Dungarees Vol. 4

Hey everyone! Remember a couple of blog posts ago when I told you my boyfriend and I shot two outfits in the same day during that gorgeous weekend a couple of weeks ago? Well, here’s one of them! I honestly can’t believe how fast the weather is changing. It just keeps getting warmer, and warmer. Yesterday was like 30 degrees with a high of 39 degrees! I mean, looking at these photos I feel a little overdressed. Overdressed in the sense that I’m wearing too many layers that if I were to wear that yesterday, I would have cooked. Anyways, let’s get right to the outfit, shall we?

I bought my FOURTH pair of overalls and I’m not mad about it. I am an overalls/dungarees lady. They’re so comfortable and so cool, I don’t care what anyone else has to say! This pair is a cream-coloured pair and I think that despite that they cover my legs, they’re perfect for summer. There’s nothing that makes me happier than a cream or a white on a fresh tan. Oh my goodness, I’m even smiling while typing this. It’s just the best! This beautiful new pair of overalls is my third pair of the “Ziggy Denim Overalls” from Free People. I’ve talked about these overalls time and time again. I can’t say enough good things. They’re like the PERFECT loose fit. If you’re interested in a pair (and you should be lol), here’s a link to them: https://www.freepeople.com/shop/ziggy-denim-overalls/?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=002&searchparams=q%3Dziggy%2520denim%2520overalls&type=REGULAR&quantity=1

I styled these overalls or “dungarees” with a plain white cropped t-shirt. It’s also from Free People and I honestly wouldn’t mind a couple more! It’s been such a good staple for me. It’s called “The Perfect Tee” and that’s a fitting name because it sits at the perfect spot *chef’s kiss*. It’s great underneath overalls, pinafores or spaghetti strap dresses. I love it with a great pair of jeans. I’ve even worn it with a pair of printed trousers. I totally recommend this one if you don’t mind cropped tops. Actually, if you look closely you’ll notice that it’s not even that cropped on me. The edge/bottom of the t-shirt is kind of poking out at the edges of my dungarees. I’m going to link this perfect tee here and you can thank me later: https://www.freepeople.com/shop/we-the-free-the-perfect-tee/?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=401&searchparams=q%3Dperfect%2520tee&type=REGULAR&quantity=1

Now you all know my favourite part is accessorizing. And I especially love accessorizing overalls (I’m sorry that I keep switching from overalls to dungarees, I can’t decide what I like more lol). I made a cheeky little Zara order not long ago and I’m wearing two of the pieces here. First is this straw hat that I had in my cart for (I kid you not) months. I just couldn’t justify ordering it by itself, I don’t know why. It didn’t seem worth the trouble, I guess? I told myself that I’ll order it if I find something else that I like – and low and behold, I found more than one thing that I LOVED ha-ha. ZARA HAD SHOES IN SIZE 5 Y’ALL. I really thought it was more of a rarity but the more I looked, the more options I saw! I almost went absolutely crazy and ordered them all but I behaved and stuck with two pairs this time around. I’m also noticing that size 5s are one of the first sizes to completely sell out, which is kind of stressful but I can’t say that I don’t understand why lol. All I can say is that I am fully aware that I can buy a variety of shoes from Zara now and I’m super happy about it. The pair that I’m wearing with this outfit are these heeled… flip flops? But they’re puffy? My boyfriend said that they look like I’m wearing donuts on my feet and he’s not wrong. I’m obsessed with them though. Cutie donut sandals? Sign me up! I can understand why they might not be something everyone is into, but that just makes me love them more tbh! If you’re curious about the other pair of shoes that I picked up, stay tuned! They’ll be in my next blog post!

The jewelry that I’m wearing is the same as usual. I’ll spare you all the details because I feel like I broken record at this point. If you’re new here, this is the perfect opportunity to check out my other blog posts *wink face*! I will take this as an opportunity to plug our new business! My sister and I started a beaded jewelry business together called “Never Skip a Bead”. As of today, we will be officially launching and accepting orders in 6 days! It’s unreal. I can’t believe it. If you don’t like the pieces that I’m wearing here or on our Instagram, we have TONS of ideas up our sleeves! I think we’ll eventually have a style for everyone. If you’re interested in cute jewelry and supporting a small business, go to @neverskipabead on Instagram! We’re also on Facebook!

HAT + SHOES – Zara
BAG – See by Chloe at Nordstrom
Jewelry – Never Skip a Bead

Okie dokie! That’s it, that’s all! Congrats on making it until Wednesday! It was a long weekend here in Canada because of Victoria Day, so we have a 4-day work week. The weekend will be here again sooner than you know it! If you don’t hear from me until next week (because I typically try to post on the weekend), it’s because I’ll be doing a lot of focusing on Never Skip a Bead and preparing for our big launch. Perhaps in my next post I’ll introduce you to the brand? We shall see!

Thank you for reading! I appreciate the time you take to read my poor writing. Enjoy the rest of your week, and stay safe!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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