Bandana Girl Summer

I don’t even know where to begin to update you guys! First, I was out of internet for about a week because something happened and we had made an appointment to get it fixed, but then they never showed up. We waited about 5 days for internet and when they never showed up, we decided to change internet providers lol. Then it took another few days to get them to come and install all their internet stuff, so it was quite a process and I couldn’t really post anything unless I wanted to use my cellular data! I did post some Instagram stories but for the most part, I couldn’t really do anything. I did get a lot of crocheting done though! I’m currently in the country/county to help my sister with a few things. She’s having a baby shower soon (that I’ve been designated to organize!) so I’m up here for a couple of days to figure that out. It’s nice to be out here in the middle of nowhere. I’ve got some down time to catch up on my blog and Instagram. I might read in her big back yard (I was told there’s a hammock somewhere). My sister also has two dogs and they’re the cutest and most affectionate little boys ever. I don’t know if I’ve said this in a previous blog post before but I REALLY WANT A DOG. I think I would be such a good dog mum! I hope to maybe be in the right place to get a dog within the next couple of years? My fingers are crossed. I would honestly adopt any dog. I just want to make sure that I’ll be able to give it the best life!

Anyways, today I have another outfit post! These photos were taken a little while ago (like, pre-internet fiasco) but I want to share them anyway! I love sharing my outfits. I feel like my blog is not only my blog but also a diary of all of my past outfits that I can look back on and say, “OMG. What was I thinking?!” Will this outfit be one of them? Probably! Who remembers in the early 2000s when bandanas were EVERYWHERE? I had so many headbands that had a piece of fabric attached to them to make them look like a full-on bandana. It was such a lazy way to wear the trend but it was also like, a genius idea. (I’d actually kill to still have one today tbh.)

Seeing that this trend was having a comeback made me so excited! It’s nostalgic for me and I was beyond happy that Free People carried some really cute ones! I work at Free People (most of you probably already know this) and was able to get a discount on them! I got this cream one with blue flowers that I’m wearing in these photos. And I also got this black one with some white/pink-y flowers? I can’t remember the black one exactly but I’m equally obsessed with the both of them. I find that this cream one is more summer-y and easy to wear right now. I’ll probably be wearing the black one more towards the fall season.

For the rest of the outfit, I wore one of the only pairs of jeans that fit me right now. I know I’ve shared with you that I’ve put on some quarantine pounds and I’m working to fit back into all of my old jeans, but for now this is it. They’re from TOPSHOP and I’m not sure if they still carry this style of jeans but they’re their “Crop” jean, and I love the wide leg/baggy-ness of them! The ruffled top that I’m wearing is kind of crocheted and very on trend for this season. I got it from a thrift store for $7! I love it! The sweater/jacket is called the Ruby jacket from Free People. It’s so easy to throw on on top of everything. It’s one of my go-tos. The colour of it is my favourite. It’s like a green/grey colour and surprisingly compliments almost everything in my wardrobe. For shoes, I wore my trusty Birkenstocks. I think these are my most worn shoe of the summer. They’re so comfortable and go with absolutely everything. I can also work a full shift in them and not have my feet hurt, so they’re perfect! The bag I’m wearing is a new favourite from my favourite handbag brand: Nunoo. This is the “Saki” style. I think I’ve talked about it before but if I haven’t, you’re going to hear more about her in my August Favourites video + blog post! Stay tuned for that!

Before I sign off, I want to apologize for my absence. I think I’m probably more upset than you guys that I haven’t been able to be consistent. But life happens and at least I am able to get back on track now! I have so many videos that I’ve recorded that just need to be edited. I’m also a little backed up in outfit photos (which is never a bad thing!) so I have tons to share with you guys! I’ve also lost a lot of hours at work so I’m going to be home a lot more often (again). It’s nice but I also need money, you know? Like I said, life happens. You just have to make the best of it!

Hope you’re all doing well and making the best of it, too!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

I know everything about the NY Yankees.

Just kidding! I know absolutely nothing. I just know that they play baseball (?)… is that even enough? What kind of justification do you need in order to wear their team’s logo on a baseball cap? I got this hat for Christmas from my brother years ago, and I just love the look of it! It’s perfect to wear on those days where I can’t be bothered to do anything with my hair. I also love New York. I’ve only been to the city once but I have been saying that I want to go back for years.

