Crochet Headscarf or Headless Chicken?

Hey everyone! Just want to take a second to welcome all the new followers on here. I really appreciate you and it makes me so happy that you enjoy reading what I have to say (even though it’s mostly nonsense lol). One of the things I love to do is to write. Whether I’m good at it or not is another story. This is just a creative outlet for me and I’m super grateful you guys enjoy what I’m sharing, so thank you.

Now can we talk about this photo?

Please tell me you see what I see, because I know it’s a crochet headscarf but these colours and the way it’s laying there… I also see a headless chicken LOL.

I love these little crochet projects that I’ve been doing lately. I’ve made a neck warmer, a headscarf and just recently, my second bucket hat! These smaller projects can be completed in a day and are as easily rewarding. Since I’m back at work full-time now, I don’t have free time like I used to. So starting a bigger project just doesn’t seem as exciting at this point. It’ll take me way too long to complete. I only get two days off a week and I have a ton of other hobbies that I have to keep up with as well (like this blog)! I mean, now that I’m thinking about it, I have our new podcast, my Instagram, this blog, reading/book club, crocheting, knitting, and jewelry-making that I want to accomplish on my days off. As well as spending time with my boyfriend and catching up with friends and family! It’s a whole lot. If we want to go even further, I also have to get groceries, clean the apartment and do laundry. There just isn’t enough time in a day! I seriously don’t know how I did all of this before the pandemic.

Anyways, we’re all just trying to do our best, right? It’s been tough and we have to go easy on ourselves. I wish I wasn’t so good at putting unnecessary pressure on myself, but I’m working on it!

So crochet headscarf or headless chicken?

It would be funny if these next few photos were of me with a headless chicken on my head. But lucky for me, they’re not! I honestly LOVE the headscarf trend for this upcoming season. I ordered another one off of Etsy that I can’t wait to share with y’all. It’s in that muted green colour that everyone’s wearing? Kinda minty? I love green SO MUCH right now. And you can probably tell just from the colour of the sweater I’m wearing! I thrifted this Chap’s sweater a couple of years ago. This year-long pandemic has made me lose all sense of time. Everything feels like forever ago. I just remember thrifting it and I know for certain that I haven’t gone thrifting in the longest time.

With this sweater, I just wore a pair of jeans. I honestly can’t remember what pair I wore. It has to be one of the two pairs that fit me right now lol. They have to be either my wide-legs from Topshop or my Levi “Balloon” jeans. The jewellery pieces are from Amazon, En Route Jewelry, and Mejuri. And I think that’s it for this look!

HEADSCARF – by yours truly

SWEATER – Thrifted

JEANS – Topshop or Levis (sorry lol)


EARRINGS – En Route Jewelry

If I haven’t mentioned this on my blog already, the beaded phone strap is also by me! Super easy and super fun! If you have lots of beads lying around the house, you should make one!

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I appreciate it a lot.

I hope you’re all safe and well! Xx

– Tiny ❤

Spring is here!!!

I think by now those of you that read my blog know that I’m a fan of colour. I wear bold colours and prints all year long but somehow in spring it hits a little different. Maybe it’s because the sun is out more often? Maybe it’s because it seems more acceptable in the spring (not that I really care)?

I’m crazy excited to start wearing the brightest colours in my wardrobe, and I decided to kick things off with this outfit that I’m sharing with you today. I think I picked almost every colour of the rainbow for this one lol. I’ve probably mentioned this bag that I’m wearing in one of my previous posts but it’s a recent addition to my collection and it just *screams* spring. It’s from a vintage store in Montréal called “Singulier MTL” or @singuliermtl on Instagram. I’ve tried to wear it with more winter-y pieces and it just doesn’t work. I love the bag and I love it even more now for making me pull out all my brighter colours. Goodbye, winter clothes! You’re going to the back of my closet!

For this look I wore these pants that I got last year that I absolutely love. They’re from Topshop Petite because that’s basically where I get all of my pants. I love this cream/beige colour because it completely lightens up the outfit. On top, I wore this t-shirt that I’ve had from Topshop for the longest time. It’s purple and has this cool outline of a woman’s face. I dig it a lot. I think I’ve gotten so much wear out of it. I remember taking it with me to the Philippines, and that was like three years ago. As a layering piece, I added this blue cardigan from Free People. My favourite colour is blue, as we all found out it one of my previous posts, so I just couldn’t say no to this sweater when I saw it. It’s a BEAUTIFUL shade of blue! I really don’t think these photos even do it justice.

