February Favourites 2023

Hello! This post is a little late, but I explained why in my last post. If you’re interested in knowing what I’ve been up to, you can read about it here.

This month was one for the books. A lot of fun stuff happened, and I discovered some real gems. If I’m being honest, I think it’s going to be hard to top February 2023. But we do have 10 more months left, so who knows?

Cancun, Mexico – Going to be pretty brief about my vacation just because I talked about it a lot in my last post. All I want to say is that it was much needed, a lot of fun was had, and I’m never going to forget it. The ocean was gorgeous, we saw one of the new 7 wonders of the world, my boyfriend and I had the best quality time together, and I really valued a break from it all. During that week, I was able to really reset and find myself again. It sounds so cliché and dumb, I know. Like c’mon Alannah, you’re saying that you had a life-changing experience at a resort in Mexico? I think it was just the time to turn my brain off that really helped me. I was able to focus on things I hadn’t been able to focus on, which was mostly me and my relationship. I know I sound like an idiot but a vacation is sometimes necessary! And you don’t have to get on a plane, you just need to do something completely different from your normal. Just step back and get away! (Especially my Canadian friends! This cold and gloomy winter has been awful, and don’t get me started on the snowstorms.)

Pat McGrath Lab: “The Golden One Eye Shadow Palette” (Star Wars Edition) – Not sure what got into me, but I seriously needed to refresh my makeup routine. I got into a slump of doing the bare minimum when it came to makeup and that’s not normally like me. This eyeshadow palette by Pat McGrath was something I stumbled upon at Sephora before I went on vacation, and I think it’s perfect. The shades are so easy to wear. It’s compact and fits perfectly inside my makeup bag. It’s probably me in the form of an eyeshadow palette. I love warm tones. Gold eyeshadow has always been where it’s at for me (you can see that it’s the most attacked shade). I also love browns and deep brown-y reds. This first shade (I think it’s a little pink?) was used a lot while in Cancun. Not only are the shades perfect (in my opinion), but Pat McGrath’s quality is like no other. Her eyeshadows are like butter and the pigmentation is unreal. 100% recommend, and I think her palettes are definitely worth the money. I hope to one day own a larger palette of hers.

Urban Outfitters “Valentina Corded Heart Necklace – These chunky heart pendant necklaces, or any pendant on a cord or ribbon, are having a moment right now. They’re super nostalgic for me. I wore a lot of similar pieces growing up that I wish I kept. I was debating and really trying to justify buying one on Etsy that was almost $100, but I couldn’t. Yes, I want to support a small business. But it’s also a lot for a necklace that I’m only going to wear for maybe a few months. Isn’t it crazy how fast trends come and go now? It’s kind of ridiculous, and I’m starting to think maybe we all should ignore the trends and start doing our own thing. No one can keep up at this point! Anyways, I was shopping for some affordable vacation pieces that I can also wear during the summer, and I stumbled upon this necklace that was $20. It fit what I was looking for so I bought it, and I’ve been wearing it a lot since! I’ll link it *here* if you’re interested.

Love On The Brain by Ali Hazelwood – I finished this book while in Cancun. I read “The Love Hypothesis” by the same author last year and absolutely loved it. I was instantly hooked. I had a good feeling that this book would also do the same, and I was right – it didn’t disappoint! My boyfriend read it with me on the plane and I was already two thirds of the way in lol. He was also hooked and was asking questions. It was actually pretty cute. But I totally recommend if you want an easy feel-good read. It’s basically about these two insanely smart people that went to med school together. She thought he hated her. He actually was madly in love with her. They reunite and work on this project with NASA together, and I bet you can guess what happens from there. It’s super cute and although it’s predictable, Ali Hazelwood wrote in a way that makes it still feel fresh, like you’re reading this kind of novel for the first time. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, you should definitely go pick it up!

SZA S.O.S. Concert – I think I’m going to write a blog post about this but the SZA concert here in Toronto was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. I was sick and could barely sing/scream or I was pretty sure I was going to lose my voice again. (I 100% lost my voice after the Dua Lipa concert – another one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.) It was such a production, and very entertaining. I think she’s so talented. At one point SZA was in a boat that was hanging from the ceiling – it was nuts. Picture her in this rickety boat gliding above the crowd with an actual lighthouse and lights imitating the colour and movement of water. I’m doing a terrible job at describing this so I’ll share a photo here:

If you have the opportunity to see SZA live, I recommend it. Obviously, if you’re not into her music, don’t go lol. My favourite songs on the latest album are Kill Bill, Open Arms, and Snooze.

Putting my new Crocs to work at Chichen Itza.

Black Platform Crocs – I wasn’t going to get these. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know I have pink crocs already. They have cute charms/jibbitz that I purchased from Etsy. I basically thought I was set. Turns out I needed this black pair for Mexico. Honestly, I don’t have a reasonable explanation for it. I kind of love Crocs. They’re like, perfect shoes for the beach. Easy to slip on when you’re walking around a resort. They’re also one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes that I own. I guess my justification is that a) this pair is more neutral/they go with a lot more outfits and b) they have a platform! To someone that’s less than 5ft tall, this is a huge win. I’m not insecure about my height or anything. By the title of this blog, you can maybe assume that I own it and have no shame. But a comfortable little boost to make me look a tad bit nicer in dresses, etc., that’s a huge plus for me. I say all this only wanting to say that these were a good get. They were on sale on the SSENSE website. I’m in love, and I’ve included them in many outfits I’ve planned in my head for the summertime. Stay tuned ;]

Netflix Show: Perfect Match – When starting this show, I realized I watch a lot of garbage reality TV shows. It might be unhealthy. Perfect Match was some genius idea where they take random people from similar shows and put them all on one show. All of them are looking for love a.k.a. their “perfect match”. You have no idea how embarrassed I felt when I recognized 95% of the people on that show. The show combines people that have been on Too Hot To Handle, The Mole, Love Is Blind, Selling The OC, The Circle, and Twenty Somethings. I haven’t seen Twenty Somethings and I think that after this, maybe it should stay that way. Perfect Match was addicting though, I’m not going to lie. Very dramatic. There were a few things I didn’t see coming. Chase and Francesca drive me a little crazy. I don’t know about you, but I think there’s something different about people who go on reality TV shows (and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing lol). Would you go on reality television? Did you watch Perfect Match? Were you happy with the couple that won? Have you caught up with all the drama that’s happened since the show has ended? I feel like this is something we need to discuss in the comment section (feel free to comment below with your thoughts on the show!!!).

This concludes this year’s second monthly favourites post! I hope you enjoyed reading, and I can’t wait to write the next one. One thing I can say I’m already loving in the month of March (just a little sneak peek): my Tamagotchi named Pluto. Yes, you heard that right. You might wanna stick around because that’ll be talked about in 3 weeks lol.

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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