Tripod Test: A Series

I always see these girls on Instagram talking about taking their tripods outside with them and getting their content, and their photos turn out SO WELL. It seemed pretty straight-forward. I have a remote that connects to my phone via Bluetooth so I thought that would also make things a little easier. All I have to do is set up a tripod with my iPhone/camera, pose in some way, click the button on the remote, and there ya have it! Sounds like a piece of cake, right? This is obviously only how I imagined it would be. It didn’t turn out that way at all.

The tripod was not on level ground. It was really windy. My phone had some focusing issues and it was really hard to not make it obvious that I had a remote in my hand! It was a hot mess. I definitely need some practice. Or if any of you have some tips and tricks, please let me know. I need all the help I can get! It was such a sad attempt lol.

I also had a father and son playing basketball a few metres away, so that was awkward. I probably looked absolutely ridiculous because I was clearly confused and had no idea what I was doing while still trying my best to look cute for camera lol. Luckily, I still managed to get some photos! They’re shot really close. I think you can tell I’m freezing, but I’ll let you tell me what you think in the comment section below.

Here’s the “tripod test”:

The look was based on me just wanting to bust out my spring/summer dresses. I think I was an eager beaver because like I said, I was freezing. For the outfit, I wore this oatmeal-coloured turtleneck from TOPSHOP years ago. On top, I wore this lime green/yellow-y floral print dress that I got from TOPSHOP Petite last year. It’s not only one of the cutest dresses in my wardrobe but it’s the perfect length. I LOVE TOPSHOP PETITE. It breaks my heart that TOPSHOP went bankrupt and that I’ll no longer be able to buy their pieces. It’s still such a shock. I worked for TOPSHOP for 5 years!!! Does anyone know where I can get similar pieces? Some trendy and affordable petite clothing? I’m kind of lost now.

For the rest of the outfit, I just have accessories. You guys know how much I love my accessories! This look needed a hat so I chose this baseball cap that I thrifted. It’s such a comfortable hat. I love that it’s denim. I don’t know what “Carnival” means but that’s kind of cool? I wore my pearls from Amazon. I think by saying they’re from Amazon you know they’re not real lol. I wore my BonBonWhims rings (duh). I’m still very much obsessed. And last but not least, a “Tiny In Toronto look” would not be complete without a Nunoo bag. This one is “Pearl” because she looks like a pastel blue clam.

HAT – Thrifted



BAG – Nunoo


That’s it! That’s the look. I hope you liked my little “tripod test”. I definitely plan on working on my technique/skills (or lack there of). Again, if you do this, please teach me your ways. I guess I should probably find level ground to start off with. But like, how do I get my phone to focus? And is it better to just use a self timer than a clicker/remote? I need answers!!!

I hope you’re all safe and well. The number of cases that we have in Ontario is getting scarier by the day. It looks like we might go into a full lockdown again and I’m not sure how I feel. If you’re feeling similar, know that you’re not alone! We’re in this together. Vaccines are slowwwwly getting distributed but at least they’re getting distributed! We’ll get there, we just have to stay positive.

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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