A Beanie Baby

Welcome back! A new week means a couple more blog posts to share. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to post on Wednesdays and Saturdays. One of my goals for the year is to consistently post on my blog (at least twice a week). I’ve been doing pretty well so far, don’t cha think?!

The only thing is that I only have outfit posts to share. Are we sick of them? Are they no longer exciting? I’m sorry to say this, but I have another one to share today! I loved this outfit. I seem to only get content when I’m visiting my boyfriend but that’s okay. He’s my favourite photographer in the world!

If you’re wondering the meaning behind the title of today’s post, it’s because I made this chunky beanie myself! I bought this kit from Wool and the Gang and it came with a pattern, some needles, and a ball of their “crazy sexy wool”. I really liked how convenient it was and it was so easy to make if you already know how to knit. The colour is also this beautiful deep purple/burgundy. I’m so happy with it! These photos are taken the day after I finished it. I just couldn’t wait!

In regards to the rest of the outfit, I have another new wardrobe addition to share. It’s this pair of jeans!!! I don’t even know if they can qualify as jeans because they’re made out of this jean-like material and have a drawstring at the waist. They’re also wide-legged/baggy and comfortable. They’re the best jeans I could ever own right now lol. These jeans are from Free People and I’ve had my eyes on them for literally weeks. I wasn’t sure if I was buying them because I’ve put on some pounds and need pants that fit, or if I genuinely liked them. I do genuinely like them! Baggy jeans are something you’re going to see a lot of this year. Not only does it just make sense with the pandemic and multiple lockdowns we’ve had to endure (comfort is all we care about right now), but they’re “a look”! They’re very early 2000s, and we’re seeing the trends from the 2000s really make a comeback. If you’re interested in these pants/jeans, I’ll link a similar pair here (mine have sold out): https://www.freepeople.com/shop/margate-pleated-denim-trouser?color=045

You can’t see the top I’m wearing but it’s this really pretty long sleeve that I picked up a while ago from Free People. The jacket is another steal I got from Urban Outfitters. This was last year when they do they’re additional 40% off sale or something crazy like that. I got this jacket for an amazing price and I’m so happy I didn’t just walk away from it. I love it so much! I love that it’s patent and in this beautiful chocolate-y brown colour. The faux shearling is a great touch as well.

For accessories, I haven’t really mixed it up. This means that maybe I should going forward? I’m still carrying that amazing bday gift that my boyfriend got me last year. I’m talking about the patchwork Donna bag from Nunoo. I’m actually quite shocked that I haven’t ordered any Nunoo bags lately! I’ll be honest, I have a few in my cart on their website but I haven’t pressed the button! I’m trying to be good but I have a feeling they’re going to come out with a new bag that I just can’t refuse. C’est la vie! The jewelry I’m wearing is quite hidden but you won’t be shocked to know that it’s all Mejuri – except for my necklace! Monica Vinader reached out to me to partner with them and they sent me a gift! I’ll have more about this in my next post.

The shoes that I’m wearing are a pair of Doc Martens. I’m pretty sure I wore them in my last post so I won’t say much more about them. They’re just these chunky deep cherry red (or oxblood?) Docs that I love. They have zippers so they’re super easy to put on and take off!

HATknitted by yours truly

TOP – Free People

JACKET – Urban Outfitters

JEANS – Free People

BOOTS – Dr Marten at Free People

BAG – Nunoo


That’s it from me! I’m hoping to mix things up a bit in the upcoming weeks. I have some books that should be read, so maybe I’ll have a book review? For those of you that don’t follow me on Instagram, I’d like to share with you that my friend Julia and I are working on a podcast that is set to launch on March 1st! If you love books as much as I do, I think you’ll enjoy listening to @thebooksofficepod! It’s about books and their movie or TV adaptations, and whether or not the book is always better! Give us a follow!

Hope you’re having a fabulous Wednesday!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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