Tiny’s Trend Watch: Spring/Summer 2020 Accessories

I thought that since I’ve shared the clothing trends that I’m excited for this Spring/Summer season, I’d share the accessories as well! I also want to do a video because I think I might already have some jewelry and accessories that might be perfect for these trends! If not, this is just another excuse to go thrifting, right? (although since we’re all supposed to be self-isolating, maybe that won’t be happening anytime soon)

Now this post will be kind of different compared to the clothing trends because “accessories” is a very broad word/category. We’ve got bags (my personal favourite as you guys already know lol), shoes, belts, jewelry, etc.!

Here are the Spring/Summer 2020 accessory trends!

BAGS (obviously we’re starting off with the accessory I love most!)

  • Oversized bags (the bigger, the better!) – I think this is a little self explanatory but I’m going to talk about it anyway! This season you can expect bags bigger than they have ever been. You’ll literally be able to fit your kitchen sink, ladies! I’m kinda loving the slouchy ones? I’m also always down for a huge tote bag. I’m obviously all for this trend because a lot of standard sized bags look huge on me anyway, and I also am known for carrying everything around with me in general – you never know what you’re going to need!
  • Raffia – I think raffia is going to be the material of the season. We saw a lot of it last year but we’re definitely going to see more of it this year. It’s not only going to come in the form of a bag, but in a whole bunch of other forms as well (I’ll get to it in a bit lol). I love the raffia bag and if you want to participate in the trend but don’t want to drop a lot of money on it, you can find SO MANY at the thrift store! It’s honestly such an easy trend to incorporate and they look especially cute with Summer picnic outfits.
  • The Bucket – I love the bucket bag. It’s just one of those bags that seems bottomless. You can fit everything inside a bucket bag but it still keeps its shape! I have a few bucket bags in my collection already, so I don’t think I’ll be needing another one. My mom has this Louis Vuitton bag that’s in a bucket shape that I have been begging her to give me for years. I want it so bad. Hopefully I can convince her to give it to me one day soon!
  • Hands-free – Last year we saw a lot of fanny packs in a number of different forms. We’re still going to see a lot of that but things are gonna get a little more creative. (These look more like lanyards tbh.) Try a fanny pack the size of a lipstick! Does it sound impractical? It probably is! Anyways, expect the fanny pack or these lanyard bags to be a huge trend this year. I’m not sure if I need another fanny pack but if I see something cute and different (or of the lanyard variety), you best believe I’ll be picking that up.


  • Raffia – Told you there’s more! Not sure if this will be the most comfortable of footwear but I think I’d like to try this trend if I can find something budget-friendly! They’ll be the Spring/Summer slipper? In terms of styling, I personally think they’d compliment denim really well.
  • Square-toed – I’m a big fan of the squared toe. A lot of people I know are kind of put off by it but I think I really want a pair of square-toed heeled sandals! I need a new pair of everyday heeled sandals. The pairs that I have are like 3 years old now and just aren’t going to hold on for another full season. I also wouldn’t mind a cute pair of square-toed booties though. What do you guys think of the controversial squared toe?
  • Flatform sandals – If this will give me height, sign me up! From what I can remember, I struggled to walk in flatform sandals. I will, however, give them another chance! This is something I’ll be pretty picky about though. The reason I’ll be picky is because a) I want to be able to walk in them! b) I want them to be comfortable, and c) they gotta be cute, they gotta scream “me”!
  • Mary Janes – I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED MARY JANES. I can remember when I was a little girl that I absolutely loved wearing my Mary Janes. I haven’t quite found a pair that I like in my adult life, but I think I saw some that I like from Doc Marten! A more girly and heeled pair would be nice to own as well! Anyways, this trend is something I would definitely invest in because I know I personally love the look and will wear them even if they’re no longer on trend.
  • Chain details – Ever had a hard time finding an anklet that looks good with your shoes? Look no further! Shoes will now come with anklets/chain details! I love it! Especially during the Spring and Summer when you’ve got a nice bare leg. It’s really the perfect touch.


  • Big hoops – You know I love hoops! Big hoops are hard for me because I find that most pairs of hoops that are on the larger side are way too big for my face. Not only are they too big for my face but they’re also pretty heavy! I find that they stretch my ear holes a bit and buddy, that’s not cute! I will be on a personal hunt for a cute and unique pair of big hoops that are also lightweight. Am I asking for a lot? Probably. I’ll be sure to let you guys know if I get lucky! Until then, I do have lots of pairs of large hoops already in my earrings collection that I can wear.
  • Pearls – I think the pearl is my birthstone. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t pearls the “stone” for June babies? Either way, pearls are my absolute favourite. It could be because they remind me of the ocean or it could be because they somehow make me think of the Philippines (where my mom is from). I don’t know, I just love them. I have lots of pearl earrings in my jewelry collection already. I also have a pearl necklace. But knowing that pearls are a trend for this season gives me an excuse to treat myself to more lol… right?
  • Oversized chains – Is this going to be hot and sweaty? Am I weird for thinking this way? I just know that during the Summer I’m pretty sticky in general and having a heavy metal chain around my neck probably won’t make things much better. I do like oversized chains but recently I’ve also experienced an allergic reaction to one of my thick chain necklaces. Perhaps it’s just bad luck. Aside from that experience, I really do love a chunky oversized chain! I love how they add edge to any look. They make me look tough (lol)? They’re something I would pair with a really feminine dress, like one with lots of ruffles or something.
  • Single earrings – I really love this trend. I think it’s super different and I’m really excited to try it. There are so many fun single earrings that I’ve seen on the internet. I know some of you might instantly think: “What are we? Pirates?” But honestly, it’s cute. Don’t knock it until you try it! I also think that if you have a dangly pair of earrings already, try just wearing one of them! It’s so easy and inexpensive and you can still say you’re “on trend”.
  • All the colours! – I feel like this is kind of vague but think jewelry in any colour or multiple colours. Think rainbows! Colours and rainbows are a huge thing this season and you’re going see them everywhere, in almost every form! Coloured gems/stones/rhinestones, coloured rope, or coloured chains! I love this trend because I think colours make everything happier. I love rainbows. I think the Spring/Summer season is such a happy season (and let’s be honest, we need something to be happy about right now), so this trend is perfect.


