Outfits Of The Week

Happy Sunday! I know it’s a bit later in the day, but better late than never! Welcome back to another “Outfits Of The Week” post! I think if I were to describe last week’s outfits in one word it’d be “cozy”. I think comfort was unexpectedly the key component to all of these outfits. Like chill vibes? It’s definitely not what I’m used to but maybe this is me evolving? Maybe this is what Free People is doing to me?! I’m not mad about it! There are definitely bits of each outfit that still stay true to me.

Here’s what I wore last week!

Outfit #1: Once a month, Free People hosts a yoga event on a Sunday. Sometimes (and this is what happened to me this month) you get scheduled an opening shift the day of and have the choice to participate. I had never done yoga before so I thought, “why not?!” I actually quite liked it. It was nice to just lay there and listen to my breathing. It was peaceful. I’m not used to calming my mind so it was refreshing to be able to do that. It also made me realize that I really do think way too much. I think my brain is constantly in overdrive. I think I’ll go to the one next month as well! After doing yoga, I figured I’d wanna be comfy and keep my “zen” lol. So I packed a comfy outfit to change into and this is what I wore! I chose to wear comfy (but still chic) sweatpants from Durumi (@thedurumi). I kept my sports bra because it’s from Free People (and I didn’t sweat!) and threw my Jojo pullover sweater on top (which is also from Free People). I wore Free People socks (who am I? You’d think I work there or something ha-ha) with the New Balance sneakers my boyfriend got me for Christmas. Then I added The Heathers scrunchie from Twentyseven (@twentyseventoronto) and my dumpling bag from SHEIN.

Outfit #2: Kept it cozy with baggy jeans and an oversized crew neck sweater. These jeans are TOPSHOP’s “Crop” jeans. I’m not sure if they carry them in-store anymore but they’re probably my favourite pair of jeans that I own right now. The crew neck sweater is one that I thrifted while visiting Montréal last summer. It’s B.U.M. EQUIPMENT. Do you guys remember this brand while growing up in the 90s? I was overwhelmed with nostalgia when I saw it so I had to buy it lol. For shoes, I wore the same New Balance sneakers and for a bag, I wore this new thrift find that I’m absolutely IN LOVE with. I recently went thrift shopping with some friends that I’ve met while working at Free People and it was so much fun! There is going to be a vlog of that trip so stay tuned! Make sure you’re subscribed to me on YouTube! Anyways, I bought this bag while I was at Value Village with them and I’m so happy that I did. I love the western vibe. I love the colour. I think the shape is trendy right now. It’s perfect.

Outfit #3: Even though I’m no longer working at TOPSHOP, I still browse their website here and there. I was there for 5 years! I obviously love the brand and their clothes. While I was perusing the website one day I noticed they were having some serious markdowns. Then I noticed that this dress that I had been keeping an eye on for a really, really long time finally went down to $20!! I figured it was fate so I bought it, and look how cute it is! I love how I can throw this piece on and have it speak for itself. I literally don’t have to do anything else to this outfit but add a bag and some shoes. I added the same thrifted bag and threw on my black thrifted cowboy boots and that’s it!

Outfit #4: I totally forgot about this pleather jacket until I saw it everywhere on Instagram the week prior. I was like, “I have something so similar, why am I not wearing it?!!” It’s so cool. I mean, I feel pretty cool in it. Underneath I wore these check trousers from TOPSHOP and a sheer black turtleneck with my Adidas sneakers to be “cozy”. I also wore the thrifted bag (again). What I love most about this outfit is how it let’s my new favourite necklace stand out. This is the “Tarot Sun Necklace” from Mejuri and I probably talked about it in my last post but I thought I’d mention it again. I am so in love with it and I feel like it’s a part of me now!

Outfit #5: My favourite outfit of the week! And it’s still my favourite even though my boyfriend said I looked like a stoner on top and a cowboy on the bottom. *rolls eyes* I really loved this look!!! I love when I discover a different look that I love. I got this new “Ruby jacket” from Free People for 50% off and had to wear it the very next day. It’s so lovely. It’s this olive colour, kinda moldy-looking lol. I love it. It has this texture that makes it look well-loved so I think it’s only going to look greater once it really is well-loved! The quality of this jacket is amazing and I can’t wait to wear it at night during the summer with a cute dress or some cut-off shorts. I’m honestly squealing with excitement!!! I can’t wait for summer. It can come any day now. Anyways, for the rest of this outfit, I wore my Iron Maiden graphic t-shirt with my knitted midi skirt and my black cowboy boots. For accessories, I wore the same thrifted bag (duh) and a beanie for once! This beanie I got from Durumi and I think they have such a great selection right now! Check out their Instagram or visit them downtown on Queen Street West!

