What I Wore Last Week

Hey! It’s been a while! February was a hot. mess. I mentioned in one of my last posts how sick I was but I meant to still write a February Outfits post and a February Favourites post. However, I realized that I had nothing decent to share because like I said, February was a hot mess. I’m starting to finally get back in the swing of things (that flu got me good and really threw me off my game lol), so I have a week of outfits to share (by “week”, I mean 5 because we’re not counting my days off ;))!!

I’m pretty happy with the outfits I wore last week. I think I mixed it up pretty well! I also really liked some of my outfits that I wore in February, so maybe I’ll still share them. I don’t know. Do you guys think it’s too late? Let me know!

Anyways, it’s starting to get warmer so I actually had my legs exposed for one of the days! It was only 7 degrees outside but I got pretty excited about it lol. Anyways, here are 5 outfits that I wore last week! Hope you enjoy them!

Outfit #1: I’m going to be honest and start off by saying that these outfits might not be in the proper order lol. This first outfit was definitely worn on the Saturday. This was the day I had my sister and her fiancé come in for my help dressing their groomsmen for their wedding (yes, my younger sister is getting married – ahh!). I am a maid of honour this year! It’s been a little stressful but I am really excited for my sister to get married. It’s a destination wedding in Cuba that I’ll obvvvv be sure to share with you guys here on the blog. Not only is it a vacation/celebration of my sister and her fiancé, but it’s a great opportunity for some siiick content ahah-ha. ANYWAYS (feel like I’m trailing off a lot here), these Jamie jeans with the buckles down the leg. Oh my god. I got so many compliments and I’m pretty sure a few women bought them the same day! I definitely look like I’m going on a safari in this outfit BUT I love it. I got the tiger graphic t-shirt and the snakeskin booties. The wide brim hat was a last minute touch. I actually have so many wide brim hats that I never touch, and this outfit reminded me that I really need to wear them more. Hats are so great lol!

Outfit #2: This is the day it got a little warmer. Not quite sure about the exact day, but I definitely jumped the gun when I saw that the temperature for the day was in the positives lol. I also definitely regretted not wearing tights on the way home but oh well. C’est la vie. Pleated midi skirts are back for the season and I am all on board! I’ve noticed on the TOPSHOP website that most of them are being worn with high-top converse – which is so, so great! Converse are so comfortable and probably my favourite sneaker/running shoe/whatever. (This reminds me that I need to buy a new white pair because mine are a little dingy and disgusting, and probably unsalvageable #notetoself) I love the print of this skirt and a co-worker of mine and I were confused on what kind of print it actually is. Is this a cow? Is this a giraffe? What are you? Let me know in the comment section below if you can solve this for us. For the rest of this outfit, I kept it pretty simple. The skirt is loud on it’s own so I didn’t need much to “jazz it up”. I wore this skirt with a plain black t-shirt, my black cropped denim jacket, and my snakeskin crossbody bag. YA, I mixed animal prints. Cows, giraffes, and snakes – oh my!

Outfit #3: I have a secret. When we got this blouse at TOPSHOP, I noticed in one of Emma Robert’s Instagram photos that she was wearing the exact same one so I bought it. YUP. I’m that girl. I’ll insert the Instagram post here:

Anyways, we got these new jeans in at work. They’re called the “Editor” jeans. They’re a brand new fit/style and I’m a little obsessed with them. They’re very trendy and I’m holding myself back from buying them in another colour. I know they’ll lose their appeal to me if I have more than one, plus I don’t need any more jeans (let’s be honest). To finish this look I wore these cute nude booties with the coolest heel! It looks like a shiny hardwood floor, but I dig it. Here’s a photo:

And last but not least, I wore this adorable pink feather bag that I’m scared to wear too often because I don’t want it to get bald, y’know? She’s so cute though, isn’t she?

Outfit #4: I don’t know who I thought I was on this day, but I kind of dig this. I’m here for her! I mean, this isn’t my normal style but I think I might try looks like this more often. I actually look kind of “cool” (for once) if I do say so myself lol. This crop top is an oldie but a goodie that I got either last year or the year before. The shirt that I have open is corduroy and I got it for $20 from our clearance rack. The jeans are these distressed Mom jeans that we still have in-store if you’re interested! And for shoes, I wore my black patent combat-style boots!

