Author: Alannah Batchellor

  • Style Stealing: Selena Gomez

    Why hello there! Does it feel as long to you as it does to me? So sorry for the huge gap between posts, but I’ve just recently got my life back. For the past week or so I’ve been studying and preparing for midterms. Blegh!! On to better and more fashionable things ;D Today I am mixing […]

  • Working Girl

    I have just recently been hired as a sales advisor at a nearby Topshop. Yesterday was actually my first real shift on the job (which went really well!). One of the other new hires just happens to be a blogger and a fellow student in my program, so naturally we had to take some pictures […]

  • T.G.I.F.

    Friday. What’s not to love! No class, it’s the beginning of the weekend, and I have the time to create my first blog post! I’m new to the world of fashion blogs, but I’d like to formally introduce myself… Hi! My name is Alannah. I live in Toronto and I’m in my third year of […]