That concludes the second “Outfits Of The Week” post of 2020! I hope you guys are enjoying these. If you’d like to see something different, please let me know!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

Outfits Of The Week

Hey! Welcome to the first “Outfits Of The Week” post of 2020! I’m going to be honest and say that I’ve had better weeks in terms of outfits. But like, we’ve got a whole year for improvement so I’m not worried at all. I like a little room for improvement :))

Here’s what I wore last week!

(Side note: I’ve decided that I’m going to try my best to post last week’s outfits every Sunday so that they stay more relevant! I usually give myself a whole extra week to get the post up but I think that’s too late! We’re just gonna try it and see how it goes! Let me know what you think in the comment section!!!)

Outfit #1: I got new sneakers, can you tell?!! My boyfriend got me these New Balance sneakers for Christmas and I’m absolutely obsessed with them! He admitted that he had tried searching for a version for men with his friend and I found that quite funny. But honestly, I don’t blame them because they’re so cool! I had to have a cool outfit to go with my cool new sneakers (especially on my first day wearing them), so I wore this patterned midi skirt from TOPSHOP with a plain white t-shirt and my favourite charcoal cardigan (both are also from TOPSHOP). I wanted to keep it pretty neutral because I really wanted my sneakers to stand out. I added a bit of colour with my burgundy tights. I think they looked really good in contrast with my sneakers. I wore my dumpling bag because it matches my sneakers. And to top it all off, I added my black beret!

Outfit #2: This is an outfit I probably won’t repeat again. I just didn’t feel like me while wearing it. I tried it and wasn’t sure about it. By the time I decided that it wasn’t me, it was already time to head out the door for work lol. I don’t know what it is about this outfit. Maybe I can’t wear skinny jeans anymore? Maybe they just can’t be worn with my new sneakers? I just feel like this outfit is a whole “miss” but I know this happens sometimes! Even to the best of us! What I threw together was this blue sweater from TOPSHOP that I’ve loved for a few years now. I paired it with my coated Jamie jeans from TOPSHOP. They’re coated with something that makes them look like leather. I then added my sneakers and thought it looked pretty basic. Trust me, I have nothing against looking simple. It just isn’t me! I tried to sift through my closet for something different/extra, pulled out this blazer and then bolted to catch my train. It wasn’t my wisest decision but it is what it is.

Outfit #3: I LOVE this dress. I had to have it the moment we received it at Free People. I knew it was going to fit me just by looking at it and it made me super excited. Most of the pieces are oversized at Free People and I can’t really pull them off. When there’s a unique piece that will actually fit me properly, I tend to freak out. This dress is made out of a really lightweight crinkle material that I think will transition well into the Spring and Summer. I like that I have the option to dress it up as well as the option to dress it down. It’s really great! I’m super happy with it! I also got some great feedback on Instagram. One of my friends said I looked like Harry Styles should write songs about me! I cried. I’m so in love with him that I’m going to his concert with my roommate in July! To accessorize this dress, I wore my black puffy velvet headband and my Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag. For shoes, I wore my patent combat boots from TOPSHOP.

Outfit #4: Another one of my favourite outfits of the week! I always underestimate the power of a fab graphic t-shirt. This one is more than fab because it’s Ariana Grande! I’m a big fan of her if you don’t already know. She’s a super talented and super gorgeous human being. With this oversized Ariana Grande graphic T-shirt from TOPMAN, I paired my Mom jeans from TOPSHOP and my favourite (and only) pair of brown cowboy boots that I thrifted from Talize about 2 years ago. I also wore my Chloe bag and this cute teddy baseball cap from Durumi (@thedurumi).

Outfit #5: When I work on Saturdays, I usually like to end the week wearing something cozy and casual. I know to expect it to be busy so wearing a dress usually isn’t my go-to. I prefer something easier to run around in! I wore another graphic t-shirt from TOPSHOP but this one has Fleetwood Mac on it. I wore my $15 Straight jeans from TOPSHOP. As an extra layer, I also wore this corduroy button down shirt that’s also from TOPSHOP. I wore my Christmas sneakers for some colour and finally, my dumpling bag! Oh! And I tied my hair with one of Free People’s super scrunchies! I can’t forget that lol.