  • “See the rainbow!” (coloured sunglasses) – I feel like I’ve seen sunglasses like these before but now they might be more prominent. I want a pair of those yellow Gucci sunglasses but like, a cheaper version lol. Or maybe just any pair of yellow aviators? I’m actually obsessed with those pink ones in the photo above, the ones on the bottom left! We sell a lot of coloured sunglasses right now at Free People, but I definitely think it’ll be easy to find a pair for this season. They’re gonna be everywhere!
  • Flower pins – I think this will be cute and new! Nothing says Spring more than flowers, right? This will be a cute little accessory to add to blazers and light jackets. I can see one on a denim jacket – omg, that’d be sooo cute! You could even pin a flower to your handbag? Or your everyday tote bag? Ou, the possibilities are endless with this one! I could probably even make my own flower pins with fake flowers from the dollar store! Would you like to see that? Let me know in the comment section below!
  • Raffia/rope belts – This is something I haven’t seen before but I do want to try it! You can easily add it to a maxi dress, a denim miniskirt, a t-shirt dress, etc. I think it’ll be a cute little accent! Where am I going to find one? That’s the question. This might be much tougher to find but again, I could maybe make one? I could easily buy some rope at Michael’s craft store (once they’re open again)!
  • Headscarves – You’ve seen me incorporate a headscarf into one of my outfits during Fashion Month and I’m very excited to keep experimenting with it! Another good thing about this trend is that it can also be very inexpensive. I can honestly say that I’ve picked up some of my favourite scarves from Value Village or Talize for $2. It’s so easy! And like the flower pins, if you get tired of wearing them on your head, you can wear them on your purse!

Alright, that’s everything from me today! I hope you’re all staying safe and staying at home if you can. I know that there’s a lot going on in the world right now that it can feel a little scary but just know that we’re all in this together! We’re all doing our best if we’re staying home. I also want to point out that I know that maybe this blog post isn’t useful right now. I know that we can’t go out and shop these trends at the moment, but maybe this is the time to go through your closet, or your mom’s closet, and see that you might have that old pair of coloured sunglasses just sitting in a box! Or maybe your mom has a bunch of raffia bags or printed scarves that she used to wear! Go through your old belongings and see if you can reuse them this season and if you can’t, maybe you can alter them? Make a project out of it? Or you can just make yourself more organized and create that donation box you’ve been meaning to do for a while now.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I really hope you’re all doing well!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

Outfits Of The Week

Hey everybody! Even with the craziness that’s going on in the world right now (I was told that Free People stores are all closing for two weeks, so I’m staying at home!), I feel like we should really remain positive and do things that make us happy! One thing that makes me happy is writing this blog post every week, so here it is! Here’s what I wore last week! I know I usually share 5 outfits but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post another one of these if I’m going to be laying around my apartment for 14 days! So I’ve added a little bonus outfit for you! I hope you enjoy them all!!!

Also: I’m sorry I’m a day late, I was busy trying to find toilet paper (lol kidding). I just had a lot to take in within the last day or so!

Outfit #1: We’re starting off with the bonus outfit! This was actually one of my days off but I was leaving early that day to visit my hometown to see my best friend, Emily! I don’t know what it is that makes me want to look good when I’m going back to my tiny hometown but like, you never know who you’re going to run into! I grew up there and therefore the likelihood of crossing paths with someone from high school, or an extended family member or family friend is high. What I wore is my favourite pair of black distressed Straight jeans from TOPSHOP. It was supposed to be a nice day (and it did end up being super nice outside), so I wanted to wear a lighter jacket. I found this the perfect time to finally wear my leather jacket from TOPSHOP without having to wear another layer overtop! Underneath I wore a beige cropped long sleeve (also from TOPSHOP) and for shoes, I wore my Adidas sneakers from SSense. To add some dimension/detail, I added a studded western belt. I thought the perfect bag was my dumpling bag because it sort of matched my beige top. And that’s it! It was really nice to see my best friend and it’s nice to get out of the city sometimes.

