About Me

Hi! My name is Alannah and welcome to “Tiny in Toronto”. For the longest time I had been searching for the perfect name so that I could officially start my own fashion blog. It took years and years. I’m not joking! Luckily I’m 4’11” and living in Toronto, so everything worked out in the end lol. I am a graduated Fashion student living on her own in Toronto. I received a Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce (majoring in Fashion Management). I’m currently a Personal Shopper for TOPSHOP TOPMAN. My interests include shopping, reading a lot books, eating potatoes (in all forms), and all things Fashion related. I think I was about 3 years-old when I read (and fell in love with) my first Fashion magazine. Right then I knew Fashion would be a huge part of my life. This blog is simply a place for me to compile my personal style and the bits of fashion that I thoroughly enjoy in one place. Of course this blog will also allow me to share everything else that I find interesting, as well as interact, with you guys! 🙂 xx

– Tiny


4 responses to “About Me”

  1. Niko And The Lady Of The Rings Avatar

    Hello, Alannah. Nice to see You around here. Glad I could follow You and read Your posts. 🙂

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    1. Alannah Batchellor Avatar

      Aw thanks so much! 😊

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      1. Niko And The Lady Of The Rings Avatar

        You’re always welcome! 😉

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  2. Kathy Avatar

    Hi Allanah,
    I was wondering if you can tell me how many squares you used for the long version of the Harry Styles sweater and what size squares you used. Is it all single crochet. I really like the long version I made the regular length. Would so appreciate it.
    Thank you


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