Welcome Home, Beautiful

I think it’s quite obvious to those that have been following my blog for a while that I have a HUGE obsession with handbags. Anyone that knows me knows that I treat them like people. They’re my best friends. They all deserve to be treated in the best way possible. This vintage bag that I recently ordered from Singulier in Montréal is no exception.

This gorgeous, stunning, beautiful red bag with flowers made out of pearl beads is a work of art. I love that she’s vintage and one of a kind. She’s the latest addition to my handbag collection and I just thought that she deserved her own blog post, and a warm welcome.

I had been eyeing Singulier’s Instagram account for months now (@singuliermtl), and I was waiting for the perfect piece to catch my eye. There are so many beautiful finds on her website that it’s so hard to pick one. I love her taste and the way she curates her stuff. If you’d like to check out Singulier’s website, I’ll link it here: https://singuliermtl.com

So after buying this bag, I realized that it could be a little more difficult than I thought to style her (at least with my winter clothes). I think she’s going to thrive in the spring and summer, and that’s why in this outfit I’m wearing bicycle shorts. I feel like bicycle shorts are like the sweatpants of the spring/summer. What do you guys think? I can’t wait to wear them again! They’re so comfortable and flattering, and they look good with practically every kind of top (graphic t-shirts, blazers, blouses, crew necks, knitted sweaters, etc.)!

For this outfit, I wore these black bicycle shorts that I got from Topshop when I worked there. They have this sheen to them that make them feel a little more “dressed up” than other bicycle shorts. Do you know what I mean? Your typical bicycle shorts are made out of spandex or whatever but these look like you could wear them more than just casually. Like, these are “date night” bike shorts. Well okay, maybe that’s a stretch but I think you get my point. The top that I chose is this thrifted button-up (or is it button-down?) that my boyfriend picked up for himself while we shopped at Value Village back in the day, but I ended up taking it home with me instead ha-ha. Am I the only one that steals their boyfriend’s clothes? A perk to being tiny is that literally everything is oversized no matter what. So I feel like that makes it easier for me to wear his stuff and get away with it.

Some of these photos are with a bucket hat and some are without. The accessories were a tough call for this look. I mean, I wasn’t even going to leave my apartment looking like this. It’s way too cold for it. My brain isn’t completely in spring mode yet but let me tell you, I’m here for it. I am READY. The bucket hat is by the brand Kangol, and I picked it up at work. Free People carries a lot of Kangol hats as you guys might remember from my previous blog posts. I have a couple of other hats by the same brand that I ordered from Free People online.

The shoes I chose are my cowboy boots. I missed these boots so much! I have TWO pairs. Remember when I wore my cowboy boots all the time? They started to hurt to wear while working full 9-hour shifts so I stopped. But now that it’s almost spring time again, I want to try to incorporate them more often! I love how different they are and I think a lot of people still aren’t as open to the idea of wearing them. I like the little niche that it is. The rest of the accessories are jewelry. The rings that I’m wearing are what I absolutely have to share with y’all. They’re by this Instagram account that I stumbled upon: @thebonbonwhimsclub! Her jewelry is so fun and different. I noticed a trend forming around these colourful plastic rings and I became obsessed! My only problem was that I couldn’t find a brand that offered them in a size that would fit my tiny little fingers. Have you heard of La Manso? Their smallest size was like, two sizes too big for my fingers. Everything would be too big! BonBonWhims is perfect. The size range is fantastic and will definitely fit close to everyone. I got this orange heart ring with the letter ‘A’ in the center. I honestly can’t get enough of it. I also got this clear dome ring with glitter inside. Ugh, it’s so cute. She has a ton of other accessories, too! I just ordered some earrings that I can’t wait to get here (Kylie Jenner was seen wearing them NBD). If you would like to check out her website, I’ll leave it here: https://bonbonwhims.com

Be warned, you’ll be adding EVERYTHING to your cart because her pieces are so dang cute. I actually had to refrain from buying a necklace as well.

BUCKET HAT – Kangol at Free People

TOP – Thrfited at Value Village

SHORTS – Topshop

BAG – Singulier Montréal

BOOTS – Thrifted in Montréal

JEWELRY – BonBonWhims

Even though I had nowhere to go to in this outfit, I’ve been dreaming of warmer days a lot lately. I can’t wait to stuff my winter coats to the back of my closet. Exposing my legs here was maybe me trying to manifest something lol. How bad do you want spring to get here? Am I the only one? This has probably been one of the sunniest and warmest weeks so far for us here in Toronto, so maybe spring is sooner than we think!

I hope you’re all having a great week!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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