Outfit #2: Since I had a really long day off (4 hours in a car), I was pretty tired and didn’t want to think about what to wear to work the next day. I ended up going with a cream boiler suit from TOPSHOP because it just takes care of everything! I got this piece altered/hemmed to fit me better, and I think it’s going to be in my wardrobe for years! I added my thrifted cowboy boots, a hair accessory (a super scrunchie from Free People), a bag that I thrifted while I was home, and ta-dah!

Outfit #3: An early start if you can’t tell by the lighting in this photo (it’s so different/darker from the rest, or maybe it’s just me lol). I love mixing prints so I wore my navy pinstripe trousers from the TOPSHOP Petite section and paired them with one of my favourite blouses: my navy tiger blouse (also from TOPSHOP)! To be cozy and not business-y, I added my favourite cable knit sweater from Free People. I wear it so much! Like, literally all the time. It’s such a good staple for your wardrobe and I’m so excited to wear it in the Summer, like in the evening by the lake or to see an outdoor movie! (Can you tell I’m super excited for Summer?) To stay comfortable, I just wore my black high-top Converse sneakers and for a bag, I wore that same newly thrifted piece that I love so much! It’s in such good condition and I love the shape of it. The cute little chain top handle is also a favourite touch. I’m very happy to have it as a new addition to my bag collection.

Outfit #4: I think this looks like a mom outfit, but I kinda love it? I know I probably shouldn’t have worn the New Balance sneakers but I wanted comfort! Life has been stressful and not having to worry about my feet hurting at the end of the day is just one less thing. If I were to do this outfit again, I definitely would have done a heeled bootie. That’s just not ideal for work. The top is a new addition from Free People. We just recently received it at our store and I love it! I think it’s a great Spring/Summer top and I can’t wait to wear it with denim shorts. For this look, I wore it with my favourite Editor jeans from TOPSHOP. For pops of colour, I added my favourite En Route earrings from @enroutejewelry_. They’re these vintage inspired earrings with a green stone in the middle. The other pop of colour are my shoes, which I understand are kinda neutral as well, but they’re colour blocked! There are blues and yellows and greens in there somewhere (I think lol). I also added the same bag worn in most of these outfits so far because I think it matched well with the lines in my blouse.

Outfit #5: I posted this look on my Instagram and captioned it saying that I wore this dress to have more belly room! No, I’m not pregnant. I just wanted room to eat lots of chicken wings because I was meeting friends for wings after work that day! This dress is from the sale section at TOPSHOP. I know they currently launched a clearance sale, but this is from an old one. I don’t think it’s around anymore (unfortunately). It’s from their Petite section and I love it. You might recognize it from the Summer! It’s sleeveless so I like that it gives me versatility to wear it all-year-round! I mixed prints and added a printed blazer. It’s just this black and grey check-print blazer that has matching pants. I think since the blazer is in neutral colours, it really works! From there, I just added some necklaces and my thrifted cowboy boots, and that’s it!

Outfit #6: This final look was completely thrown together. I’m going to be open and honest about it. It was a long week and there’s a lot going on in the world that I just don’t care as much about what I’m wearing. I’m also going to be honest and say that this whole thing gives me a lot of anxiety. The fact that this pandemic has all these stores closing and having everyone stay at home so the virus doesn’t spread has me pretty worried. I’m trying to be positive but there’s a lot of uncertainty and I’m not a fan of uncertainty. Never in my life did I think we’d be dealing with a pandemic like this but I know that it’ll be okay in the end. It’s the direction that it could go in that scares me the most and I think this is why it is so important that if you can stay at home, you should stay at home. Let’s not make this worse! Think about your loved ones and their loved ones! You don’t want to put them at risk.

Now on to the outfit (sorry for the tangent)! I wore this black long sleeve with a quarter zip with a cute little bra top that I found buried in my closet. I’m really happy I found it because if you read my last blog post, bra tops are going to be huge during the Spring and Summer this year! I love the striped print on top of the long sleeve and to add some contrast, I added a pair of blue Straight jeans with two tones of blue denim for each pant leg! I stuck with black and white for my shoes and wore my Adidas sneakers. I added silver hoops to match the zipper and then a chain belt that I thrifted to add some more silver to the look! The final touches were adding my dumpling bag with my hair tied back in a Free People super scrunchie.

Okay! That’s it, that’s all! Like I said, I’m stuck in my apartment for the next two weeks so I don’t think I’ll have enough outfits to share with you (or maybe any at all?). We’ll have to wait maybe 3 weeks to have another one of these guys up and I’m sorry. If you have anything else you want to see from me, let me know! I have the time to work on it now (more than enough time lol)! Hope you’re all happy and well! Please stay safe and stay home!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

Tiny’s Trend Watch: Spring/Summer 2020 Trends

Okay first, what do we think of the title here? “Tiny’s Trend Watch”? Is it too corny? I just wanted to make it clear that these are the trends that I can’t wait to wear out of all the Spring/Summer 2020 trends that I read up on. There were some that I probably wouldn’t even try wearing because I either a.) can’t pull it off because I’m too tiny or b.) think it’s a weird one! Here are some of the trends that I want to wear (whether or not I’ll have access to all of these trends, idk)!