Did you guys notice the little pendant necklace I wore with all of my outfits this week? I got a Mejuri (@mejuri) “Sun Necklace” and I absolutely LOVE IT. They’re a jewelry brand based in a Toronto that has asked me to collaborate with them! I’m currently waiting on a little gift to arrive! I’m so excited to share it with you. I can’t even believe that I have a collaboration in the works!!! Keep your eyes peeled for more! ;))

Alright, that’s it from me for today! I hope you liked my first outfits post of the year. I can’t wait to see what this year brings in regards to my style and taste! Who knows what I’ll wear ha-ha!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

Books I Read in 2019

Another year, another bunch of books read! I am sad to say that I didn’t quite reach the goal that I had set for myself last year. In 2018, I read 20 books and I really, really wanted to read 30 for the following year. Unfortunately, I read 20 (again) during the year 2019. THIS YEAR HOWEVER, I WILL read 30 books! I plan on having a great start. I have a bunch of books that I’ve just recently picked up from the library that I am super excited to read so the books are there, I just need to make the time to read them! (*UPDATE*: I’ve already finished one!!!)

Here’s a photo of the list of books that I completed this year. As you can see, I kinda wrote the same book twice. It was kind of upsetting to realize I had actually read less than I thought I did lol – oops! But what I realized was that there were quite a few books that I started but never completed. When I think about those books, I’m kind of upset that I gave up on them but they must not have held my attention very well. So what you should take from these 20 books is that they must have been pretty darn good because I had no trouble finishing them/getting through them!

Here’s a photo of the books that I enjoyed reading the most this past year. There are a few that I couldn’t include in this photo because I borrowed them for the library. A few books that I’d like to add to this photo are:

 What Red Was by Rosie Price

 The 7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

 Normal People by Sally Rooney

All of the books I read last year are worth reading! If you haven’t read any of them, I recommend that you do! I learned a lot from every single one and I think that’s more than you can ask for. If you have any recommendations for me, I would absolutely LOVE that! I love talking books. I love trying new ones. I honestly have an ongoing list of books that I love adding to. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Please like it if you enjoy book content as much as I do!

Happy New Year! Happy first post of 2020!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

Book Review: “Normal People” by Sally Rooney

I am writing at 1AM because I just finished a book that’s making me feel all different types of ways. “Normal People” by Sally Rooney was a trip and a half, lemme tell ya! I really, really, really enjoyed reading this book and if life didn’t get in the way, I wouldn’t have put this book down until I finished it! Like some of the reviews on the back said, this book is wildly insightful. I know that for some people, fiction is a lot harder to relate to. But like all the books I’ve read, “Normal People” taught me something. It shared the importance of a child’s upbringing and how your past can shape your present!

The story surrounds Connell and Marianne and their evolving relationship. They’re two unlikely friends that meet in high school due to unusual circumstances. Connell, is really intelligent and liked by everyone at school. However, unlike most of the other students that attend his school, he doesn’t have much money. His mother is a single parent and works as the cleaning lady of Marianne’s household. Marianne is not as charismatic and likeable as Connell. Although she has money, she is kind of an enigma at her high school and everyone seems to find her weird. She’s also really smart though. Her and Connor are the top two of their class.

One day, Connell comes a bit earlier to pick up his mother from work at Marianne’s house. He spends some time with Marianne while waiting and finds himself attracted to her. Scared of what his friends might think, he keeps it to himself and continues to come earlier to see Marianne/get to know her. They end up hooking up and it becomes this huge arrangement where none of them want to fully admit their feelings but it’s obvious that they have a special connection. Connell doesn’t want to ruin his reputation at school and Marianne could care less because she doesn’t even have one. It works for a period of time. For a long period, actually. Because of his feelings for Marianne and her influence on him, Connell and Marianne end up attending the same college/university. There’s a lot of drama that happens between them and there’s a lot of “on again, off again” action. Their communication with one another sucks. No one says what they really feel. They both have very different lives at home (Marianne’s family is verbally and physically abusive towards her), and they both are trying to figure out who they are and what they want in life. The only real thing that is constant is their love for one another and I’m going to leave the story at that.

