Meet Yoda

Hello! Welcome back! Today I wanted you to meet my adopted fur baby: ❤ Yoda ❤ You might see a lot of him on here in the future, so I thought he needed a formal introduction. I’m also leaving him for a week as of Wednesday and I’m feeling super guilty about it – I’m going to miss him so much!!!

Yoda is my boyfriend’s cat, and he’s 4 years-old. He’s a Himalayan, has the most beautiful blue eyes, and yes, always looks this grumpy. We actually created his own Instagram account (never thought we’d be those people), and you can follow him @yodagrumpyone

What else is there to say about Yoda? He loves to cry at 7AM so one of us can be near him while he eats his breakfast. Kind of hate it in the moment but now that I think of it, it’s pretty cute. He’s like our personal alarm clock/baby. I really think Yoda’s like our child. He likes to be pet and kissed while he’s eating (the purrs are so loud, my heart melts) – he’s so spoiled. He also likes to drink from any cup of water that’s lying around the house. We’ve been more careful lately because he’s been knocking a lot of glasses over – smh. His favourite spots are underneath the bed, on the bed, on my makeup table, and looking out the kitchen window on his favourite chair. I’ll insert some photos below.

Yoda is very playful. He’s only 4 years-old so he’s still a little guy. He loves chasing yarn that’s left over from my crochet projects. He also loves chasing ice cubes (this is my fault lol) and balls of scrunched-up paper. He can sit for 20min at a time just looking at the birds through the window in our dining room. While he’s watching them, he’ll be completely still (statue-like) to the point where I start to worry something is wrong with him. He doesn’t move a muscle and doesn’t even blink. An interesting character. Sometimes I wish he could actually talk. Yoda loves attention and meows whenever he feels like he’s not getting enough. But then when you go to pet him and give him that attention, he’ll zoom off wanting you to play. Yoda notoriously gets the zoomies around midnight. He really wants you to chase him. Now that I’m listing all of these things, having a pet is exhausting!

I’ve never had a pet either than the pair of lovebirds we had (Maggie and Pierre) growing up, our hamster (cannot remember her name for the life of me) that was pregnant and had 10 babies (might save this story for another day lol), and our family dog. Our dog’s name was Abby, and she was a pure Shih Tzu that my family had for 16 years. I hope to be Yoda’s mom for at least 16 years. I’ve completely fallen in love with him, almost as much as I’ve fallen in love with his dad! The craziest part is that I’ve NEVER liked cats. I was strictly a dog person and would never go near a cat. Cats were always creepy and mischievous to me. I had no interest in them whatsoever. Then after meeting Yoda, I think cats are very misunderstood. Yoda is like a puppy. He just doesn’t need to go for walks or go to the washroom outside. I would ideally like Yoda to be a little more cuddly, but I think that will happen in time. But please take it from me and give cats a chance. They’re actually super sweet.

I’m like, getting teary-eyed thinking about not having his 7AM wakeup call while we’re on vacation. Why am I so soft?! Am I a crazy cat lady now? Guys, I’ve officially given my heart to a cat #sorrynotsorry.

If you’d like to know more about Yoda, or would like to see more Yoda content, let me know in the comments. Are we cat people here on My Pinterest keeps showing me crochet hats and sweaters for cats. Should Yoda be my model? – We’ll see ha-ha!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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