Julia Roberts-inspired 90s Look

I have something new and a bit more fun to share with you today! I’m actually kind of shocked with the response I got when I posted these photos on my Instagram. I didn’t think people would actually enjoy them lol. I thought I seemed like a huge dork for trying to recreate these outdated(?) outfits. But then again, I feel like the 90s are still making a comeback.

So as the title says, I was inspired by Julia Roberts. I don’t know how it began but I have been watching a lot of her movies from the 90s and I’m freaking obsessed with how effortlessly cool she looks! The outfits are so chic! I am now on the hunt for the perfect black blazer. I need one. It’s definitely a staple in the 90s Julia Roberts wardrobe and I can see myself incorporating one with a ton of stuff already in mine.

The Julia Roberts look that I chose to recreate is this one from Notting Hill. Have you seen it? It’s definitely one of my faves and you should watch it if you haven’t already. Here’s a photo of the look:

For this outfit I chose these baggy trousers that I think have the same silhouette even though they’re a lighter grey than her charcoal pinstripe ones. I have Vans that are super similar to hers as well, but I went with my checkered slip-ons because mine with the laces look like absolute rubbish. If you own Vans, do your laces turn blue? My white laces are completely dyed from the black material on the sneakers. I know it sounds strange but it happens every time! I’ve bought two pairs so maybe that’s not enough to say “every”, but I’m sticking to their canvas slip-ons from now on.

The top portion of this outfit was super easy to recreate because I have this leather blazer-type jacket that I got from Topshop when I worked there. (By the way, the trousers are also from Topshop.) It also has a belt so I found that helpful to recreate Julia’s jacket’s silhouette. Hers looked a little more cinched at the waist. Underneath I wore a plain white t-shirt (picked up from work A.K.A. Free People). I then added all the accessories: a black beret, sunglasses, and a bag! The beret is from Topshop. It’s the perfect black beret if I do say so myself. The sunglasses and the bag are thrifted. I picked them up from Talize and Value Village.

BERET – Topshop


JACKET – Topshop

T-SHIRT – Free People

TROUSERS – Topshop Petite


BAG – Value Village

I honestly can’t wait for the day where I can visit thrift stores again. I’m trying to not spend my money on clothes that aren’t from Free People or thrifted. Why? Because I need to wear the brand for work, and thrifting is so much more fun! I love having a piece that is less likely to be in anyone else’s closet.

Anyways, that’s it for my Julia Roberts look! I hope you like it. It was a lot simpler and easier to recreate than other looks, but I definitely want to try to recreate more! It’s fun and it makes me dig in my wardrobe and realize that I have a ton of pieces in there that I’ve forgotten about.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend, and stay safe!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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  1. so pretty!


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