Now I’ll tell ya a sport I do care about (sorry baseball fans), and that’s basketball! Do any of you watch basketball? My boyfriend is obsessed and it’s rubbing off on me. I obviously am a huge Raptors fan (I named one of my plants Kyle lol). But I love the Trail Blazers and the Jazz as well. I have crushes on a few players that I won’t get into because it’s a bit embarrassing but overall, basketball is great! I really enjoy watching it. Whenever my boyfriend is over, basketball tends to be the only thing we watch. I mean, it does get annoying sometimes when none of my teams are playing and I’m really in the mood for a chick-flick, but basketball can be really entertaining most of the time. Fun fact: I played in a basketball league in high school. It was called the “Little NBA” and I was a “Buck” lol.

Anyways, the reason I wore this baseball cap (is it a hat or a cap?) is because I wanted a casual outfit (also/full disclosure: I didn’t have time to fully dry my hair). We were on our way to catch the train to surprise my best friend, Emily, for her birthday! Our plan was to surprise her at Denny’s. She loves Denny’s and our friend group seems to go to Denny’s together a lot so it seemed like the perfect spot. Now I know Denny’s isn’t the fanciest of restaurants so, like I said, I wanted to keep it “casual”. I wore this knitted sweater vest that I picked up recently from work (Free People). I’ve been loving a lot of our stuff lately, or maybe I just missed being away from the store for 5 months ha-ha. I added a midi skirt that I got a few years ago from TOPSHOP. It’s made of some other kind of sweater material but it’s stretchy and super comfy (it gives me a lot of belly room lol). I wore my Nunoo bag that I’ve named Frankie because I love her (full post on her coming soon!!!). And for shoes, I wore my New Balance sneakers that my boyfriend got me for Christmas. I forgot that I had them! I think they really tied the whole comfy-and-casual-but-still-cute look.

Man, it’s mid-August already. I can’t believe that summer is almost over. I know that I’ve probably said something like this in a previous post. But despite everything going on in the world, I really appreciated the time to slow down and enjoy being outside this year. It’s definitely not the way I would have liked it to happen (I would have liked to see my friends and family), but I also treasured the time to go to a park and read because before, when I worked full-time, I would be too tired or would have plans to do something else! I’m just saying that despite the situation, there are a ton of things I am still grateful for.

I hope you’re all enjoying what we have left of summer here in Toronto. Maybe you live somewhere where it’s always hot and sunny and therefore, I’m super jealous ha-ha! I just hope you’re all happy and safe!

Have a great rest of your week!

– Tiny ❤

Picnic with Ari <33

No, I did not go on a picnic with Ariana Grande. Would I do anything to go on a picnic with Ariana Grande? HECK. YES.

The reason behind this title is simply because gingham reminds me of a picnic, and Ariana’s face is upside down on my t-shirt. I would much rather a picnic with Ari though :((

What I’ve realized after putting together this outfit is that I haven’t touched a lot of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe in a really long time. These gingham trousers and this graphic t-shirt are some of my favourite pieces that I’ve had for a while. I haven’t really worn anything in my closet since quarantine. Since I’ve gained some weight (and it’s also been super hot here in Toronto), I’ve only been wearing dresses. I’ve been ordering a lot of dresses online to keep things fresh and exciting (and because I got rid of a lot of dresses during the winter). It was nice to wear pants and a shirt for once! I won’t lie to you, the pants are snug but I’m working on fitting into everything again!

I know that it’s probably common to have gained weight during quarantine. I was at home since March and I only started working again at the beginning of this month. When you’re not running around like you normally do, it’s easy to gain a couple pounds. I’m hoping that being back at work, changing my diet, and doing some sort of daily exercise will put me back in the shape I was once in. How are you guys dealing with the extra quarantine pounds? Did you even gain weight, or is it just me lol?