  1. Crochet dresses – I really appreciate the look of a crochet dress. I haven’t quite stumbled upon one that would fit me but I am most definitely going to jump on the opportunity as soon as it presents itself. This is something I hope to thrift because I know it’s not something that’s not going to stick around for very long. However, I still really, really want one! I like the challenge it will give me to style it for everyday and not for the beach. What do you guys think of the crochet dress? Is it a waste of time and money?
  1. Neon/fluorescents – I thought I’d be saying that I’m over the whole neon trend, but I think it’s been around long enough that maybe I’ll find something that’s more my taste? I’m kinda doubtful. I was never really into this trend to begin with. I’m just not attracted to it and I can’t really explain why. But I don’t mind the trend as much because it’ll definitely “highlight” (no pun intended ha-ha) my Dominican tan! If I find a neon piece I actually like, I’ll go for it.
  1. Shorts suit – When I saw the first bits of the shorts suit last year I was like, “This is never going to work for me because it’s only going to make me look shorter.” The fact is that I didn’t have a sewing machine back then and now I do! I think I can definitely make this trend work for me now and I’m very excited to put my sewing machine to work! I love the way the shorts suit looks. I am very happy that it’s going to be a more expected trend this year. I tried looking for more options last year but they were hard to find! I bet a lot more will trickle into stores this year. I like how this shorts suit is kind of playful but still put-together. I like that it will make a suit more wearable in the Summer. I also like that I’ll be able to mix the suit pieces with other staples in my wardrobe to make summer high-low outfits! All in all, I think this Summer-friendly suit is genius!!!
  1. Bra tops – Goodbye crop tops and hello bra tops! If you thought crop tops were pretty short, you should see these guys! It’s basically wearing your bra with high-waisted bottoms. That’s the trend. I’m sure there will be bras of all shapes and forms though. I’m hoping to find something super unique! Or maybe since it’s such a tiny garment, I could make one! I’m curious to know what you think of this trend. Is it kind of dumb? Do our tops need to get shorter? Or is it cool because now we can wear a lot more big statement pants? I don’t know how I feel but I know that this will be one of the easiest trends to try this season!
  1. Tiered skirts & dresses – I’m pretty excited about this trend, I’m not gonna lie! I like the saloon vibe. I like the volume that the tiers give you. By tiers, I guess you can also consider them as ruffles because ruffles are also going to be huge! It’s so feminine! What I’m going to love most about styling tiered/ruffled skirts and dresses is contrasting them with edgier pieces. I’m thinking Doc Martens and chains to contradict the feminine aspect of the dress or skirt. Or you can just go all out and be the girliest girl you could ever be! I love it! I think this is very playful and fun, and what girl doesn’t love to twirl in a tiered/ruffled dress?
  1. 60s wallpaper prints – I love the 60s. I love the wide floral prints and the common colour schemes of the 60s (greens, blues, mustard yellows, oranges, etc.). Also, who doesn’t like anything retro? I would definitely like to pick up a blouse in a 60s wallpaper print. Maybe even pants? Oh, and for sure a dress! That will be so cute in the Summer! The print is loud so I understand how it could scare some people, but I’m ready to embrace it with open arms. For those of you that want to try the trend but don’t want to commit to a full piece, try something smaller, like a headband or a scarf!
  1. Feathers – I’ve been scared to try this trend but I think I’m ready! The only reason I’m kind of hesitant to go ahead and wear some feathers is the delicate nature of it. I just feel like feathers are super delicate and really hard to take care of. They also tend to shed easily and because of this, I really don’t want to drop a lot of money on a feathery piece. If I am going to partake in this trend this year, I will most definitely thrift it. I like how playful it is. I like how feminine it is. Are we seeing a playful and feminine theme for Spring lol?
  1. Waistcoats/vests – I would have to say that this is the trend I am the absolute MOST EXCITED for. I think this is a super cool trend and totally me. Vests! Waistcoats! Whatever ya wanna call ’em! I think these are cool and I remember seeing Blake Lively wear one when she was Serena in Gossip Girl! I used to think the way she added a vest to her school uniform was so chic. I definitely want to recreate/be Serena van dear Woodsen. But also, you have to see these inspiration photos below! I honestly think I’m going to have to pick up more than one waistcoat this season!!!
  1. Polka dots – I already know that I love polka dots and that I love wearing polka dots. This is an easy trend for me to accept and adapt to because I’ve already been doing it! Is this considered cheating? Or am I just ahead of the game? I mean, I’m sure a lot of you have worn polka dots in your life time. Polka dots are a classic print! I’m gonna admit that I’m strictly a black and white polka dot girl. I think this print in black and white makes it more sophisticated and polished. I like it worn that way. There’s nothing wrong with a coloured polka dot dress or skirt or whatever, I just think it comes across a little juvenile (this is just my opinion!). I think this is one of the trends I’m going to have the most fun with because I know I’ll have so many options to choose from. I’m so excited!

There you have it! These are the trends I’ll be watching throughout this upcoming Spring/Summer season! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see where I find my pieces and how I style them! I will have a vlog where I go thrifting for pieces for Spring up on YouTube really soon! I can’t wait to share it! I’ll also have an IGTV video on my Instagram of what I found (a thrift haul)! Lots of stuff to share and I’m so excited! I’ll be sure to link them here once they’re up!

