More is More is More

I’m back! Life has been so busy lately. Two weeks ago I was tied up with starting/launching my own business with my sister, and last week was my birthday week! I had a few plans with family and friends that lasted about 5 days so I didn’t have an opportunity to write a new blog post until now. But I’m here and ready to share with y’all a new outfit.

I always say that I love accessorizing so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. However, the outfit I’m sharing today is probably me accessorizing TO THE MAX. I really just went for it and added it all, and I actually kind of dig it. I don’t know where I heard “more is more” but I totally support it. Life is way too short to be simple and boring!

The outfit I’m wearing is a pair of denim shorts from Free People, paired with a crew neck sweatshirt that I picked up while visiting Montréal three years ago. It’s a very simple and easy outfit that you can really play with in terms of accessorizing (that’s why I love it).

Okay, now let’s introduce all the accessories LOL. Are you ready? Let’s start off with the cowboy boots. They were picked up during that same Montréal trip three years ago. I love them and I can’t picture life without them. I think these cowboy boots really make the outfit different and stand out. Cowboy boots are definitely trending right now. I don’t know about you but I’ve been seeing them a lot more frequently this year (but let it be known that I was wearing them 3 years ago ahaha). Next I’ll share my Nunoo that I’m sure we’ve all seen before. I’ve had it for I want to say, two years? It’s Nunoo’s “Bobby” bag and I think it really elevates the look, and also makes it a little less sloppy. Now before I go on to all the jewelry pieces, these sunglasses are a pair that I might have talked about before but I can’t remember. They’re this pair from Vehla Eyewear. They’re honestly my favourite sunglasses right now. I love the shape and the coloured lenses give them such a retro feel. If you’re looking for this specific pair, they’re called the “Dixie – Choc Tort/Cinnamon”.

Oh! I also want to point out that my hair is up in a claw clip which doesn’t normally happen for me, but my hair is just getting so freaking long. I need my hair cut and therefore CANNIT wait for salons to reopen.

OK TIME FOR THE JEWELS/BITS AND BOBS that are around my neck, wrists, etc. I don’t even know where to start. Do you even want to know where every single piece is from? With the amount that I’m wearing, we could be here forever. I mean, most of you will recognize this stuff from previous posts so I won’t go into too much detail. If it’s made out of beads, I made it myself for Never Skip a Bead (the new business I started with my sister). You can follow us on Instagram @neverskipabead! There’s a beaded necklace around my neck from @sundayoddities on Instagram. She sells some really beautiful pieces and I absolutely love my necklace. I’m also wearing the necklace from VibeSzn that I never take off. There’s a curb chain choker that I was kindly gifted from @envieuxjewelry. It’s held up pretty well so far and I’m quite impressed. I have my rings from @neonafternoon and @bonbonwhimsclub. I love all of these brands so much that I wish I could buy all of their pieces. I encourage y’all to check them out!

SUNGLASSES – Vehla Eyewear
SWEATSHIRT – Secondhand boutique in Montréal
SHORTS – Free People
COWBOY BOOTS – Thrift store in Montréal
BAG – Nunoo
JEWELRY – Sunday Oddities, Neon Afternoon, VibeSzn, BonbonWhims, Envieux Jewelry, and Never Skip a Bead

I’m going to be real and warn you that I am completely backlogged in terms of outfit posts. I have so many photos of multiple different outfits that I want to share so please understand that it’s been super busy on my end. The lockdown here in Toronto has also been lifted, which means that I am officially back to work full-time. It sucks. I feel tired just thinking about it. I know I shouldn’t be complaining because I’m one of the lucky ones that still has a job, but the adjustment after each lockdown during this pandemic has been super hard. It baffles me that this was once my normal. How did I manage it all and not pass out? I’m going to try my best to maintain a certain level of energy to work on blog posts, keep the new business going (beading/working on orders, marketing, etc.), manage two Instagram accounts, read books and record podcast episodes, read the monthly book club pick, and work a full-time retail job. Doesn’t that sound easy/manageable? I’m trying to keep a positive mindset and to not get too overwhelmed but it’s going to happen. I just hope that’ll you’ll still read my blog posts even if I struggle to keep the balance. With everything that I’m juggling, there is definitely going to be a few things that will lack attention from time to time. And I think I’m not really saying this for you but more for me. I need to realize that it’s okay to save something for later.

Anyways, thanks for hearing me out. I appreciate you all for taking the time to read my ramblings. I hope you’re all having a great week so far!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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