So for this outfit, as I mentioned, I wore gingham pants and an Ariana Grande graphic t-shirt. The pants are from TOPSHOP’s Petite section and I got the graphic t-shirt from TOPMAN! Yes, I purchased it from the men’s section. You should check it out! You never know what you’ll find! For shoes, I’m wearing my favourite comfy slip-ons: CROCS. Are they making a comeback? I freaking hope so! Whether they are or not, I’m still going to sport them because they are so comfortable. I’ve been wearing them at work and it’s been so nice. Being in retail, I’m on my feet all day and when I don’t have to worry about them hurting by the end of my shift, I’m super happy. I highly recommend looking into getting a pair. They have some really cool tie-dyed Crocs for sale at Urban Outfitters that I wish came in kid’s sizes.

For accessories, (I can’t believe I’m saying this BUT IT WAS ON SALE) I wore a *new* Nunoo! You all know my obsession with these bags. This one was on sale at and I just had to have it. It was in my “saved for later” section on their website and when I saw that it got heavily discounted/marked down, I immediately had to buy it. I love this shade of blue a lot. Her name is Pearl because my boyfriend says she looks like a clam. I love her. The other accessories that I wore are a bunch of bracelets that I made, my @thedurumi necklaces, my Free People super scrunchie in a taupe or purple shade, and these sunglasses that I got on sale at TOPSHOP!

T-shirt – TOPMAN

Trousers – TOPSHOP Petite

Shoes – CROCS (kids)


Necklaces – DURUMI

Sunglasses – TOPSHOP

That’s it, that’s all! Another outfit post that I hope you guys enjoyed reading. If you have anything you want to see from me, either on my blog or YouTube or Instagram, please let me know! I’m always open to suggestions. I’m actually trying to get back into writing book reviews, so hopefully I’ll have one of those up for you soon!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

Country Mouse/City Mouse

Hello again! Coming back to work and adjusting to having a job again has been tough. There are just not enough hours in a day and tbh, your girl is finding it kinda hard to find any energy! I think it’s because I’ve been lying around since March and so getting back into all the hustle and bustle that my life was before is just a lot to take in. I don’t know how I did it! Not only that, but there are so many new things I’ve had to learn because of our “new normal”. It’s so unreal. There a lot of new cleaning procedures because we have to sanitize everything constantly! I’m really curious as to when we’re going to feel like things are completely back to the way they were. Like, what if they don’t? I guess time will only tell and we have to take it day by day.

One thing I know for sure is that I can’t wait (and I’m a little shocked by it) to going back to Grafton, Ontario! I went and stayed at this little inn in Grafton with my boyfriend when we visited my sister two weeks ago, and I think it was something I wanna do again! It was so cute and my boyfriend grew up in the city so he loved it. I grew up in the country so I’m used to what he saw while we were there, but I love seeing him excited about it. I was definitely born a country mouse and turned into a city mouse, and I think he’s going to become the opposite lol. It’s kind of funny how that works! Maybe one day I’ll move back to the country (probably when I’m ready to settle down) but we’re both happy where we are. The country does have some things I didn’t realize I missed though:

1. The stars – You see a million more stars in the country than you see in the city and I’m sad that I never appreciated them growing up. I think they’re really pretty and romantic. I wish they were more visible from where I live.

2. The quiet – In a sense, the quietness that you find in the country can come across a little eerie. It kind of feels like a horror film sometimes but if you really listen, you can hear all the beautiful sounds of nature (alright, who am I?).

3. The antique stores – SO MANY GREAT FINDS. I’m telling ya, I feel like you can’t find antiques or thrifted pieces as good as the ones you’ll find in the country. It’s strange but I love it. There’s just much more variety! Or I think things aren’t as heavily picked through or something.

The outfit I wore for a day in Grafton was not exactly something to be worn in Grafton. It was a little over the top for Grafton lol. I didn’t really have anywhere to be but I just had to be extra. To be completely transparent, after these photos, my boyfriend said I should probably change into my Crocs. So I did. What do you think of this dress though?! I originally bought it with the intention of wearing it to my sister’s gender reveal party, but then I was told I had to wear neutrals because the rest of the family was since they hired a photographer. Kinda sucked that I couldn’t let this dress get the attention she deserves but I wore it the next day and managed to get some photos of it for you guys. SoI guess it worked out! This little orange number (or is it red?) is from the Petite section at TOPSHOP. It’s honestly the only place where I feel confident purchasing clothes online. I worked there and I know my size. Their Petite section is just perfect for me! For shoes, I wore my cute new boots. They’re these western colour blocked boots that I adore. Again, they were more city than country (despite their design being country/western inspired lol) so I’m definitely wearing this outfit now that I’m back in the city. The accessories that I wore were one of my favourite pairs of sunglasses that I picked up from Free People and my Mejuri earrings.