Vlog: https://youtu.be/inbB4Jlqljs

Hope you’re having a great day!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

Outfits Of The Week

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! I’m currently on my way to my home town to spend the day with my best friends! It’s super exciting but don’t you dare think I’m going to forget about my outfits from last week! (When will this be posted is probably the better question lol)

Outfit #1: This look was inspired by a look I saw online at Paris Fashion Week! I saw a lot of scarves as hair accessories this year! I actually wrote in my caption for this photo on Instagram that I didn’t know if I looked cute or if I looked like someone’s nonna lol. But I like the look! I might do it again! I will say that it’s kind of a high-maintenance look in terms of upkeep. I had to fix it way more than I wanted to at work that day. The silky material just slipped off my hair whenever I moved too quickly – it was annoying! For the rest of this look, I wore this white polo shirt that I got from Forever21 a lonnnng time ago. Forever21 stores have officially closed in Canada and that was even a while ago, so who knows when I got it! To pair with this shirt, I wore my favourite pair of grey check printed trousers from TOPSHOP’s Petite section. Of course, for shoes I wore my cowboy boots! I actually saw cowboy boots worn at Paris Fashion Week as well, guys!!! They’re FASHUN. And last but not least, I wore this cute little shoulder bag from Durumi (@thedurumi)! I actually wore this bag a lot this week. I love it so much!

Outfit #2: I think this was an early day and I didn’t even want to really think about putting together an outfit, so I wore a dress! It’s the easiest hack for those days where you just can’t bother. This dress is from Free People and I’m actually obsessed with the bottom ombré effect on it. With this dress, I mixed it up and wore my black cowboy boots instead of my brown ones! Whoa. Am I a little cowboy boot crazy? I also added this western belt to define my waist a bit more and threw on a denim jacket. Do you guys remember the bag I’m carrying? It’s NUNOO! I missed her! I can’t wait to bring her out for the Spring and Summer. I got this bag for my birthday from my boyfriend last year and I’ve been obsessed with the brand since! I actually have my eye on a few more bags from them (SHhhHh! I know I don’t need anymore bags!) because they recently started selling them in Canada at The Hudson’s Bay! This means trouble for my wallet but I’m super excited about it! You guys don’t even know. I’ve been saving all my money and I’m hoping to get more Nunoos real soon!

Outfit #3: Okay, don’t hate me. But I thrifted another blazer lol. This one fits different though! I’m obsessed with the shoulder pads and I love the length of it/where it hits. I don’t have anything like it and I think it’s a great addition for my collection (at least that’s going to be my excuse)! I wore this super cute cropped sweater from Free People that I love, and I’ve found that it goes with almost everything! I am so happy that I bought it. It was something I fell in love with on my first day working at Free People so it also has a bit of sentimental value. Do you guys associate memories with some of your clothing items? There are definitely some pieces in my closet that I don’t wear but won’t let go of because they have my favourite memories attached to them. Long story short: They just spark a heck of a lotta joy. For pants, I wore these jeans that I totally forgot about. They’re the “Editor” jeans from TOPSHOP and I’m afraid I don’t even know if they still carry them! On my feet I wore these boots that I had to take off after like 3 hours of working in them. It’s such a shame because they’re so cute!!! They’re the nude pair of booties that I bought from TOPSHOP last year with heels that look like a shiny hardwood floor? Do you guys remember them lol? I’m very sad that I can’t wear them to work but hopefully I can get more wear out of them somewhere else.

Outfit #4: This suit always puts me in a good mood. I feel so good wearing this suit and I think it shows because I got a few compliments when I wore it! This suit fits me perfectly and I got it from TOPSHOP at least a year ago from their Petite section (are you surprised?). Like a dress, a matching set or suit is so easy to wear. It’s effortless! I threw on a random band t-shirt that I picked up at Uncle Vintage (a vintage boutique on Bloor St. W) and added my sneakers I purchased from SSense. Then I added my Durumi bag for the third time last week and headed out the door! It’ll be your next favourite outfit, I promise! This is the only full suit that I own right now but I definitely want to keep an eye out for another from TOPSHOP. It’s unbelievable how well they fit!

Outfit #5: This outfit wasn’t planned. I kinda threw it together in a sleepy statembut I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out! Clearly, I seem to gravitate towards cowboy/grandma chic. It’s 100% grandma on the top portion of the outfit and western/cowboy on the bottom portion. Am I wrong? I don’t think so! Am I mad at it? No. Are you mad at it? I hope not! The sweater in the gorgeous mint colour that I’m wearing is from Durumi. It came as a set with a dress I wore in the Dominican Republic. Follow me on Instagram @tinyintoronto to see that look! Underneath the sweater I’m wearing a simple white button up shirt from Uniqlo. I think it’s 100% linen and very perfect for the upcoming seasons! For pants, I wore my gingham trousers from TOPSHOP. Now that I’m looking at this outfit a little more, I really am ready for Spring. Is it Spring yet? I’m over it being so cold! Today it was finally 10 degrees Fahrenheit so I’m thinking Spring is on it’s way, but I don’t want to jinx it! To finish this look, I wore my “The Heathers” scrunchie from my hair stylist, Olivia, at salon Twentyseven (@twentyseventoronto). She’s the owner of the salon and probably the best person to have do your hair. I’m actually going to plan an appointment with her real soon! Other finishing touches to this look were my thrifted brown cowboy boots and my dumpling bag from SHEIN!

