Gyubee Girl

I think the title’s cute? But maybe borderline a little weird. I’m obsessed with Gyubee Japanese Grill. There. I’ve said it. It’s always a treat when my boyfriend and I go out for dinner to Gyubee. It’s an all-you-can-eat restaurant that always leaves me feeling the perfect amount of full. The dessert is great. The service is great. I totally recommend it and if you didn’t already know, this is coming from a “Gyubee Girl” lol.

It’s important for couples to have a date night. Whether it’s at your favourite restaurant or a nice night in with your favourite meal/snacks and a movie, I think it’s necessary to have that quality time together. My boyfriend and I both work full-time jobs so when we have a day off together, we like to go out and do something. It can range from going to the mall and just walking around, to thrift shopping, to seeing a movie, or going out for dinner/Gyubee. I obviously don’t want to make myself sick of it so if you have any good restaurant recommendations, please let me know! What’s a good spot to eat/have a date night in Toronto?

Here’s what I wore to my last date night:

One thing I absolutely appreciate from working at Ganni is that I got to keep the clothes. You had to wear head-to-toe Ganni, so now I have all these pieces that I would have never bought because they’re way too expensive for my budget. The top that I’m wearing is a wrap top in this really pale yellow colour with white stripes. I layered it with this lace/sheer top from Free People. Sheer and lace are going to be huge this spring/summer season. I’m currently looking for a sheer dress and a lace midi or maxi skirt. I know it’s super trendy but I’m hoping that I’ll stumble across something during my next thrift trip (I’ll keep you posted if I find one).

The jeans that I’m wearing are TOPSHOP Petite. I know, I know, she’s talking about TOPSHOP Petite again. The only reason I’m talking about this is because I found this pair (somewhat) recently! I knew Nordstrom carried TOPSHOP in their stores but I wasn’t too sure about the selection of TOPSHOP Petite. In December, or maybe early January, Nordstrom had these jeans on sale for $30. Of course I said, “Start. the. freaking. car.” Honestly, I would have bought them regardless but for a third of the price, I’ll 1000% take ’em. I’m pretty devastated that Nordstrom is closing all their stores in Canada this summer. And I hope that I might be able to snag a few other TOPSHOP Petite pieces before they fully close.

For shoes, I wore these sneakers that I haven’t stopped wearing since I got them. Not only because I love the minty colour and that it has a bit of metallic silver to it, but they’re the most comfortable sneakers that I own now. I think I’m at an age where I need comfort when I go to work. Goodbye to the days where I felt good enough to work 8-9 hours in a heel or heeled bootie. It’s too much. I can’t. I sometimes have a sore back now lol. These ASICS sneakers are a true life saver. I want to get another pair but I always feel like when I overindulge in something like this, it gets to be less special. So maybe I’ll wait until this pair is ruined. At the rate that I’m wearing them, it could be soon.

The accessories that I wore are my Nunoo bag that my mom got me for Christmas. I love this shade of pink and I think I’ll be wearing it a lot during the summer. It’s called their “Sally Bag” and it’s from Urban Outfitters (I sent mom the link). For jewelry, I wore a bit of everything lol. If you know me, I’m all about accessorizing. Most of the time I’m wearing so much jewelry, you’ll probably wonder how long it takes me to put it all on. It actually takes me a while (not gonna lie). My boyfriend sometimes helps me… but it’s worth it, no?! The necklaces are from American Eagle, Mejuri and Maison Miru. I have a thrifted chunky beaded bracelet on as well. Earrings are also a mix of Mejuri and Maison Miru.

BLOUSE – Ganni
JEWELRY – American Eagle, Mejuri & Maison Miru
BAG – Nunoo

That’s it for my casual date night look! Jeans and a cute top is a combo that never fails. Like I said earlier, if you have any restaurants that I should check out with my boyfriend, please let me know. We love food!

Until next time,

– Tiny <3/ Gyubee Girl

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  1. LOVE the outfit!! 🤩


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