The shoes and accessories that I chose for this outfit are the bag that I’ve already mentioned, a fuzzy bucket hat from Durumi, and my checkered slip-on Vans. I also layered a couple of pearl necklaces because if you can’t tell, I’m IN LOVE with pearl accessories right now. I have no idea why I love pearls so much. I feel like it’s always been this way, even as a child. I think it’s just come out in full force now that I’m older. Pearls go with everything (at least I think so). They’re neutral and dress up any boring ol’ outfit. I just feel like you can’t go wrong with them!

HAT – Durumi

CARDIGAN – Free People

T-SHIRT – Topshop

PANTS – Topshop Petite


BAG – Singulier MTL

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful. Sunshine on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday and the temperatures were 10-12 degrees! I am so excited for it to just keep getting warmer. I love the sun and I love the warmth. My Filipino side just THRIVES in the spring/summer and I can’t wait. You guys don’t even know lol.

I hope you had a chance to enjoy the weather wherever you are. Hopefully it’s as nice as it was here, if not nicer!

Have a great rest of your week!

– Tiny ❤

Baby, Baby, Baby doll

Are we sick of me talking about the weather? I’ve been cooped up in lockdown for so long that I feel like that’s all there is to talk about at this point lol. Toronto is gradually reopening and whether it’s a good idea or not, I don’t even know. They’re talking about a third wave of the virus which means we might even go back into lockdown one more time until everyone is vaccinated, which sounds a little crazy to me. Should we really be reopening then? But then there’s economy stuff and like, what the heck do I know? I’m no expert.

Anyways, if you’re sick of me talking about the weather, I apologize. But either than reading, working, crocheting/knitting, and watching Netflix, I’m not really doing anything worth sharing these days. The only thing keeping me going is knowing that there are warmer days ahead. I’m dreaming of the summer days I spent at the park on a blanket, just soaking up all the sun, reading and relaxing. This outfit that I’m sharing with you is basically just a dress I got in the winter that I’m so excited to wear without tights! It’s this denim babydoll dress from Topshop Petite, and I can’t wait to live in it all season. There are so many ways to style it! It might get too hot in the summer but in the spring, the possibilities are endless!

The way I styled it here is with some cute socks and my loafers. My loafers from Zara were also a winter purchase so I’m super excited to get more wear out of them as well. The socks are from Free People. I’ve talked about this before but I just love our socks. The quality and the cute styles are everything I want in a sock. I definitely don’t need any more of them but I want them ALL.

This denim dress is one of those pieces that just needs accessories. There isn’t a top or bottom involved (which I kind of love), you just need a bag and shoes and you’re good to go! The bag I chose is this puffy pillow-like one that I got last year from one of my favourite boutiques in Toronto: Durumi (@thedurumi on Instagram). I’ve talked about them in many blog posts before but I haven’t been there at all during this pandemic. It makes me quite sad that I haven’t been able to go in and support them like I normally would. I’ve purchased face masks and a few jewelry pieces online, but I’ve had to stay away from their clothing. From what I can remember, I think they weren’t accepting returns. And with me being so small, it’s really a gamble if any of their pieces will fit me (unless I try them on first). It was just a whole messy situation so I’ve had to stay away from Durumi for a bit. It’s been rather heartbreaking but hopefully I’ll get to visit them soon.

Other little bits that I added to this outfit are my pearl necklace and this phone strap! My pearl necklace was talked about in one of my last posts. I ordered it from Amazon for like, $15. Honestly, such a great buy. I haven’t taken it off since I received it. The phone strap I made myself (you know I love a good DIY lol)! I saw these all over Instagram by this brand called “String Ting”. Forgive me if I’ve talked about this before because this is the second one that I’ve made. I decided to make a longer one so that it could be more like a crossbody strap. I have so many beads that aren’t being used so while I was watching a basketball game I thought, why not? And I actually love it! I get comments on how long it is and I guess it is a little long and obnoxious, but I’m obsessed. If you want to hop on this current trend, I totally recommend making one yourself! You just need string and beads, and it’s super easy and really fun to make.

