken from Tumblr)!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

– A xx

Neckerchief me, please.

This season I’ve noticed a lot of women accessorizing by tying smaller sized scarves (kerchiefs) around their necks. By women, I mostly mean my favourite blogger: Danielle Bernstein (LOVE! HER!). If you’re familiar with bloggers you’ll know her as ‘weworewhat’. She inspires me. I just recently added her on snapchat haha. Anyway! I personally love the look of the neckerchief. I had been looking for one for a while but I could not justify the price. Even at H&M they were like $15 – yuck!  Although I really love the look, I can’t see myself wearing a neckerchief on a day-to-day basis or getting my $15 worth. That’s why I got super excited when I found one at a thrift store a week ago.  It was only $3 and I really enjoy the pattern. It was made in Italy, so that’s pretty funky! This is how I styled it for work. For a more casual/everyday outfit I think I would add the neckerchief to a plain tee and jeans. How do you feel about the “neckerchief”?







Leather Jacket – Topshop | White T – F21 | Olive Jumpsuit – American Eagle | Neck Scarf – Thrifted | Boots – Aldo (Super Old)

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! I also hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

‘Til next time!

– A xx

Neutral Something.

I want to begin by saying: I had no idea what to call this post. I get boho and Indiana Jones vibes from this look, but seriously, what kind of title can come of that lol? If you know me well, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of neutrals. I tend to gravitate towards black. A: It looks good with everything. B: It’s my favourite colour.. because it looks good with everything. I honestly need to gravitate towards more color. I don’t really own anything bold. Perhaps that’s something I can try to work on. The focal point for this outfit was the brim hat. It’s neutral, so ideally any color would go with it.. but for some reason, I chose more neutral colors haha. It works, but I would have liked to pair it with a color that isn’t black, gray, white or cream, etc. (Basically a color I don’t own.) What do you think is a safe color (that’s NOT neutral) to try for those who are afraid of going bold? Blue? Maybe green? Help me.








I hope you like the outfit nonetheless! I also hope you’re having a great week so far! Enjoy your Monday 🙂

– A xx


As previously mentioned (in my last post), I recently purchased “mom jeans”. I have always liked the look on other people, in pictures and in person, but I was never 100% sure they were fit for me. I’m pretty petite/tiny (as we all know lol), so I was afraid they would swallow me! However, we received a bunch of mom jeans at work last week so I decided to amuse myself and try them on. It was worth a shot. They ended up fitting me but the way they fit is so different from what I’m used to! I was so torn! They were baggy and loose. I’m a girl who wears skinny jeans like a second skin!! As a fashion lover/addict, I am open to trying new styles and therefore in the end I went with my gut and bought them. I get a discount so I didn’t burn a huge hole in my pocket. It wasn’t easy though. I was asking my co-workers, half of them loved them and half of them didn’t. Mom jeans are definitely a love or hate kind of piece but I have nothing like them in my closet. I liked them and if I want to wear them, I’m going to make them work. So what is your take on “mom jeans”? Do you love them or do you hate them? Do you think they may be just a fad, or will we be seeing mom jeans as the new skinny jeans? *gasp*

Here’s how I styled them:







Everything but the sneakers are from Topshop.

Hope you’re having a fab Monday!!

– A xox