There you have it! I’m finishing up this post at 11PM and I think that’s not bad for also having a fun filled day with my best friends! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! I’m sorry I couldn’t get this up sooner. You know I’ll be back next Sunday with another! ;))

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

February 2020 Favourites

Hey everyone! I can’t believe I’m sharing a new monthly favourites video and blog post with you guys already!!! February was such a fun and exciting month for me and I can’t wait to share with you what I loved most. Here are my February Favourites!

  1. Dominican Republic/my vacation – I don’t even know where to begin! This vacation was something I needed. I love the sun, it just makes me so much happier when the sun is out and I can feel it’s warmth. I can confidently say that the beach is my ultimate happy place. Take me there and I’m yours. It has to be my favourite place to be, ever. I don’t know what it is about it! I just feel so at peace when I’m near the water/ocean. Long story short, this vacation was perfect and everything I could have wanted! The beach, one of my bestest friends, and some good books, and I’m a happy woman.
  2. FP crossbody bag + FP sunglasses – Two of my most worn pieces while I was on vacation. Not only are they cute but they were super helpful. I used them all the time, like all day, every day. Both of them are from Free People and I snatched them just before my trip! The fanny pack? Crossbody bag? That woven bag in the photo was so handy to have on me. I could still be hands-free and have all my important things close by which is important when you’re travelling! These sunglasses have UV protection and I love how large they are. My face felt fully protected and I think they look so chic! I also could hide the fact that I literally wore zero makeup during the day and only put makeup on before dinner at night. They’re both definitely favourites that I am going to make sure that I wear throughout the Summer.
  3. Joe Fresh earrings (thank you, Brittany!) – Ever wondered what pair of hoop earrings would be your favourite pair of hoop earrings? Ever just wanted the perfect pair of gold hoops that you could wear with anything and everything ever single day?! Look no more! My friend Brittany found me the perfect pair from Joe Fresh. Apparently they’re really hard to find because everyone has picked up on the fact that they’re an affordable dupe for a lot of popular/trending gold hoop earrings right now. Brittany actually told me that they look exactly like a pair that Hailey Baldwin wears? What?! Not that I’m super crazy about her or anything but that’s pretty cool, right? Anyways, if knowing that Hailey Baldwin has a similar pair isn’t enough, I actually really do like these earrings. I love the size of them for my face. I love the weight of them (they’re SO LIGHT)! And I think they go with absolutely everything! I couldn’t get enough of them this month and I plan on wearing them all throughout March as well.
  4. Mejuri jewelry – If you haven’t watched my IGTV video where I unbox a package from Mejuri, you should stop and watch it now! If you have watched it, you know that I am obsessed with their jewelry and it’s not because they asked me to collaborate with them! I’ve collaborated with them twice now and I feel so lucky to have gotten two free pieces from them. I wear all of my Mejuri pieces every day. My relationship with the brand began when I just wanted a nice pendant necklace that I can wear around my neck all the time. I purchased their Sun Tarot necklace and instantly fell in love. I wear it absolutely ALL THE TIME. I posted it a lot on Instagram because I was so happy to have found the perfect necklace for me! I think Mejuri noticed this crazy woman talking about the same silly necklace all the time and decided to reach out, and that’s how it all began. If you want to know more about my Mejuri pieces, be sure to give my YouTube video a watch (all the details are in the video I’ve linked above)!
  5. Meet Cute/reading in general – This past month was a great month for reading for me. I finished 3 books!!! It was so rewarding and it was so nice to sit on a beach and just enjoy a good book, you know? I love reading (if you guys haven’t already figured that out), and I absolutely loved reading this book my best friend, Jericho, gave to me for Christmas. I thought it would be the perfect beach read on my trip to the Dominican Republic so I took it with me and finished it in two days! It was so, so, so good! It’s basically a collection of cute and romantic ways people have met. All the stories are unique and really heartwarming. I kind of wish each little story turned into an actual novel because by the end of each one I wanted to know more! I wanted to know what happened after that! Did they see each other again? Did they start dating? I love when books have you wanting more! Currently, because I had such a great month for reading, I’m already sitting at 8 books read in 2020. Last year I read 20 books. It’s only been 2 months and I’m already close to being halfway there!!!! My goal for the year is to read 30 books and at this rate I might surpass it! (But let’s not jinx anything.)
  6. New Expressie nail polishes – I saw a lot of advertisements for these nail polishes and so I felt inclined to try them. I am a big Essie fan. It’s the only brand of nail polish that I use! I got this nude colour called “crop top & roll” to wear on my nails during my vacation, and I’m going to say that I was pretty impressed by it! I came back and I even decided to reapply it/wear it again! Not only do I love the colour but the brush and application is just perfect. The brush is slightly tapered and is pretty big so it covers a lot of surface area. I like that because it basically covers my nail in one stroke! It’s so easy! It also applies really evenly. It also dries as fast as it claims! I just really like this line and I hope they come out with even more colours. I just recently got this green colour called “taxi hopping” and I’m absolutely obsessed with it too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a colour like this at the drug store. It’s so cute! The next colour I want to get is the purple called “get a mauve on” (omg and the names are so cute toooo).
  7. Locke and Key on Netflix – Shady and I watched the entire first season of this show during our trip and we were obsessed with it. I think one night we watched like, 5 or 6 episodes in a row? It was so addicting! You guys might find it kind of funny that we loved it so much because I think it’s catered to a younger audience but whatever! It was good! It was actually quite thrilling! The story is basically about the Locke family and the keys that are hidden in their family estate. Each key does this magical thing (which is super cool) and what they find out is that someone is after them. The person with all the keys is obviously the most powerful and scariest being so they don’t want the keys in the hands of the wrong person. These three siblings are then responsible of protecting the keys and making sure this bad person doesn’t get them all. Again, you guys know how bad I am at summarizing and retelling stories. I promise you that it’s more thrilling and exciting than I’m making it out to be. There’s a little bit of everything in it! There’s magic, suspense, some romantic bits, etc. It’s good! Just give it a shot and get back to me lol!
  8. Headbands – I won’t say too much about my headbands because I think I’ve talked about them a lot in previous blog posts, like in my “Outfits Of The Week”. Basically, my hair is a mess and needs to get cut. It’s been a while since I got my hair trimmed and therefore I’ve been gravitating towards all these headbands to make my hair look a little more presentable. I just need something to give it more life, you know? Headbands have been perfect for this so I’ve been rotating through a good assortment. I’ll admit that I have the urge to buy another one but I’ll just relax. What is your go-to when you’re having a bad hair day?
  9. Love Is Blind on Netflix – Oh boy. I don’t know where to begin with this one. I feel like everyone has come aboard the “Love Is Blind” train by now so you know how insane it is. I still don’t quite understand the concept. Like I get it but I also don’t. You get to know a person in “the pods” for a week or two. At the end of that period, you have to get a proposal or you’re outta there (it seems). Then you meet your fiancé and see their face for the first time before you go to an island and get to know each other physically. After a week there, you move into an apartment together and try real life as a couple in the “real world”. After another week or two, you’re then at the altar and have to decide whether you actually want to go through with this or you want to back out. Either way, does anyone really believe that all this can happen and be sustainable after a month? Am I being cynical here? Is love really blind lol? Anyways, I enjoyed the ride. It was mind-blowing. Some people on the show have me questioning humanity a little, but it was good! I recommend it! It’s oddly addicting.
  10. Fashion Month – February’s Fashion Month is one of my favourite times of the year. I love seeing all the shows but what I love the most is the street style! This year I saved so many great street style looks from every fashion week, in every city, and shared them with you! If you haven’t seen these looks, you have to go check them out! They’re are so inspiring and I’ve been using these looks as inspiration for my own outfits lately! I love how all this street style gives me a different perspective and gives me new ideas on how I wanna dress/express myself. I talk about Fashion Month a lot more (I pretty much ramble tbh) but I really do mean it when I say that this is a huge dream of mine. I would love to attend these shows more than anything.