DRESS – Topshop Petite

BAG – Durumi

SOCKS – Free People



PHONE STRAP – by yours truly

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the little signs of spring like I am. I love hearing the birds and I think it kind of smells like spring as well? Maybe it’s all in my head. Spring please come sooner!!!

Happy Friday! Have a lovely weekend!

– Tiny ❤


I know that we’re slowly seeing the transition from winter to spring, but I have to take a moment to share with you guys this neck warmer that I made. I crocheted it. It took less than 24 hours to make. It’s gingham, and I LOVE gingham. I won’t take credit for this design because I was inspired by an Instagram account: @lolocrochete Her pieces are SO COOL and she made me want to try to make one myself. It’s actually pretty easy! I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on how to do it and kind of figured it out as I went along. If you know crochet basics, you can definitely make a gingham neck warmer.

The colours I chose were pink (obviously – I love pink!) and this burnt orange colour. Not a likely combo but I think it works! I used this chunky yarn and I think if I were to do it again, I’d use something a bit thinner or less chunky. It just doesn’t stretch or fall as loosely as I imagined. It’s a bit stiff but if I scrunch it up and play with it, I get the effect that I want. I’m going to be quite sad when I have to stash it away with my other winter things but I’m also super excited to see what I can crochet next season! I’m thinking… crochet bikinis? A crochet dress?!

I also thought this post would be a perfect time to tell you guys that I’M KNITTING AGAIN. Last year, or maybe it was the year before, I knitted myself a scarf and then kind of stopped. I mean, I enjoyed it. But that was a far as my skills would take me, you know? And after learning how to crochet, I found it much easier and I loved that it didn’t take me very long to finish a project. Crocheting just seemed much more rewarding. Correct me if I’m wrong but I feel like knitting is a bit more intricate. Basically, I think it’s harder. I do want to challenge myself though so I picked it up again, and now I’m making my first clothing piece! I can’t wait to share it with y’all. I’m a little nervous to fully disclose the project because I’m not very far into it yet. It is my first time knitting something serious because I’ve only ever knit a long rectangle before lol. I could get fed up and quit! I mean, it doesn’t sound like me but it could happen! I’m actually thinking right now about all the little things I’m going to have to learn to get there and I’m stressed ha-ha.

Anyways, please stay tuned for that! I hope you guys like my neck warmer! If you want more blog posts on crocheting or knitting, please let me know in the comment section below. I’d be happy to do it (even though I’m 100% not an expert on any of the two)!

Hope you’re all safe and doing well!

– Tiny ❤

Welcome Home, Beautiful

I think it’s quite obvious to those that have been following my blog for a while that I have a HUGE obsession with handbags. Anyone that knows me knows that I treat them like people. They’re my best friends. They all deserve to be treated in the best way possible. This vintage bag that I recently ordered from Singulier in Montréal is no exception.

This gorgeous, stunning, beautiful red bag with flowers made out of pearl beads is a work of art. I love that she’s vintage and one of a kind. She’s the latest addition to my handbag collection and I just thought that she deserved her own blog post, and a warm welcome.

I had been eyeing Singulier’s Instagram account for months now (@singuliermtl), and I was waiting for the perfect piece to catch my eye. There are so many beautiful finds on her website that it’s so hard to pick one. I love her taste and the way she curates her stuff. If you’d like to check out Singulier’s website, I’ll link it here:

So after buying this bag, I realized that it could be a little more difficult than I thought to style her (at least with my winter clothes). I think she’s going to thrive in the spring and summer, and that’s why in this outfit I’m wearing bicycle shorts. I feel like bicycle shorts are like the sweatpants of the spring/summer. What do you guys think? I can’t wait to wear them again! They’re so comfortable and flattering, and they look good with practically every kind of top (graphic t-shirts, blazers, blouses, crew necks, knitted sweaters, etc.)!