However, I think if you do read this, I should warn you that you might get a little frustrated while reading. I found myself smacking my forehead a couple of times because to the reader, it’s so obvious that they should be together. Without each other they’re lost! I was constantly rooting for them to finally get together and have an actual relationship but something always happened or got in the way. Like I said earlier, this was a trip.

If you don’t want to be yanked around, I promise you that I still enjoyed reading this book so much! It was worth it! I learned that communication is so important. I also learned that everyone is dealing with something. No one is perfect. Everyone’s got something going on behind closed doors so don’t ever think you have someone fully figured out. And whatever’s going on behind those closed doors has, in some way, made them who they are. People are complicated so don’t be ignorant and don’t judge.

If you decide to pick up this novel and read it, let me know what you think!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

Outfits Of The Week

Another week comes to a close! I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far, and I hope you have most of your Christmas shopping done! I, unfortunately, have a lot more shopping to do but I think I’ll get on it tomorrow. I’m here to share with you the usual Saturday blog content: what I wore last week. Like I said in my last “Outfits Of The Week” post, I got some goodies here to share! I feel like I’m becoming more experimental again? I always say things like this and I don’t even think you guys can tell lol. Anyways, I felt more creative this week and I think you’ll notice (maybe) a tiny a bit. My current style inspiration is really coming to light with these outfits and it makes me really excited to share that post with you next week! Now let’s take a look at last week’s outfits!

Outfit #1: This outfit is something I didn’t have to think too much about. I am pretty sure this is a go-to Monday look. Just a shirt and jeans with some cute accessories and I’m good to go! For this particular outfit, I chose an oversized striped dress shirt and my favourite black distressed Straight jeans. They’re both from TOPSHOP. For accessories, I wore my beige beret from TOPSHOP, my black cowboy boots that I thrifted in Montreal, and a new addition to my handbag fam: my dumpling bag! I ordered this online from SHEIN (@sheinofficial on Instagram), and I am absolutely impressed by them. I definitely recommend making an order! I had a very low expectation on the quality and the service. I thought that since it was less than $30 it’d feel cheap and I thought that since it was coming from Hong Kong, it’d probably take almost a month to get to me. That was not the case! I received my package in less than two weeks!!! I also have been getting a ton of compliments on it and I think the material is pretty good for how much I paid for it. All in all, I am very happy with my lil’ dumpling!

Outfit #2: I know I’m still in my twenties, but lately I’ve been dressing like I’m fifty. This old lady/prairie dress is a prime example. My boyfriend actually said that I look like I carry Werther’s Original candies in my purse and you know what, that’s okay with me! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll recognize this dress from the Summer. I really wanted to wear it so I styled it for Winter! This dress is from TOPSHOP and to make it look warmer/more Fall/Winter appropriate, I added my charcoal cardigan, some tights, and my black cowboy boots. I’m starting to realize that my cowboy boots are probably the closest thing I have to Winter boots and maybe that’s a problem? They don’t really have that much grip but I’m loving how cute they look with almost every outfit! If you guys know of any cute Winter boots, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I beg you. I know it’s just going to get colder here in Canada and I won’t be able to get away with wearing just cowboy boots for much longer. For the rest of this outfit, I brought my dumpling bag again, I wore a headband I ordered off of Amazon for $5, and I wore some cute polka dot patterned earrings that I got from TOPSHOP a while ago.

Outfit #3: Ah, one of my favourite outfits of the week and it was put together while in a time crunch! I was running behind. I normally have an idea of what I want to wear the night before but I never got to thinking about it, and therefore I was absolutely clueless the following morning. Something I suggest we all have in our closets is a cute matching set. I think it looks like you tried but you didn’t! I’m wearing a skirt and matching top from TOPSHOP. It’s kind of woven/knitted so it’s pretty appropriate for the season. The top is however sleeveless, so I added my favourite thrifted blazer and I loved it. The outfit looks so polished and put together. I felt like once I added my “The Heathers” scrunchie from Twentyseven (@twentyseventoronto), I kind of dressed like Princess Diana? Or someone ready to give riding lessons? Maybe she wouldn’t have done it in a midi skirt but I’m sure you get the point! I added some tights, my Prada-inspired boots from TOPSHOP, and that lil’ dumpling.