Outfit #5: So here’s a confession: I sold my OG pair of overalls. I have a good reason though! TOPSHOP got PETITE overalls and they fit me SO MUCH BETTER. I feel like this pair was made for me! They’re also in a more “true blue”/classic kind of wash that I can guarantee will last me forever. I love them and I loved pairing them with this gingham top that I got either last year or the year before. I’m also wearing a cute printed headband and I have to admit that I’ve officially joined that headband cult all over social media. I want ALL of the headbands now! They’re so cute! I don’t really do much with my hair so I find it a nice change for me. For shoes I picked my well-loved white booties and for a bag I got this 90s-esque bag that’s covered in horses or jaguars. Wish I could tell ya lol. And yes, MORE animals.

Before I sign off here, I just wanted to let you know that everything that I’m wearing is from TOPSHOP unless I’ve mentioned otherwise! I’m a Personal Shopper at one of the Toronto locations so if you wanna update your wardrobe with some TOPSHOP pieces, I’m your gal! ;)) You can message me on Instagram @tinyintoronto or email me at alannah.batchellor@hbc.com!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤


Check, check, check!

I think a check/plaid blazer has become an essential within the last year or so. Well at least I know that I’ll be keeping one in my wardrobe forever! (I currently own 2 lol)

When we received this checked blazer at TOPSHOP, I had to try it on. Normally, if it doesn’t run in Petite, the blazers look awful on me. However this one fit pretty well! I think it’s the best oversized/boyfriend-looking fit I’m going to find for myself. I know that on regular girls it fits more snug but I’m okay with that.

I styled this blazer with my favourite Britney Spears graphic t-shirt, these sparkly dangly earrings, my Dree jeans, and of course, my pink beret! Everything is from TOPSHOP (obviously). These photos were taken at Hart House at the University of Toronto. I didn’t realize how old and beautiful the buildings are at U of T. There’s so much character and so much life in their old buildings. I especially loved the library. But you guys shouldn’t be surprised by that ;)) *bookworm*

All these photos were taken by my friend, Jemilla (@jemillajems). I love these shots that she took and if you’re looking for a photographer, check out her instagram and message her! I love working with her and we have one more look that we shot and that I can’t wait to share! How are you guys liking these outfit posts? Let me know in the comment section below :))

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

Tiny Thoughts: Street Style @ NYFW

Helllooooo! It’s been such a long time since I’ve been on social media, blogged, read, or done anything I thoroughly enjoy. I got a “virus”. The stupid doctor didn’t want to call it the flu but it was basically the flu, and it sucked. I had a fever, headache, loss of appetite, a cough, stuffy nose, body aches, etc. I had it all. I mean, if you didn’t even notice my absence, that’s cool! But I was gone for over a week and I missed everything so much. I even missed work (yikes)! One of the things I am most gutted about missing is Fashion Month, and keeping up with all the Fashion weeks that I said I was going to keep up with. It just got way out of hand and I lost the energy. It breaks my heart that I didn’t get to keep my word. I was so excited to do this! One thing I can do is at least is share this: The street style I loved from NYFW.

I think one of the greatest things about Fashion Month is the street style. I love seeing the looks that people wear to these shows! This is the time to pull all the stops. This is the time where you see the coolest outfits and such AMAZING creativity. It’s so inspiring. Fashion Month gives me such inspiration and really makes me want to try new things when styling myself. I have to say that this year’s street style at NYFW did not disappoint. Here are some of the looks that I loved!

What’s your favourite of the looks I shared? I haven’t gone looking for the street style in London, Milan, or Paris yet but I’m excited to see! If you have a look you loved, share it with me in the comment section. Man, I am so happy to be feeling better! I want to make up for a lot of lost time so I’m going to try to blog as much as I can and post as much as I can on Instagram! It’s nice when you start to feel like yourself again :))

Next post will probably be some outfits that I wore in February! Maybe even a “February Favourites”!!

Until then!

– Tiny ❤

Yellow Fuzzy Bucket

Hiiiii! Happy Valentine’s Day or whatever! I’ve got nothing Vday-related for you today, but I have another outfit post to share! Valentine’s Day is great and all but I think love should be celebrated every day. I think it’s dumb that we’ve created a holiday to show people we love them, go on dates, buy them flowers, etc. You should want to do that for your loved ones every day, no?