For this outfit, I wore these black bicycle shorts that I got from Topshop when I worked there. They have this sheen to them that make them feel a little more “dressed up” than other bicycle shorts. Do you know what I mean? Your typical bicycle shorts are made out of spandex or whatever but these look like you could wear them more than just casually. Like, these are “date night” bike shorts. Well okay, maybe that’s a stretch but I think you get my point. The top that I chose is this thrifted button-up (or is it button-down?) that my boyfriend picked up for himself while we shopped at Value Village back in the day, but I ended up taking it home with me instead ha-ha. Am I the only one that steals their boyfriend’s clothes? A perk to being tiny is that literally everything is oversized no matter what. So I feel like that makes it easier for me to wear his stuff and get away with it.

Some of these photos are with a bucket hat and some are without. The accessories were a tough call for this look. I mean, I wasn’t even going to leave my apartment looking like this. It’s way too cold for it. My brain isn’t completely in spring mode yet but let me tell you, I’m here for it. I am READY. The bucket hat is by the brand Kangol, and I picked it up at work. Free People carries a lot of Kangol hats as you guys might remember from my previous blog posts. I have a couple of other hats by the same brand that I ordered from Free People online.

The shoes I chose are my cowboy boots. I missed these boots so much! I have TWO pairs. Remember when I wore my cowboy boots all the time? They started to hurt to wear while working full 9-hour shifts so I stopped. But now that it’s almost spring time again, I want to try to incorporate them more often! I love how different they are and I think a lot of people still aren’t as open to the idea of wearing them. I like the little niche that it is. The rest of the accessories are jewelry. The rings that I’m wearing are what I absolutely have to share with y’all. They’re by this Instagram account that I stumbled upon: @thebonbonwhimsclub! Her jewelry is so fun and different. I noticed a trend forming around these colourful plastic rings and I became obsessed! My only problem was that I couldn’t find a brand that offered them in a size that would fit my tiny little fingers. Have you heard of La Manso? Their smallest size was like, two sizes too big for my fingers. Everything would be too big! BonBonWhims is perfect. The size range is fantastic and will definitely fit close to everyone. I got this orange heart ring with the letter ‘A’ in the center. I honestly can’t get enough of it. I also got this clear dome ring with glitter inside. Ugh, it’s so cute. She has a ton of other accessories, too! I just ordered some earrings that I can’t wait to get here (Kylie Jenner was seen wearing them NBD). If you would like to check out her website, I’ll leave it here:

Be warned, you’ll be adding EVERYTHING to your cart because her pieces are so dang cute. I actually had to refrain from buying a necklace as well.

BUCKET HAT – Kangol at Free People

TOP – Thrfited at Value Village

SHORTS – Topshop

BAG – Singulier Montréal

BOOTS – Thrifted in Montréal

JEWELRY – BonBonWhims

Even though I had nowhere to go to in this outfit, I’ve been dreaming of warmer days a lot lately. I can’t wait to stuff my winter coats to the back of my closet. Exposing my legs here was maybe me trying to manifest something lol. How bad do you want spring to get here? Am I the only one? This has probably been one of the sunniest and warmest weeks so far for us here in Toronto, so maybe spring is sooner than we think!

I hope you’re all having a great week!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

Feeling Blue

I’m sorry! It’s been a week since I’ve shared anything new, and that’s simply because Mother Nature came to visit me this past week. I’m not gonna lie, I was not feeling great AT ALL. My hormones were at an all-time high. I was miserable and I hope you guys understand. Do any of you get in the worst moods when you’re on your period? I feel like I become a totally different person!

So last week I was “feeling blue”. Mother Nature has officially left and I’m feeling much more like myself now. Coincidentally (or is it?), I’m wearing a lot of blue in this outfit that I’m about to share today!

You’ll probably start to notice the familiar backgrounds/atmosphere whenever I’m visiting my boyfriend. I visited him last weekend and we had such a good time. We ordered these fancy pancakes from a local restaurant called “Sister & Co.” I ordered the “Cinnamon Bun Bun Pancakes” and there were DELICIOUS. If you have a sweet tooth like myself, you’ll love them. They even came with a cream cheese frosting to spread on top. I was in complete heaven. Highly, highly, highly recommend you check this place out if you’re in the Toronto area!