That’s it for February 2020’s favourites! Thank you guys so much if you’ve read this entire thing or watched the entire video. It really means a lot to me.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and until next time!

– Tiny ❤

Fave Looks: PFW Street Style (Feb. 2020)

Alright, folks! It’s bittersweet but we’ve come to the end of Fashion Month. Like every year, the last destination of fashion shows is Paris and let me tell you, Paris did not disappoint! I will admit that I never really gave proper attention to the street style in Paris. It’s pretty unique in it’s own way! There isn’t really a way I can think to describe it so I’m just going to show you the photos now!

As you can see, Paris is kind of like a little mixture of everything? The street style is a combination of them all (at least I think so). I see the simple, sophisticated and monochromatic suiting that I saw in New York. I see the playfulness in the colours, prints, and textures that I saw in London and in Copenhagen. And I also see the art in some of the looks that I saw in Milan! It’s all art! But I think this was a great way to end the month of Fashion. All in all, Paris was just as inspiring as the rest of them!

Side note: The one thing I did notice a lot more of in Paris is the 60s/70s trend!

So there you have it, this concludes the series of street style looks that I loved from every fashion week during Fashion Month. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I’m actually pretty disappointed that there won’t be any new inspiration for me anymore. By “new inspiration” I mean, fresh and easily accessible street style inspiration lol. I could just Google any street style inspiration but nothing beats Fashion Month, you know?

These shows won’t be back until September but I’ll make sure to figure out some fun content until then!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

Outfits Of The Week

Sunday is upon us!!! I sound like a total nerd but I’m running out of ways to introduce these posts lol. It’s Sunday, so you guys know the drill. Another full week of outfits are here!!! This past week was fuelled by the inspiration that took over me when I researched Milan Fashion Week’s street style. If you haven’t read or at least seen the photos in my last blog post, go check them out! They’re worth it! I loved all the looks and I haven’t had the chance to take a look at the street style during Paris Fashion Week yet, but I’m ready to be even more inspired!