I want to hear from you guys! Are you city people, or country people? Would you also say you’re a mix of both? Leave your answer in the comment section below!

Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend!

– Tiny ❤

Where the watermelons grow…

Welcome back! I have another cute little outfit post to share with you guys today! As I am writing this, I think it’s only fair for you to know that I am taking small breaks to scratch the crazy amount of mosquito bites that I got last weekend. The majority of my family lives in a small town in the country and I try to visit them as often as I can. Last weekend, my sister was hosting a gender reveal party at her new home so my boyfriend and I came up for the weekend to attend, and also to just spend some time with them. It was a lot of fun (despite getting eaten alive) and I’ll wait and let you know the gender of my sister’s baby in the vlog that I hope will be ready to upload soon!

For the outfit that I’m wearing, I chose another prairie-looking dress. I thought it was super fitting for where we shot these photos. My sister lives pretty close to the middle of nowhere (so kinda out in the prairie lol?) so we shot these photos in her driveway/yard. Honestly, there is so much greenery out there and I love it. You don’t realize how much you miss it until you’re no longer surrounded by it, don’t you think?

Side note: Do you guys know the song that I’m referring to in the title? All I know is that it goes like this: “Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, back to my home, I dare not go…” My dad would sing this in the car all the time! It’s such a cute memory of him. (I thought that the colours of this outfit reminded me of a watermelon!)

Anyway, as I was saying, I love this dress. I thought it was perfect to wear out in the country. I thought my Crocs were perfect for this look as well. I remember growing up in my small town and seeing so many people wearing Crocs. I hated them. Maybe this is a sign of my old age? I can’t get enough of them now! The Crocs I ordered are from the Juniors section (they were cheaper lol). They’re pink and fabulous, and I wanna wear them every day. I’ve also realized that they’re such an easy shoe to slip on when you’re about to go run some errands. I’m forever wearing these to the grocery store, ya’ll!

The rest of this outfit is purely accessories. I think that’s what I love most about wearing a dress. You just have to pick your shoes, bag, and jewelry, and you’re good to go! The bag that I wore is the Nunoo bag that my boyfriend got me for my birthday last month. To say that I am obsessed with this new Nunoo is an understatement. I also wore my claw hair clip from Amazon because when it’s humid, I can’t even be bothered to keep my hair down. I also wore one of my favourite pairs of sunglasses. These pink ones are from Free People. They’re so retro and I love them. For jewelry, I wore some friendship bracelets, my gold/bold chain necklace from Durumi (@thedurumi), my Mejuri (@mejuri) earrings and rings, and that’s about it!

This is such an easy outfit and I think it looks so cool. I’m pretty into this kind of look right now and as a bonus, it doesn’t take much effort!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Again, there’s a vlog coming that I’m really excited to share with you all. (If you haven’t already, subscribe to my YouTube channel!) Stay tuned and stay safe!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

All you need is love and tie-dye.

Hey everyone! Can you believe how fast the summer is going? It’s making me so sad to see it go! I’ve really been wanting to make the best of it so I’m trying to do and wear all the things that I love about summer before it ends. One thing that I absolutely LOVE wearing during the summer is tie-dye. It’s so fun, colourful, and it just gives me this overall feeling of happiness.

That brings us to today’s post! Today I’m going to be sharing with you another outfit but I’m wearing one of my favourite summer staples: tie-dye! This top that I’m wearing is one of my favourites. Although I’ve made so many of my own tie-dye shirts, this one is from TOPSHOP. I got it a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it. It’s a really nice fit and I love the colours of it. There was a pink and purple version that I normally would have been more drawn to, but I love this one more!

For the rest of the outfit, I’m wearing these really comfortable pants that FIT ME. They’re from… do you wanna guess it lol? The PETITE section at TOPSHOP! I love that I can order pants and not have to worry about getting them hemmed or taken in at the waste, you know? It’s so nice. I also wore my trusty black high-top Converse in a Junior’s size 2 lol. I’ve had these for longer than I can remember and they will forever be one of my go-to’s!

