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  • Playin’ It Cool

    Playin’ It Cool

    Happy Monday! Trying my best to write a couple of blog posts today so I can be a little more consistent and have content to post while I’m at work this week. Speaking of work, I am TIRED. I can’t believe how much my body has changed since the pandemic started. I do not have […]

  • More is More is More

    More is More is More

    I’m back! Life has been so busy lately. Two weeks ago I was tied up with starting/launching my own business with my sister, and last week was my birthday week! I had a few plans with family and friends that lasted about 5 days so I didn’t have an opportunity to write a new blog […]

  • Gemini Season

    Gemini Season

    Hello everyone! I was absent all last week with the craziness of launching my own small business with my sister. We had such a great response and I think it was more than I could have hoped for. Launch day was a success! If you haven’t read my last few blog posts, this will be […]

  • Dungarees Vol. 4

    Dungarees Vol. 4

    Hey everyone! Remember a couple of blog posts ago when I told you my boyfriend and I shot two outfits in the same day during that gorgeous weekend a couple of weeks ago? Well, here’s one of them! I honestly can’t believe how fast the weather is changing. It just keeps getting warmer, and warmer. […]

  • On the Fringe of Summer

    On the Fringe of Summer

    Happy long weekend, everyone! What are you up to this weekend? I wanna know in the comment section below! I’ll be at home because Toronto is still under stay-at-home orders. I guess that means that I’ll live vicariously through your plans ha-ha. It’s okay though. I have a lot of beading to do! Today’s outfit […]

  • Once and Flor-al

    Once and Flor-al

    HOLY NICE WEATHER! This past weekend here in Toronto, we received the most beautiful weather that I have been impatiently waiting for. It was so sunny and warm, and I’m 110% ready for summer now. The weather has been great ever since! *knocks on wood* I really think we got rid of those rainy/gloomy weeks […]



    I can’t get enough!! I’m seeing granny squares everywhere and I’m loving it. I have multiple photos of pieces made out of granny squares saved in my phone and I just have to share them with y’all. I apologize in advance if this is not the content you signed up for. But I’m obsessed and […]

  • My Summer Shorts

    My Summer Shorts

    I feel like it’s way too early to be discussing my shorts for the summer since lately the weather has struggled to even feel like spring, but I bought these shorts in hopes to manifest some warmer weather. Hopefully this works! I tried them on at home, styled them, and just had to share them […]

  • Cowgirl In Toronto

    Cowgirl In Toronto

    Hello everyone! I took a much needed break from social media this weekend, and I feel great! I understand the need for a break for sure, but I never had the courage to take one (even if it’s just for a weekend). I don’t know exactly why. Maybe I’m worried that everyone will realize that […]

  • Little Woman by Little Lake

    Little Woman by Little Lake

    Although I love being in the city and can’t imagine myself permanently living in a small town again, it’s always nice to go home. I’m from a small town and visit my family whenever there’s a birthday or a holiday. We went to my sister’s to have an Easter dinner together (she has started a […]