I can’t believe I haven’t had time to share this with y’all sooner! I may have mentioned it in a previous blog post but I’d like to officially introduce this project that Julia and I have worked so very hard on: The Books Office Podcast

Julia has been a friend of mine for a while now. We first met when I was a Personal Shopper at Topshop. She was one of my clients that I really connected with. When I left, we stayed in touch and have been friends ever since! Something we’ve really bonded over is BOOKS, and we’re even in a book club together. One of the few things I get most excited for is book club every month and Julia runs it herself. Earlier in the year she approached me with this fabulous idea of starting a podcast together. We would also talk during our book club meetings about what we were currently watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+, etc. And she came up with this amazing idea of starting a podcast based on books and their movie or TV show adaptations! We had also just finished watching Bridgerton and had recently found out that it was a book series, so that’s where it all began!

This past Monday we uploaded our THIRD episode. I honestly can’t believe we’ve already shared 3 episodes of our podcast to the public – it’s crazy! But the feedback we’ve gotten has been wonderful and I would love for y’all to check it out. Our first episode is obviously about Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. In every episode, we read the book and watch the TV show or movie, then review and compare them. At the end, we answer the question: Was the book actually better? Before the podcast, we had always assumed that the book was always better. Now we’re doing the research through each episode we create and it’s so much fun. We tell each other after each episode recording that we wish this was our job. And maybe one day it might be?

Anyways, I would love if you’d give our podcast a listen! You can follow us on Instagram: @thebooksofficepod If you’ve read or watched Firefly Lane or The Queen’s Gambit, you should give our other episodes a listen, too!

I’ll leave a link to our podcast here:

You should be able to listen to it wherever you listen to your podcasts!

ALSO, I want to shoutout Julia’s boyfriend, Alex, for doing all the tech-y/editing a tuff for us! We wouldn’t have done any of this without him! He makes each episode sound SO GOOD. He also made our jingle himself! If you need anything like that, message him on IG: @fuchsanator

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a great weekend!

– Tiny ❤

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