For this outfit, I chose to wear this new sweater that I got from work (Free People). It’s called the “Good Day Pullover” (fitting name because we had a GREAT day), and it’s actually on sale right now! Here’s a link:

Honestly, the colour of it just called to me. Blue is my favourite colour and this shade of blue is just perfect *chefs kiss*. Free People calls it “Bondi Blue”. I paired it with Levi’s Balloon Leg Jeans. The wash of these jeans surprisingly matched the sweater so well. It made me really happy. Do these little things spark joy for you too or am I weird ha-ha? We sell Levi’s at Free People but unfortunately they’re only available online. A customer had returned these in my size and I picked them up right away. It’s tough to find jeans that fit me in the waist AND the leg. For my petite babes, I really recommend this “Balloon Leg” fit because it’s meant to be cropped but it’s also the perfect length for those with shorter legs/a smaller inseam.

This was just a casual weekend look, so with my jeans and sweater I simply added one of my favourite bags, my everyday jewelry pieces, and my favourite sneakers: my Golas. You’ve seen all of this before. My bag is from Nunoo. My very first Nunoo bag EVER. My boyfriend got it for me for my birthday in 2019. I’m still obsessed with it and don’t think I’ll ever stop wearing it. Thinking about this makes me so emotional… maybe my period hasn’t completely left lol?

The number of everyday jewelry pieces that I own continues to grow so I’ll share a few with you. If it’s gold, it’s Mejuri. The pearl necklace is probably the only new piece now that I’m looking at these photos, but it’s a goodie! I picked up this pearl necklace for like $16 CAD on Amazon? It’s supposed to fulfill my Harry Styles pearl necklace fantasy. Have you noticed that he’s ALWAYS wearing one?! He’s so cool and chic. I can’t handle it.

SWEATER – Free People

JEANS – Levi’s at Free People

SNEAKERS – Gola Originals at Free People

JEWELRY – Mejuri, Durumi, Amazon

BAG – Nunoo

Thank you if you’re still reading this post after I explained to you my experience with Mother Nature last week lol. I really appreciate you sticking around even though I’m not the best at staying consistent. Life gets in the way sometimes and I’m learning to accept that nothing is ever going to be perfect. It’s only how you deal with it that matters. And now that I’m feeling more like myself, I can make up for it all by writing more posts this week! So stayed tuned for that!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

Julia Roberts-inspired 90s Look

I have something new and a bit more fun to share with you today! I’m actually kind of shocked with the response I got when I posted these photos on my Instagram. I didn’t think people would actually enjoy them lol. I thought I seemed like a huge dork for trying to recreate these outdated(?) outfits. But then again, I feel like the 90s are still making a comeback.

So as the title says, I was inspired by Julia Roberts. I don’t know how it began but I have been watching a lot of her movies from the 90s and I’m freaking obsessed with how effortlessly cool she looks! The outfits are so chic! I am now on the hunt for the perfect black blazer. I need one. It’s definitely a staple in the 90s Julia Roberts wardrobe and I can see myself incorporating one with a ton of stuff already in mine.

The Julia Roberts look that I chose to recreate is this one from Notting Hill. Have you seen it? It’s definitely one of my faves and you should watch it if you haven’t already. Here’s a photo of the look:

For this outfit I chose these baggy trousers that I think have the same silhouette even though they’re a lighter grey than her charcoal pinstripe ones. I have Vans that are super similar to hers as well, but I went with my checkered slip-ons because mine with the laces look like absolute rubbish. If you own Vans, do your laces turn blue? My white laces are completely dyed from the black material on the sneakers. I know it sounds strange but it happens every time! I’ve bought two pairs so maybe that’s not enough to say “every”, but I’m sticking to their canvas slip-ons from now on.

The top portion of this outfit was super easy to recreate because I have this leather blazer-type jacket that I got from Topshop when I worked there. (By the way, the trousers are also from Topshop.) It also has a belt so I found that helpful to recreate Julia’s jacket’s silhouette. Hers looked a little more cinched at the waist. Underneath I wore a plain white t-shirt (picked up from work A.K.A. Free People). I then added all the accessories: a black beret, sunglasses, and a bag! The beret is from Topshop. It’s the perfect black beret if I do say so myself. The sunglasses and the bag are thrifted. I picked them up from Talize and Value Village.