The accessories that I wore are this claw clip that I bought off Amazon when I realized my hair is getting out of control, a black nylon shoulder bag from TOPSHOP, and one of my favourite pairs of sunglasses, this gold-rimmed pair from TOPMAN. These pieces have become like staples for me and I love how universal they are. They go with every outfit.

Last but not least, the jewelry pieces I picked to wear with this outfit are just my everyday Mejuri pieces, and a fun pair of earrings. The earrings are an old pair that I got on sale when I worked at TOPSHOP. I love earrings that are longer and dangly. I don’t wear enough earrings like these.

That’s it! Another outfit for the books! It’s weird to think about how long ago I was doing “What I Wore This Week” posts. I’ll be going back to work next month but I’m not sure how the situation will be and if I’ll be able to go back to having “outfits of the week”. Only time will tell!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

Coin Laundry

Good morning!! I’m back with another outfit post! Hurrah! Here’s a funny story: We had a HECK OF A LOT of laundry to do during this past week (and you really don’t want me to get further into it.. *bed bugs from the apartment upstairs* HA), so I decided to get my roommate to take some pictures while we were waiting for everything to finish at the laundromat. Where were these photos taken? Yeah, they’re from directly behind the laundromat. Very classy lol.

Guyyyyss. This is what my Summer has come to. Pictures at a laundromat because I work so much and my days off are here and there. Summer is almost over! We have A MONTH left, and I feel so sad that I haven’t really had any peak moments/highlights to Summer 2017. How about you guys? Have you also found that Summer this year hasn’t been the greatest, fun-wise and weather-wise? If you’re having the best Summer of your life, that’s awesome! Have some fun for me ha-ha! But seriously, I hope this next month is a whole lot better!

I do have Wayhome Music and Art Festival to look forward to! This weekend I’ll be going to Wayhome with Topshop Topman! I am so excited because I’ve never been before, and I’m basically going FOR FREE. This will definitely be a highlight. We’ll be camping the entire weekend and there’ll be so much going on. I’ll be working for a bit of it but I get to do whatever I want for the rest of it! One of my goals while I’m there, besides having the best experience, is to vlog EVERYTHING. Well not everything, everything. I just want to share a good experience with you guys! Does that sound like a good idea? If anything, there will definitely be pictures to share and of course, a blog post.


Dress – Topshop | Bag – Kensington Market | Sandals – Birkenstock

I hope you’re all having a fabulous week so far! If you haven’t seen my first YouTube video/vlog, check it out in my previous post!

Until next time,

  • A ❤

OOTD: Layering Game

Hey everyone! I’m very, very, very happy that I finally have some of my own photos to share this time!! I have an outfit of the day, can you believe it?! I can’t even remember the last time I was able to get some decent outfit pictures. Actually.. it was probably the last time my friend Keni (Instagram: @kenifromtheblock) took pictures of me ha-ha. This outfit was based on layering, and mixing casual pieces with a piece that would be considered more formal. This printed drape-y vest was something I got on sale at Topshop last year and I always considered it as kind of a more dressier piece. To layer and make this vest look more casual, I added jeans, a distressed t-shirt, sneakers, and a leather jacket! I like how it turned out, and I’m glad I opted for green as a pop of colour. Normally, I would have been safe and gone with a neutral-coloured t-shirt BUT NOT THIS TIME ;D I know it’s not anything crazy. This is only a bit of an example of how I have been evolving in terms of style and taste. I can’t wait to show you guys more!


All Clothes – Topshop | Converse Sneakers – Softmoc | Earrings – American Eagle (Old)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. You guys have no idea how much I like to share my outfits and I’m gonna try my best to do it more. I’m currently thinking about doing an “Outfits of The Week” post. What do you guys think of that idea? Let me know in the comment section below!!

Until next time!

  • Tiny ❤

DIY Frayed-Hem Jeans

I’m here with something new and exciting! Like I’ve said in my previous post, I’ve been really motivated and determined lately. That means that I’m also motivated and determined to blog more and come up with some different content! In today’s post, I’m going to share with you a little do-it-yourself project that I did the other day. I DIY’d my own pair of frayed-hem jeans!