Anyways, here’s a look from another day of taking photos with Jemilla (@jemillajems). We took photos of three outfits and I’m so excited for you to see them all! This outfit was created around these new Straights that we got in-store at TOPSHOP. I love them. I think we’re going to see a lot of colour-blocked jeans/jeans with mixed washes this season. It’s fun! However, not that easy to style. Maybe it was because I’m not used to it or I was overthinking it, but I couldn’t find a top to pair with these jeans. So far I’ve paired them with a graphic tee and this striped oversized button-up shirt. I want to try them with a coloured oversized fuzzy sweater! Or a blazer! Okay, come to think of it, I probably was overthinking it.

As an accessory, I added my favourite yellow fuzzy bucket purse. I love how casual (yes, casual) this bag is. I add it to almost any outfit that I think is plain or needs some sprucing up/pop of colour. I’m kind of obsessed and I’m trying to let her shine as much as she can because I don’t think I’ll use her as much when it gets warmer outside.

Here’s the full look! Let me know what you think in the comment section!

** I also want to quickly say that keeping up with NYFW/Fashion Month has been a lot harder than I thought. It officially ended yesterday and I’m going to try to narrow it down to my top 5 favourite shows. I want to put more thought and effort into this post, so bare with me! I’ll definitely have it finished by next week! :))

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

My Favourite: TOPSHOP Jeans

I know you’ll probably think I’m biased because I work at TOPSHOP TOPMAN, but I really and truly believe that our jeans are the best. Not only do we have a TON of different styles/fits but they’re affordable and last as long as any other pair of jeans. I think we have a jean for everybody. You can quote me on that!

For this blog post, I’ve picked my favourite jeans from TOPSHOP. Then I’m going to show you how they fit!

**Now overall, all of our jeans come in a bunch of different lengths (28″-36″ inseams) and tend to stretch a bit! SO if you plan on shopping our jeans, please keep in mind that you want them to be a little tight at first! ALSO, every fit is typically high-waisted, aside from two fits that I won’t be mentioning (Leigh & Lucas) because they’re not very popular and we no longer have many in-store.

JAMIE: Our most popular jeans are our Jamies. They have the perfect amount of stretch that flatters almost every body type. They’re a skinny jean so they’re tight all throughout the leg. We always get a bunch of different washes/colours in Jamies, depending on the season. We also have a variety of Jamies that come distressed, either at the hem or ripped at the knees, or even ripped all over! I think most of my jeans are Jamies. My current favourite pair are these black corduroys. They aren’t exactly made of a jean material but they are cut and fit exactly like one that is! Just so you can see a comparison, I’ve taken a photo wearing an actual Jamie jean as well as one wearing the black corduroy Jamies that I love rn. See how they fit the same?!

MOM: A fab shape but doesn’t fit every body type as much as our Jamies. They’re also REALLY popular right now! They’re tight around the waist, get looser around the hip and thigh area, and then taper and get tight again around the ankles. Sounds complicated but they’re pretty flattering on the right body! I would say that they look best on hourglass figures and I know that not everyone is a hourglass. Women that have big hips and a bum tend to hate these jeans because the waist never quite fits properly. If you’re interested in our Mom jeans, I have to tell you that now is the time to shop for them. We just got a TON of new washes and have ALL the sizes, so hurry and come visit me!!

STRAIGHT: My current favourite jeans are probably Straights. They’re exactly what they’re called, jeans that literally go straight down the leg. They don’t taper and they’re not fitted all throughout. I’d say they also resemble your typical Levi jeans (kinda sorta). They aren’t super tight, which seems to be a trend now, and I think they’re flattering in terms of making your legs look longer. For a 4’11” short young woman, this is everything to me lol. My favourite pair of Straights would have to be this distressed pair in a washed black colour. I don’t know about you but I love the way they look!

DREE: I feel like a bit of a jerk sharing these last two fits. However, I love them so much and I am hoping that by talking about them, maybe TOPSHOP will bring them back? Drees are supposed to be a cropped flared jean! But on yours truly, they almost fit like an actual full-length flared jean ha-ha. There is a bit of crop action but it’s not as dramatic as it would be on an average person. To be honest, I like it! I also love that the hem of mine is unfinished. It gives it “character”, a little bit of edge? Kinda? I just love wearing them and it comes as kind of a shock to me because I was super hesitant to try them on. I thought they’d look ridiculous!