BERET – Topshop


JACKET – Topshop

T-SHIRT – Free People

TROUSERS – Topshop Petite


BAG – Value Village

I honestly can’t wait for the day where I can visit thrift stores again. I’m trying to not spend my money on clothes that aren’t from Free People or thrifted. Why? Because I need to wear the brand for work, and thrifting is so much more fun! I love having a piece that is less likely to be in anyone else’s closet.

Anyways, that’s it for my Julia Roberts look! I hope you like it. It was a lot simpler and easier to recreate than other looks, but I definitely want to try to recreate more! It’s fun and it makes me dig in my wardrobe and realize that I have a ton of pieces in there that I’ve forgotten about.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend, and stay safe!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

Love Day

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I apologize for that. I normally would have shared something on Saturday but I was preparing for the weekend with my boyfriend and lost track of time! How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day? Did you wish everyone you love a great day? Whether you’re taken or single, I think there’s still a reason to celebrate. It’s a great reason to remind you to even love yourself!

My Valentine’s Day wasn’t anything extravagant but I still think it was one of the best days ever. My boyfriend surprised me with flowers, we made pizza together, and watched a movie! What makes me the happiest is having quality time together. Time where we’re not on our phones or doing our separate things (usually it’s him watching basketball while I read a book), and just really being in the moment with one another. That’s the perfect day.

Of course, I couldn’t let my boyfriend get away with not letting me get some pictures taken! Bless him and his patience. I turned it around and said it’d be another great Vday gift ha-ha. He didn’t need convincing. Get you a partner that would go out in the cold and take photos of you in front of a garage door holding flowers on Valentine’s Day. They’re the ones you keep forever.

For this outfit, I really didn’t want to put on stockings and a fancy dress. I know it seems like the obvious way to dress up for a day like Vday, but I couldn’t be bothered. Instead I wore my baggy jeans with the drawstring from Free People. I wear these ALL the time now. I wore a blue tie-dyed long sleeve turtleneck and my latest obsession: my puffer vest. This thing is so huge on me but I love it. It’s also not practical in negative degree weather but I can’t help wearing it. It’s such a fun piece! Once it gets warm enough to comfortably wear this vest, I’m going to wear it ALL THE TIME. It’s also from Free People. Thank you to the person that returned it from online to our location! It made my puffer vest dreams come true ha-ha.

The shoes that I chose are my Gola sneakers that y’all already know I’m obsessed with. They go with everything I own and they’re super comfy. The little pink knitted headband is something I knitted together in a day! I can’t believe I can knit something that isn’t a flat and boring scarf! I’m learning! I started it and finished it the day before Valentine’s Day because I thought it would be a cute and romantic touch to these photos. Am I committed or what lol? It was super easy to make and it definitely gave me the confidence I needed to knit more pieces. I thought I’d take a break from crocheting and give myself a challenge.

Now I feel like these flowers also need to be talked about. They’re from this local flower shop here in Toronto called Euclid Farms (@euclidfarms on IG) and they make the most beautiful bouquets and arrangements. I have been stalking their Instagram for a while now and I had never mentioned them to my boyfriend (I swear!), but somehow he knew. I was absolutely shocked that he had such great taste! I’m staring at the flowers he picked out for me as I write this and I am so in love with them. I wish they could last forever. If you follow me on Instagram, I am so sorry for the amount of photos that I’ve been sharing of them. I just want them to last longer!!!

TURTLENECK – Free People

JEANS – Free People

VEST – Free People

HEADBAND – made by yours truly

EARRINGS – En Route Jewelry


Although it’s a little late, I do want to say that I love and appreciate all of you that take the time to read my blog posts. I know my posts and blog itself aren’t anything fancy and exciting, so it means a lot that you think these are worth your time.

Wishing you all the best! Hope you’re all safe and well.

– Tiny ❤

A Girl and Her Dungarees

I don’t know about ya’ll but I think dungarees are extraordinary. They’re my absolute favourite piece of clothing in my wardrobe. Is that a huge statement? Yes. Do I mean it? YES! Dungarees or overalls are so comfy and so cute. They’re super practical and easy to style, and I love them. I am proud to say that I currently own three pairs (and counting): one blue, one black and now, ONE GREEN PAIR.