Outfit #4: I forgot how much I love this top! I love this outfit! This is a gingham blouse that I got during my early years at TOPSHOP. My boyfriend actually got it for me before we even started dating, so it’s got a bit of sentimental value as well. I’m a sucker for gingham. There’s a brown gingham bucket hat at work right now and it’s taking all of my strength not to buy it because I have to focus on my Christmas shopping. With my gingham blouse, I wore my grey “Editor” jeans from TOPSHOP with once again, my cowboy boots (but brown ones this time). They were thrifted from Talize in Mississauga. I wore these gold chunky earrings from TOPSHOP to make the look a little less country-esque. I think I was going for a glam cowgirl? TBH I just thought my outfit needed some sparkle! The finish the look, I let my little dumpling bag accompany me to work, yet again.

Outfit #5: This is the final outfit and actually the first outfit I wore last week! It was Sunday and I was off work. This is what I wore to brunch and then to watch Frozen 2 with my best friend! Frozen 2 was amazing btw. I cried. On my days off, and this day in particular because there was a little snow storm, I like to dress comfy. I wore jeans and an oversized sweater that I thrifted. The jeans are the “Wide Crop” style from TOPSHOP. My boots are from a couple years ago. They’re from Little Burgundy! They’re super comfy and I love that they have a zipper all the way up the front because it makes them super easy to take on and off. My winter hat is from Durumi (@thedurumi). It’s just a standard black fuzzy toque. Last but not least, I think it’s okay to say that I officially wore my dumpling bag 5/7 days last week. I told you I love it, did I not? (I think this lil’ guy is 100% going to be part of my December favourites lol)

There you have it! Those are last week’s outfits and I hope you liked them! Come back next Saturday to see what I wore this past week! They were some of my absolute favourites as well (and I’m not just saying that)!!!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

November Favourites 2019

One month left, folks! We have one more month (more like 3 weeks if we’re being exact) and that will be the end of another year. Can you believe it?! Where did the time go? What are you going to do during your last month of 2019? I know I’m going to be working a lot because this is the busiest time in retail. I’ll be spending all my time at one mall or another because I also have to start my Christmas shopping *shudders*. What are your thoughts on Christmas? Do you enjoy this time of year or do you absolutely dread it?

I feel like there might be a few things I’m forgetting to include in this month’s favourites. I’m starting to really settle in with this new job and I’ve created more of a routine. I’ve been more comfortable in the last week or so, that’s for sure. Since I’ve still been focusing a lot on settling in properly and really feeling like my true self again, I don’t think I’ve got anything new and exciting to share besides my huge shopping addiction: Durumi! I’ll tell you more about it in a bit!

Here are my “November Favourites”!

1. Modern Love – It’s been colder outside and therefore I’ve gone into hibernation. This means that I’ve been watching an abnormal amount of Netflix and Amazon Prime (and now, Disney + lol). I’m going to give it to y’all straight, this Modern Love show/series ruined me. Every episode is a different love story. I am a hopeless romantic so I got sucked into each and every single relationship and cried whether it was happy or sad. The episodes were so well done. I watched them with my boyfriend and even he got a little emotional lol. If any of you are hopeless romantics or are obsessed with love, I highly recommend you watch this show! (It also has some great faces in it! ie. Anne Hathaway!!!)

2. Dollface – Okay so I’m also subscribed to Crave. How many streaming subscription thingies do I need? Probably only one but for some idiotic reason, I’ve got like, four. Anyways, my sister told me that she had just finished watching Dollface and that I had to watch it, too. It’s a show with Kat Dennings, Shay Mitchell, and Brenda Song. A weird trio but it was enough to get me on board! I am so glad that I did because I loved it. I binged it the same day my sister recommended it. I literally finished that entire first season in one go. It’s about a woman getting dumped then realizing she gave up all her friends for this stupid guy. She then strengthens her relationships with her girlfriends and realizes that they’re all you need! It’s very uplifting and empowering.

3. See by Chloe bag – I did a blog post and recorded a video about this bag so I’m not going to repeat myself too much. This is a special purchase that I made because I had been eyeing it for a while. I also wanted to reward myself for getting a new job. I love her and I love the colour. She’s the See by Chloe Joan Mini? I can’t ever get the name right. She’s been by my side since I got her. If you want to know what I carry inside my new bag, watch my video on YouTube!