Here! Have a look at what I wore last week :))

Outfit #1: Kicked the week off with a “banger” if I do say so myself! I forgot about these beige high-waisted trousers. I think they’re such a great staple in my wardrobe. I can literally wear them with EVERYTHING. For this outfit I wore a printed blouse (I think it’s houndstooth? Or maybe just check print?) with my red animal print cropped denim jacket. Holy. That’s a lot of adjectives, but you can see what I’m trying to describe! It’s a lot. I don’t even know what animal it could be! Anyways, all the pieces that I’ve mentioned so far are from TOPSHOP. I tucked the trousers into my black cowboy boots from Eva B’s in Montréal. I really want to go back there and go thrifting again! It was so much fun and I loved their massive selection. Honestly, Eva B’s is HUGE, and also cheap! I highly recommend taking a look if you plan on visiting Montréal anytime soon. Even if you don’t like anything there, it’s a cute experience! To complete this look I added the pillow bag (I think that’s what I’m officially calling it!) from Durumi. I’ll spare you guys the gushing and the obsessing today. But if you know, you know lol.

Outfit #2: She’s wearing black?!! Those of you that know me know that I stay away from black because I think it’s quite boring and basic. I think black is what you wear when you don’t want to think about your outfit. I think my shift was 8:30AM-5:30PM and buddy, 6AM is too early for me to think about my outfit (I’m not a morning person). So yeah, I did it. I’m guilty. I wore a lot of black. I tried to make it different with my Durumi sweater vest though. And the pants I’m wearing, even though you can’t tell, are corduroy. I’m wearing black skinny corduroy pants and a black leather jacket. I think I mixed it up and made it a little more me with the different textures? Everything I’m wearing in this outfit is from TOPSHOP. I explained the boots in my last outfit and the bag is from SHEIN! As a side note and another reason why I don’t wear black, one of our regulars at Free People came in and told me that black made me look aged. She said I looked much older!!! I guess I’m never wearing black again.

Outfit #3: Another goodie. I know this also has a good chunk of animal print but it’s fine. I like animals. It was a wild week. It’s all fine. The skirt is from TOPSHOP. This moldy looking shirt/jacket is from Free People and I’m obsessed with it. If I could wear it every day, I would. We got my pillow bag here again and this time, a headband! I’ve been wearing a lot of headbands lately. You’ll hear a lot about them this week because *spoiler* they’re a monthly favourite! I’ve worn headbands so much within the last month because I am in desperate need for a haircut. I just can’t find the time to make an appointment/can’t fit it in my budget right now. For this outfit I swapped the boots for some black high top Converse sneakers and then added my go-to jewels: my “A” pendant necklace from Amazon and my paper clip chain necklace from Durumi (@thedurumi)! Oh, and these $10 gold hoop earrings from Joe Fresh! They’re such a good buy!!!

Outfit #4: You can’t keep me away from my cowboy boots. Am I ever going to find new boots? Probably not. My feet are small and it’s really hard to find cute boots in my size. My shoe collection is a lot smaller in comparison to the rest of my wardrobe and that’s just something I’ve learned to accept! No Carrie Bradshaw over here. Anyways, my friend described this outfit in a really funny way. She called it “a sexy Indiana Jones” and I totally get it. Not that I think I’m sexy in any way. I say stuff like, “Sunday is upon us!!!” Sexy? I think not. But the shirt (which is from Topshop) does scream “I’m going on a sick and crazy adventure/expedition”! Just like Mr. Indiana Jones! I bling’d it up with this chain belt I got from Topshop. The jeans are “Mom” jeans from the Petite section at Topshop about 3 year ago. The bag I chose was my coveted See by Chloe Mini Joan bag. She’s a cutie, isn’t she? I also wore ANOTHER headband. This one is from Free People and it’s yellow with this really cute floral print. I was attracted to it the moment I saw it and had to wear it right away (before even buying it) while I was working. If that’s not love, idk what is? Or maybe it’s stealing? Whatever lol.

Outfit #5: I love taking my boyfriend’s clothes. He claims that I take all his good stuff but I don’t think that’s the case. He was never going to wear this shirt any way! This shirt is from TOPMAN and it’s just this lightweight shortsleeved button down from last summer. I love the colours in it and I love the striped pattern. I wore it with this plain white long sleeve from Free People (I think we sell some pretty good basics at our store tbh), and these corduroy flared pants that I also purchased from the Petite section at TOPSHOP (this section changed my life). For some pizazz, I added this thrifted chain belt and my metallic platform hiking booties that I got on sale from TOPSHOP years ago. They gave me a bit of a Prada vibe so I scooped them for like, $50. For a bag, I wore my green shoulder bag from Durumi! I love this little guy. There are a lot of variations of this bag but I have not come across anything in this colour and I love that. Oh, and you can’t tell in this photo but I’m wearing yet another headband!

That’s everything that I wore last week! I was really inspired this past week and I hope you guys can tell. If you can’t, then that’s embarrassing. I hope that maybe these gave you a few ideas for your outfits? If you didn’t like any of these, don’t worry! I’ll be back next Sunday with another full week of fresh looks!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