Once and Flor-al

HOLY NICE WEATHER! This past weekend here in Toronto, we received the most beautiful weather that I have been impatiently waiting for. It was so sunny and warm, and I’m 110% ready for summer now. The weather has been great ever since! *knocks on wood* I really think we got rid of those rainy/gloomy weeks once and for all.

Now I’m sure you know I didn’t let all of this nice weather go to waste. I obviously had to get some outfit photos. I can’t wait to show you the outfits that I captured this weekend. My boyfriend was such a good sport and agreed to shoot TWO outfits in ONE day. They turned out great! I mean, we got some fresh air, exercise, and some great shots so I think him and I both won. My boyfriend also picked up an antique lamp that was sitting on the side of the road for free. If we didn’t go out to take photos, he wouldn’t have found that either! The photos in today’s post are not from this weekend but I do hope you’ll come back to see when I do post those looks (it’ll probably be in the next week or so).

Today’s outfit photos were shot a couple weeks ago at my sister’s. We surprised my mom for her 55th birthday! She didn’t see it coming at all. My cute little Filipino mom cried. It was great lol. I wore this outfit and I think I want to wear denim shorts with dresses more often. It’s so unexpected but it’s actually kind of genius (especially since it was a little too breezy/chilly to have completely bare legs at the time). Both the dress and the shorts are from work A.K.A. Free People. The white t-shirt underneath is also from Free People. I guess I have a lot of layering going on but it was chilly! And I was trying to manifest the beautiful weather that we now have (you’re welcome lol)! What I love most about this look is how this dress has buttons all up the front. With the white tee and the shorts, the dress seems more of like a kimono/duster or a simple layering piece than a dress… but it also still looks like a dress? I’m honestly just really feeling this look and I’m struggling to explain why. It just goes, ok?!

I had a ton of fun accessorizing this look and you’ll soon find out why. I think my favourite part is the jewelry! I’m wearing this adorable necklace that I picked up from a Toronto seller on Instagram. Her username is @sundayoddities and her pieces are bloody ADORABLE. I love this pink and yellow combination. It’s also so beautifully made. I paired it with this necklace that’s easily becoming my constant go-to necklace, the Gemini pendant necklace from VibeSzn. The rings I’m wearing are many that you’ve seen before. I have the blue @neonafternoon ring and my initial ring from @bonbonwhims. And last but not least, the dainty beaded flower rings are ones that I made myself! This is part of mine and my sister’s brand, Never Skip a Bead (@neverskipabead on IG). We have officially announced as of yesterday that we will be taking orders and sharing all of our pieces on Tuesday, June 1st. We’re super excited to share them with everyone. I hope y’all like them. We worked really hard to get all this together and ready for the beginning June and I honestly can’t believe it’s happening! I never thought I’d start my own business. It seemed super daunting. But with these beaded pieces that I absolutely love to make and find so joyful, I think this is perfect! I don’t know how long our business will last. I’m not sure how long beaded jewelry will remain popular but it’s all a journey! We’ll figure it out.

The final few pieces to this outfit are probably familiar. I’m wearing my pink Crocs from the Junior’s section lol. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love these shoes. They’re so fun! Bubble gum pink is going to be huge this season and that makes me love them even more. And not only are they cute, but they’re insanely comfy. I go to work in my Crocs and it’s changed my life. My feet don’t get sore! Crocs are making a comeback and honestly, take advantage of this! These are the comfiest shoes, ever. Last but not least, and if you’ve read my blog posts before you know her name, I wore “Pearl”. My cute little Saki Nunoo bag that reminds me of a little clam. My boyfriend and I named her Pearl and I think it’s the cutest name we’ve ever come up with for one of my bags ha-ha. OH! I forgot to mention the sunglasses. They’re (again) from Free People. If you search for cat-eye sunglasses on their website, I’m sure you’ll find them or at least something similar!

WHITE T-SHIRT – Free People
FLORAL DRESS – Free People
DENIM SHORTS – Free People
SHOES – Crocs
BAG – Nunoo
JEWELRY – Sunday Oddities, Neon Afternoon, BonBonWhims, VibeSzn and Never Skip a Bead
SUNGLASSES – Free People

If you didn’t read my last post, it’ll be news to you that I’m partially vaccinated! I got my first shot this past Friday and get my second in September. It’s really kind of shocking that there’s such a large gap between doses, but it is what it is. I’m glad I’m a little more protected now. For those that might be curious, I got Pfizer. And the only side effect that I experienced was a sore arm. I can definitely admit that I worked myself up for nothing. I was really scared that I was going to get a fever or something that would have left me bedridden all weekend long. But that wasn’t the case! I got to enjoy the beautiful weather and I won’t lie, I feel a little safer now. Maybe it’s all in my head but it is a relief. However, even though I’m vaccinated, I’m still going to continue to do everything that I was doing pre-vaccination. You just can’t be too sure and there’s a second dose for a reason.

Anyways, I hope most of you have had the opportunity to get vaccinated. Or will hopefully get an appointment soon. Maybe it’s all the sun I’ve had these past few days, but I feel something in the air. I really feel like things are moving in the right direction! Things might feel more normal again soon? Here’s to hoping!

Stay safe and until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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