BINX: Okay, my favourite jeans of all time are my BINX jeans. They are just so flattering and I love the cut, and I’ve worn them so much that I’m starting to see some pulling at the seams. I’m scared they’re going to rip! If they do rip, I honestly might cry and give them a funeral because I don’t own any jeans like them. How do I describe them? They’re kind of a like, if Mom jeans and Straight jeans had a baby. TOPSHOP, if you’re reading this (and I highly doubt you are), PLEASE REMAKE THE BINX JEANS! I BEG YOU.

Okay! That’s all I have to say about TOPSHOP jeans. If you wanna know more, feel free to come visit me at TOPSHOP Yorkdale or DM me on Instagram!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

Tiny Thoughts: Fashion Month

If you’re a fashion-lover like myself, you know that this month is “Fashion Month”. During the month of February there are fashion shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. All the best designers showcase their collections for AW19 (Autumn/Winter 2019) and it’s the most exciting and beautiful thing ever. I mean, I’ve never been (it’d be a dream come true!) but nowadays we can feel like we’re there through live videos online, posts on Instagram, etc.!

Fashion Month officially begins on February 7th (this THURSDAY!) in New York, so I wanted to share with you guys that I plan on reporting my favourite looks, designers, and trends for each week! At the end of the month, I want also want to write a little recap of what I’m most excited for in AW19. I’ll also share what I think you guys might be seeing a lot of during that season. It’ll be fun if you’re into this stuff as much as I am! I’m at least excited to write it!

Let me know if you like this idea! Should I do something a little different? Is there anything else you’d like me to share about Fashion Month/Weeks? I’m open to suggestions!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

January Favourites 2019

Is it just me or did January seem to never end? It feels like the longest month in the world, but maybe that’s Winter’s fault. This -30 degree weather and the gross snow has really unmotivated me this month. I didn’t quite blog twice a week but trust me, I tried! All I wanted to do was curl up in bed and do absolutely nothing. How do you get out of that? Does any one have any tips on how to push through these feelings of “blah”? Please don’t say “get out of bed” lol.

Anyways, I still managed to accomplish a lot. It just wasn’t as much as I had wanted. It’s February now though! A fresh start and a fresh bunch of favourites to share with you!

You by Caroline Kepnes & Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes + You Netflix Series: I thought I’d talk about this first because I feel like I’m starting to sound redundant/annoying. On New Years Day there isn’t much to do. All stores are closed, it’s Winter, so why bother leaving your home? I stayed inside all day and binge-watched the show You on Netflix. I’m telling you, I didn’t leave my couch for HOURS. I wanna say I didn’t leave the couch at all but a girl’s gotta eat and go the washroom some time lol. But seriously, I stayed there and watched the whole damn thing until the very freaking end. I WAS HOOOKED! I’m kind of mad at myself for not spacing it out because once I finished it, all I wanted was to watch more! I decided to read the book. The book was even better than show. (The book always is though, let’s be honest.) Even though I had just watched everything happen on my TV, the book still left me wanting more. The way it was written was so captivating and there were parts of the book that they left out in the show! I love Caroline’s writing and the story is so so good that I bought the second book right away. Hidden Bodies did not disappoint either! If you love a psychological thriller and “romance” (the twisted kind), I highly recommend you try at least watching the show! If you’ve watched the show, the book is still worth a read and if you wanna get ahead and know what’s next, the second book is SO GOOD. 100% recommend.

Journaling: If you didn’t read my New Year’s Resolutions post, you’ll find it interesting (well you might) to know that I have goaled myself to write in a journal this year. I originally said that I wanted to write an entry every night before bed but that hasn’t exactly been working out for me. Some nights I am way too tired to write. However, even though I have not written an entry every day, I’ve written at least three times a week. When I have a lot going on in my head, especially before bed and when it’s keeping me awake, I write everything out. It’s super therapeutic and it definitely gives me a different perspective on what I’m thinking and what I’m feeling. In a way, it brings me to reality and I realize how dramatic I’m being and how unnecessary it is for me to feel a certain type of way. It also has made me realize that my feelings matter. I’ve realized that I have a lot of feelings and they have power. They’re valid and keeping them to myself is not always the best idea. If you suffer from overthinking and anxiety, I definitely suggest keeping a journal to help you realize that most of your worries are not worth worrying about. If you notice that you’re always writing about the same thing, then I think it’s a sign that you need to take action. Side note: How cute is my journal? It’s kinda stealthy. Could be an extra pillow for all you know! My roommate got it for me for Christmas because I’m a huge stationary addict/note-taker.