This outfit that I’m about to share with you features this new pair of dungarees that I picked up last week. I can’t get over them. We received them at our Free People location. I fell in love with them instantly, and whether or not I was going to bring them home wasn’t even a question. I have the exact same pair in black. I’ve shared a few outfits in the black pair on my blog before. The fit of these overalls is so comfortable because they’re still flattering but loose. I won’t lie to you guys, I think I wear my black overalls at least once a week. Just knowing that I wear them that much made me so sure that I was going to get my money’s worth on this green pair. Like, can’t you picture them worn in the summer time?! With a pink, purple or orange tank or tube top? I’m so excited!

If you’re interested in getting yourself a pair, they’re called the “Ziggy Denim Overalls” and I’ll link them here:

They come in four different colours!!! I honestly think they’re a great investment. I plan to wear this green pair as often as my black pair. The ways to style them are endless. I actually want to create an Instagram Reel on all the different ways you can style overalls/dungarees. Let me know in the comment section if you think this is a good idea!

Now for this outfit, I styled them with a lot of neutral tones (for the most part). I think this is pretty neutral for me, no? I wore this cream blouse that I absolutely love. I love the detailing on it the most. It also has a huge collar on it that I don’t think you can see here but trust me, it’s gorgeous. The jacket is the infamous “Dolman Quilted Jacket” that’s finally restocked! It’s selling out fast so grab it quick! I’m eyeing another in a more vibrant colour, but I’ll wait lol. The shoes that I wore are these Dr. Marten boots that I’ve talked about in probably my last couple of outfit posts so I won’t say anything more. They just go with everything and I love the zipper!

For accessories, I wore my teddy Kangol hat that I ordered online from Free People. It’s one of my favourite berets. I think I say this about all of my berets, but this one is truly something special. I want to wear it forever. The jewelry that I’m wearing in these photos are various pieces from Mejuri. I’m also wearing that Monica Vinader piece that I shared with you all in my last blog post. The green stone goes so well with my green dungarees! I’m so happy with it. And finally, my bag that I’m wearing is the Nunoo Saki in this beautiful shade of blue. I love her. I’ve said this before but I call her Pearl, because she looks kind of like a clam. My boyfriend thinks she looks like a football(?). She’s just a great one to have around. We love her.

HAT – Kangol at Free People

TOP – Free People


JACKET – Free People

BOOTS – Dr. Marten at Free People

JEWELRY – Mejuri + Monica Vinader

BAG – Nunoo

I hope you guys like this outfit as much as I do. I really can’t get over these dungarees. I want to wear them again and again and again! Please let me know if you’d like to see me style them in different ways. If you wanna see it, you better follow me on Instagram: @tinyintoronto! ;)) I honestly might just record the Reel anyway. Just for me ha-ha.

Enjoy the rest of your week! Stay safe and well!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

I’m an MV Insider!

I have really exciting news to share. Monica Vinader, a British luxury jewellery brand, reached out to me and asked if I’d like to partner with them! Obviously, I said yes.

To be honest, I had never heard of her brand until they reached out to me. But when I received my gift in the mail, I was SUPER SHOCKED by the quality and the packaging! It really is luxurious and I love what I picked out. I chose the “Siren Mini Nugget Necklace“. It’s a beautiful dainty necklace made of 18K gold vermeil and a mini green onyx nugget. I’m completely in love with it! I’ve been gravitating towards green lately and I feel like this is going to be one of my new favourite everyday necklaces! I think it’ll also go well with the rest of my necklaces if I choose to layer them.

Emma Watson, Olivia Palermo and the Duchess of Cambridge have all been seen wearing Monica Vinader. I found that to be super cool. I want to be fully transparent and say these pieces aren’t cheap. But if I had the money to buy more Monica Vinader pieces, I 100% would.

They so kindly gave me an affiliate link and a code for those that want 20% off their online order. If this interests you, here is the link:

And if you would like 20% off, here’s the code: MVINS20RAF-3810

I always feel unbelievably lucky when brands like Monica Vinader choose to message me of all people to try their product and share it with my followers. I don’t even have that many followers, but this is amazing! I was gifted a beautiful necklace that I would have never known existed and now I get to share how great the brand is with all of you!

Disclaimer: If I was disappointed with the brand, I definitely wouldn’t be blogging about it. I wasn’t asked to do this but I love my new necklace so much that I just had to share!

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Stay safe and well,

– Tiny ❤