4. “The 7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by Taylor Jenkins Reid – I wrote a book review on this novel. I loved it so much that I think it deserves to be part of my favourites as well. It seems like forever since I’ve read it now but I still would recommend it. I still strongly believe it’s one of the best books that I’ve read this year. It’s about a woman from old Hollywood and how she started from nothing and became one of the most famous actresses to have ever lived. Her career has pretty much ended and she wants to write a biography so she can tell everyone the truth about her life and her 7 marriages. If you want to know more, give my book review a read! I’ll link it here: https://tinyintoronto.com/2019/11/16/book-review-the-seven-husbands-of-evelyn-hugo-by-taylor-jenkins-reid/

I’m wearing the winter hat from Durumi here!
This is the purple fuzzy sweater! And below is the only content I have of the “fashion sweatpants” lol!
Here are the earrings! They’re cute little clothes hangers! They come in silver and gold!!
Any finally, my adorable new shoulder bag :))

5. Durumi – If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on Instagram for a while, you already know about my obsession with this boutique on Queen St. W. It’s this Korean boutique that carries the cutest clothes and accessories! Now that I’m no longer working at TOPSHOP, I’ve felt more free to buy clothing pieces from their shop. I love their stuff and there was a time last month where I felt like I was going to Durumi at least once a week. I also feel like I DM’d them on Instagram way more than I would have liked. I kept asking them to put things on hold for me and I feel like I might have been a bit annoying. They were so amazing about it though and they were so flexible! It makes me love shopping there even more, and it’s why I keep going back! The pieces that I picked up last month are a winter hat, a purple fuzzy sweater, some “fashion sweatpants”, earrings, and a shoulder bag. Now that I’m listing them, I feel like it’s a lot. It was unintentional and kind of sporadic, but it was all purchased last month nonetheless! I am very happy with every single one of them and if you like the stuff I picked up or anything you see on their Instagram @thedurumi, you should definitely go visit their online website or their boutique! I swear you won’t regret it!

6. Super scrunchies – You guys are probably getting sick of hearing this, but I’m obsessed with super scrunchies. What are super scrunchies, you ask? They’re exactly what you’d think they are! I am absolutely in love with oversized scrunchies. They look so much better in my hair! My head looks like a work of art but I’m really just putting it in my hair like any regular old scrunchie! I’ve been wearing them so much because I find that it makes my outfits feel more complete than just leaving my hair down the way it is. I actually had a customer at Free People ask me to demonstrate how I put my super scrunchie in my hair and she recorded it! She wanted a little tutorial to play when she’s at home lol. It was actually kind of cute. We sell super scrunchies at Free People for $16. If you want an even bigger version with a nicer material, I totally recommend ordering one from @twentyseventoronto_ ! Twentyseven is where I get my hair cut and the owner, Olivia, has a bunch of other cute things at her salon that you should definitely check out!

That’s everything that I loved during the month of November! I hope you guys have a fabulous December! I hope Santa brings you everything you ask for, and I hope you enjoy your time with your families! I love the spirit of the holidays! Comment below with your plans for this holiday season :))

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

Introducing: Chloe (my new baby)!

I already know a lot of you are not going to understand this post or my overall excitement over a handbag. If you’re a bag lover like myself, help me out here! I totally understand if most of you find this ridiculous but I work hard for my money and purchasing this bag was a really important thing to me. Chloe is probably one of my favourite designers. I have always wanted to own something from Chloe but anything from that brands costs over $1,000. I went to Nordstrom one day and the guy working in the bag department saw me drooling over the Chloe handbags. He totally understood me and was a complete gem in letting me know that they came out with a miniature purse that retailed for less than $1,000. I was like, “GTFO.” Since then I’ve been trying to put aside the money to get one. Since I was making this huge step of leaving TOPSHOP after 5 years, I thought this was the time to treat myself. To own something from Chloe is still hard for me to believe. I absolutely love this new bag. She’s my new pride and joy!

The bag I got is called See by Chloe Small Joan Crossbody Bag in the “Caramello” colour. I think it’s perfect for Fall/Winter. This creamy orange colour will definitely transition well into the Spring and Summer as well. It’s also the perfect size for a tiny young woman, like myself! Now it won’t carry any of my books but it will carry all of my other essentials! If you’d like to see what I carry in this new purse of mine, check out my “What’s In My Bag?” video that I just uploaded onto my YouTube channel!

Let me know in the comment section below what you think of it! Or let me know if you have any other questions about my pride & joy ;))

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