“A” Earrings from Durumi: The moment I laid eyes on these earrings on @thedurumi’s Instagram story, I was in love. I went out of my way to share them on my own story, and my boyfriend was super sweet and clever to get them for me for Christmas! The font of the letter reminds me a lot of those initial pendants by Chloé. I know my earrings are nothing close but I can pretend, no? I have talked about Durumi on my blog multiple of times and I’ve created a great relationship with whoever runs their Instagram account. I am always DMing about earrings, bags, tops, etc. They are so sweet and are always willing to put stuff on hold for me. I highly recommend you check out their cute little shop if you get the chance while you’re downtown Toronto. They’re close to Queen and Spadina!

Derry Girls on Netflix: HILARIOUS freaking bloody show. Yes, I said “freaking bloody”. Probably the worst use of the words and probably in the worst context but I don’t care! You need to understand how funny this show is and how much I enjoyed it. It’s about a group of Irish teenage girls and it’s basically a coming-of-age type of show. It wasn’t anything deep. It was just a show that makes you feel really good! I got a ton of great laughs. Am I the only one that laughs out loud when they’re watching TV alone? Anyways, Derry Girls made my days. The only downfall, is that it was so short and ended so fast. The first season only had like, six episodes! If you’re reading this and have the power to bring back more Derry Girls, please, please, please bring it back!!

Bring It On movies on Netflix: K clearly there was a lot of Netflix going on in January. It’s Winter and it’s cold (if I haven’t mentioned it already) and all there is to do is binge-watch almost anything on Netflix lol. I stumbled upon all the Bring It On movies and I became nostalgic and had to watch them all. I don’t know what it is about them but they’re still so good, and so fun to watch!! If you haven’t done this yet, you need to.

Second Life Podcast: When I was on this high of turning a new leaf and starting fresh, I stumbled upon this podcast about successful women and how they worked their butts off to get where they are today. Hillary Kerr, co-founder of Who What Wear interviews women who worked regular jobs in their first life and then realized they wanted and could do something so much more: have an amazing “second life”! This podcast is honestly the most inspiring and motivating podcast that I have ever listened to. It makes me want to work so much harder and accomplish so much more. It makes me want to not waste any time, and make sure that I am always being productive and working towards my own success/”second life”. The podcast interviews women like Jessica Alba, Aimee Song, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Chen, Kendra Scott, and so many more! All these women started out like myself, and they just worked really freaking hard and did whatever they needed to do to get where they wanted to be! It’s super inspiring and I highly recommend it if you’re feeling lost and unmotivated.

Cute boots: First, I want to apologize for this photo of my boots. I just have too many and it’s really hard to get creative with them if I don’t want salt/dirt everywhere. If you’d like a more up-close photo of my boots collection, let me know in the comment section below! I think Topshop is trying to kill me, or at least my wallet. With some Spring merchandise slowly trickling in, I’ve stumbled upon a bunch of cute new boots. By a bunch, I mean A BUNCH. There’s a waiting list of boots I need to purchase/add to my wardrobe. I’m not even joking. My favourites of the bunch that I currently own are the white ones. It’s really hard to find shoes that fit my tiny feet. I’m a size 4.5. So when I find my size and can participate in these cute boot trends, I have a bit of a stroke (in a good way!). I get so so so excited! It’s really something to witness. If you want to see all these cute new boots, I’m going to shamelessly let you know that you can book a free appointment with me at TOPSHOP Yorkdale, and we can try all the gorgeous Spring boots together!! ;))

Vitamin C chewable tablets: I think it goes unsaid that we don’t really need a photo of these guys, amirite? Ya’ll know what a vitamin C tablet looks like lol? This girl isn’t about to get sick (again). Getting sick earlier this past month was the freaking worssst. It got the best of me and all I wanted to do was rest and take it easy, which meant I neglected all the things I wanted to accomplish. I guess this was another reason I watched so much Netflix in January. I had Kleenex stuffed up my nose and didn’t wanna leave my couch for like a week. Being sick is a huge inconvenience and can easily happen with how cold it is here in Canada. Take your vitamins, folks!

That’s it for my “January Favourites”! I hope you enjoyed reading! If you did, let me know of some things you think I should try in the month of February!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