Bandana Girl Summer

I don’t even know where to begin to update you guys! First, I was out of internet for about a week because something happened and we had made an appointment to get it fixed, but then they never showed up. We waited about 5 days for internet and when they never showed up, we decided to change internet providers lol. Then it took another few days to get them to come and install all their internet stuff, so it was quite a process and I couldn’t really post anything unless I wanted to use my cellular data! I did post some Instagram stories but for the most part, I couldn’t really do anything. I did get a lot of crocheting done though! I’m currently in the country/county to help my sister with a few things. She’s having a baby shower soon (that I’ve been designated to organize!) so I’m up here for a couple of days to figure that out. It’s nice to be out here in the middle of nowhere. I’ve got some down time to catch up on my blog and Instagram. I might read in her big back yard (I was told there’s a hammock somewhere). My sister also has two dogs and they’re the cutest and most affectionate little boys ever. I don’t know if I’ve said this in a previous blog post before but I REALLY WANT A DOG. I think I would be such a good dog mum! I hope to maybe be in the right place to get a dog within the next couple of years? My fingers are crossed. I would honestly adopt any dog. I just want to make sure that I’ll be able to give it the best life!

Anyways, today I have another outfit post! These photos were taken a little while ago (like, pre-internet fiasco) but I want to share them anyway! I love sharing my outfits. I feel like my blog is not only my blog but also a diary of all of my past outfits that I can look back on and say, “OMG. What was I thinking?!” Will this outfit be one of them? Probably! Who remembers in the early 2000s when bandanas were EVERYWHERE? I had so many headbands that had a piece of fabric attached to them to make them look like a full-on bandana. It was such a lazy way to wear the trend but it was also like, a genius idea. (I’d actually kill to still have one today tbh.)

Seeing that this trend was having a comeback made me so excited! It’s nostalgic for me and I was beyond happy that Free People carried some really cute ones! I work at Free People (most of you probably already know this) and was able to get a discount on them! I got this cream one with blue flowers that I’m wearing in these photos. And I also got this black one with some white/pink-y flowers? I can’t remember the black one exactly but I’m equally obsessed with the both of them. I find that this cream one is more summer-y and easy to wear right now. I’ll probably be wearing the black one more towards the fall season.

For the rest of the outfit, I wore one of the only pairs of jeans that fit me right now. I know I’ve shared with you that I’ve put on some quarantine pounds and I’m working to fit back into all of my old jeans, but for now this is it. They’re from TOPSHOP and I’m not sure if they still carry this style of jeans but they’re their “Crop” jean, and I love the wide leg/baggy-ness of them! The ruffled top that I’m wearing is kind of crocheted and very on trend for this season. I got it from a thrift store for $7! I love it! The sweater/jacket is called the Ruby jacket from Free People. It’s so easy to throw on on top of everything. It’s one of my go-tos. The colour of it is my favourite. It’s like a green/grey colour and surprisingly compliments almost everything in my wardrobe. For shoes, I wore my trusty Birkenstocks. I think these are my most worn shoe of the summer. They’re so comfortable and go with absolutely everything. I can also work a full shift in them and not have my feet hurt, so they’re perfect! The bag I’m wearing is a new favourite from my favourite handbag brand: Nunoo. This is the “Saki” style. I think I’ve talked about it before but if I haven’t, you’re going to hear more about her in my August Favourites video + blog post! Stay tuned for that!

Before I sign off, I want to apologize for my absence. I think I’m probably more upset than you guys that I haven’t been able to be consistent. But life happens and at least I am able to get back on track now! I have so many videos that I’ve recorded that just need to be edited. I’m also a little backed up in outfit photos (which is never a bad thing!) so I have tons to share with you guys! I’ve also lost a lot of hours at work so I’m going to be home a lot more often (again). It’s nice but I also need money, you know? Like I said, life happens. You just have to make the best of it!

Hope you’re all doing well and making the best of it, too!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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