I got this sick pair of gray straight-leg jeans from work for $10. That’s right TEN DOLLARS. When I bought them they were waaay too long for me, but they fit perfectly around my waist! For $10, I racked my brain for an idea on how I could make them work. I mean, I could have got them hemmed for another $10 but who wants to do that?! Lol, not me!! I decided to hem them myself, and even better, I decided I wanted a FRAYED hem. We sell them at Topshop for almost $100. I love them and wanted them until I realized I could probably make them myself!! So I did and now here we are. Not only am I going to show you how they turned out, but I’m going to show you how I made them in case you guys want to try doing this yourselves! Here we go!

Things you’ll need:


  1. Jeans – you could use an old pair, or even thrift a pair!
  2. Scissors (preferably fabric scissors, but I lost mine..)
  3. Tweezers
  4. Pencil or Chalk
  5. Measuring Tape


Step One:


Lay out your jeans and measure them to your desired length. Then draw a line for yourself to follow while you cut! Keep in mind that you’re going to need an inch or so for the frayed part. Side note: It looks like I cut off three inches from the bottom of my jeans.. I ended up cutting an extra inch. #shortgirlproblems Also, you don’t NEED to measure it out, draw a line, etc. If you’re comfortable eye-balling it, by all means go for it!! It’ll probably look more natural if you do it that way. I’m just a neat freak.

Step Two:


If you’ve measured where you want to cut them, cut away! If you’re eye-balling it, cut away! *TIP: Try the jeans on after! See where they sit! If you want them shorter, measure it out and cut some more!

Step Three:


Take your measuring tape again and measure from the bottom of your jeans to where you’d like your fraying/fringe to start. I measured one and a quarter inch. Draw another line across then instead of cutting across, cut up towards that line and make even little strips. BE CAREFUL NOT TO DESTROY A SIDE SEAM. That may cause you problems in the future!

Step Four:


Take a good and close look at one of those little strips. You’ll notice that there are threads going vertically and horizontally. This is how we’re going to make it fray. Loosen up the threads a bit with your fingers. Then take your tweezers and start to pull away all the horizontal/white threads until you each the end of the strip. We don’t want those guys! Do this to every strip all the way around the leg.

This is what it should look like once you’ve done a few strips:


And once you’ve finished all the strips on BOTH legs, this is what they’ll look like!! 🙂


I’m so happy with how these turned out. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I had a lot of fun putting this together. If you’d like more DIYs, let me know in the comment section below!

Happy Tuesday!

  • Tiny ❤


Embroidered Jeans

Hey guysss! It’s nice to be back. I just bought a new laptop yesterday and felt super motivated to get a blog post together. So here it is! (Also, HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING!)

These photos that I’m about to share were taken a month or so ago. It’s already starting to feel like Fall, so it makes me a little sad to look at them now. (I miss Summer!!)

But I’m also ready for all the cozy sweaters Fall brings. I’m already starting to layer up and wear my heavier jackets – it’s crazy how fast the seasons are changing! Sooner than we know it, Winter will be here… ugh.

Anyways, I’m back in my hometown with a new laptop and some free time, so I thought I’d share these photos that I have been wanting to post for a while now. My tablet that I normally used for blogging decided to stop working on me. The touchscreen died and the keyboard would pick and choose when it would want to respond to my typing. It was quite annoying. All of that is over now (thank goodness), so I’ll get on with these photos! (Jsyk they were taken by Deniz again! <333) They were taken downtown Toronto at Honest Ed’s. It’s a discount store that was opened in 1948 and is unfortunately, going to be closed down sometime in the near future. It’s sad that such a historic building is no longer going to be around. It’s definitely more of a tourist-y kind of place but it’s still something I think most people in Toronto have experienced. If not, maybe they should! Here’s a quick glimpse of a center alley of the building (it’s riveting stuff lol).


Top – Topshop | Jeans – Topshop | Belt – Topshop | Sneakers – Converse | Earrings – Adornmonde

Those are the pictures – I hope you like them! I know it hasn’t been unreasonably long since my tablet died, but I feel a little rusty atm. Is it just me? Anyways, glad to be back (again). I hope my fellow Canadians are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am definitely thankful to have you guys who think my blog is worth reading. I appreciate it a lot :))

(Happy 9th Birthday to my little sister, Anikah xx)

Until next time,

  • A ❤