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  • Orange You Glad It’s Autumn?

    Orange You Glad It’s Autumn?

    I got a lot of comments on the colours of this outfit on Instagram, and then I realized myself that I do look rather autumnal. I’m not one to really embrace the end of summer. By now you guys should know that I am a summer baby/lover through and through. The end of summer is […]

  • La *trendy* Plouc

    La *trendy* Plouc

    Sorry to do it to you again, but I’m making another Emily in Paris reference with my title here ha-ha. I can’t help it! My roommate just started watching it so I’m kinda watching it again (for maybe the fifth time). No complaints here though! You know I’m totally obsessed. For those of you that […]

  • Dreaming of Me in Paree

    Dreaming of Me in Paree

    If you know me, you are well aware that I am obsessed with visiting Paris one day. I know it sounds tres cliché, but I don’t care. I’ve watched Emily In Paris on Netflix about four times now, and I just wish, and hope, and dream that maybe I could have that experience someday. Anyways, […]

  • This Is Everything.

    This Is Everything.

    I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything but *toot toot* THIS IS MY THIRD BLOG POST THIS WEEK! I’m on a roll y’all! I think it might just be because I am backlogged with outfit photos to share with you. I love sharing my outfits but I’ve been working on a lot […]

  • Thank You, Naïf!

    Thank You, Naïf!

    Hey y’all! I’m back with another outfit post to share. I don’t have very many shots with this one because I wore it for the first time while I was visiting my family for the weekend. I loved my outfit so much that I pulled my boyfriend aside to take some quick photos before we […]

  • Shedding Summer

    Shedding Summer

    One of the things that I struggle most with during the transition from summer to fall is the fact that I have to wear pants. I’ve been really great with buying comfy pants during quarantine so I think I’ll be okay, but I still dislike it nonetheless. Pants are so restricting! I also dislike socks. […]

  • Set For Fall (but not really)

    Set For Fall (but not really)

    I want to say that I’m ready for fall, but I’m absolutely not. With the way the weather is going, I feel like I’m really having no choice in the matter. I think I have to be ready for it whether I like it or not lol. It’s just getting so chilly! Like it’s 100% […]

  • Meet Me At Sunset Park

    Meet Me At Sunset Park

    I don’t know where Sunset Park is. If you know where it is, I’d love to know! What I do know is that this is the name of my new favourite cardigan! It’s the “Sunset Park Cardigan” from Free People. I am absolutely obsessed with the fit and the colours. I feel like this cardigan […]

  • I’m not dead!

    I’m not dead!

    Hey, it’s me. Yeah, I’m not dead! I didn’t fall off the face of the earth or anything like that. Life happened, but I feel much better and I’m ready to go back to doing things that make me happy. Like writing this blog!! :)) To those of you who are wondering why I haven’t […]