On the Fringe of Summer

Happy long weekend, everyone! What are you up to this weekend? I wanna know in the comment section below! I’ll be at home because Toronto is still under stay-at-home orders. I guess that means that I’ll live vicariously through your plans ha-ha. It’s okay though. I have a lot of beading to do!

Today’s outfit post is from a week or so ago. It was before all of this beautiful weather we’ve had so if you live in Toronto and am wondering how I’m so covered/layered up, it’s because it was during those cloudy/rainy weeks. I recently ordered this cream fringe jacket from Topshop at The Bay. The Hudson’s Bay has officially announced that it will no longer be selling Topshop at their stores since Topshop’s been bought by ASOS/claimed bankruptcy. It’s so sad but I thought that I should probably get something from the “Petite” section because I have no idea where I’ll be able to shop trendy petite items once they’ve gone. The rest of the outfit is from work. You probably could have guessed that. “The Doors” graphic t-shirt that I’m wearing was an online return to our store. Even though it’s pretty long, I had to have it. Maybe I’ll wear it as a dress? All of our graphic t-shirts at Free People are unbelievably soft. I think they’re the best, and I’m not just saying that because I work there! The jeans I’m wearing are Levi’s and they were also a return. I think they’re the “High Loose” style. I really like baggy jeans at the moment. They’re comfortable and I think it’s obvious that that’s what I’m all about right now. I will admit to having to hem this pair though. I couldn’t walk in them and if I had tried, I definitely would have face-planted. I swear I had to cut off at least 4 inches. But look at them! They fit perfectly now! I probably could tighten the waist a bit and I’ve seen some hacks on TikTok that I want to try, but I’m also worried about ruining them. Have any of you ever tried jeans hacks? Were you successful?

Crocs and these jeans were not my first choice, I’ll admit. But I think they kind of work! How are we feeling about the Crocs comeback? I know I talked about them in my last blog post so you know where I stand. They’re seriously my go-to shoe at the moment. It’s shocking how these pink babies go with almost everything. I love them so much that I’m in the process of finding some neat charms! Or are they called Jibbitz? If you’re in the market for some, I highly recommend Etsy. They have some really cute and unique ones. Ones that will make you stand out from the rest, you know? (Sorry I’m so annoying lol) Anyways, enough talk about accessorizing my Crocs. Once I receive the ones I’ve ordered online, I’ll be sure to write a blog post about them – don’t you worry ha-ha! The accessories that I chose for this outfit are the ones I basically wear with every outfit. A little bit of BonBonWhims, Neon Afternoon, VibeSzn, and my and my sister’s new little brand: Never Skip a Bead! On Tuesday, June 1st we’ll be taking orders! Please follow our Instagram @neverskipabead if you haven’t already! I’ve put so much time and effort into this that I really hope we get at least one order. That would make me happy.

And finally, I brought Frankie out again! This is the patchwork “Donna” bag from Nunoo that I got either last year or the year before for my birthday. It’s funny because my boyfriend and I have kind of made it a tradition to get me a new Nunoo bag for my birthday every year. I mean it makes things easy for him and I couldn’t be happier. You all know how I much I love Nunoo. They’re the only bags I wear! I recommend them to anyone that wants a unique and colourful bag. There’s nothing like them and that’s what I love most. Who wants to look like everybody else?

GRAPHIC TEE – Free People
FRINGE JACKET – Topshop at The Hudson’s Bay
JEANS – Levi’s at Free People
SHOES – Crocs
BAG – Nunoo
JEWELRY – Never Skip a Bead, Neon Afternoon, VibeSzn and BonBonWhims
SUNGLASSES – Free People

I feel like I should have had more to share today but I don’t think there’s anything new with me. I’ve just been working on Never Skip a Bead stuff and watching a lot of The Boys. It’s on Amazon Prime and it’s two seasons that I finished in a week. I think that if I finished it that fast, that should tell you how good it is. I highly recommend it if you like anything superhero-related. What have you been watching lately? I also just finished Shadow and Bone and completely fell in love with it. I bought all three books to the series, plus the side story about the crow or something. I haven’t started it yet so forgive me if I sound like a total noob to the Grishaverse (it’s because I am). I do plan on starting the first book today though and I’m SUPER excited. I also watched Halston on Netflix and that was really good, too. Anyways, please leave your recommendations in the comment section. I’m doing a full day of beading on Sunday (tomorrow) and I feel like I accomplish more if I’m watching something really good while doing it!

I hope you’re all safe and well!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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  1. Hi there, are you selling your purse by chance? If so I would love to purchase it from you! Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Unfortunately, I’m not – I’m sorry!


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