Safari Sunday

Welcome to a new week, and a new outfit post! These little photoshoots with my boyfriend have been something I’ve really grown to love. We started this while in quarantine and I think it’s been such a cute and different way of bonding with each other. I know I’m getting some pretty awesome content out of it, but I love collaborating with him and I feel like I’ve grown in the sense that I no longer feel as self-conscious around him. Before, I felt so stiff and was pretty anxious about him looking directly at me through the camera’s lens. Now I feel more confident! He can look at me and all my angles, and I’m not worried in the slightest. I know he loves me for me.

I know I’m sounding pretty corny so I’ll move on to why we’re all here! This outfit that I have to share with you today gives me huge safari vibes. Or maybe the zoo? Honestly, what’s the difference? I just think this would be a great outfit to see some pandas in. I think what really screams “I’m going to a zoo” is the tiger blouse. It’s one of my favourite blouses from TOPSHOP that I got years ago. It’s in great condition and I think TOPSHOP’s quality of their blouses is definitely not like this anymore.

The other part of this outfit that screams “I’m going to a zoo” is this straw visor. I really just think of tourists in general when I see visors of any sort. The funny thing is that they’re becoming a trend lol. I had been specifically looking for a straw visor for a few months now and was hoping to maybe find one at a thrift store or something. I unfortunately couldn’t really go to a thrift store during this pandemic and when they started to open back up, I still couldn’t find one. This straw visor that I’m wearing was purchased online from Free People. I had never ordered from “us” (I work for Free People) online before but because we weren’t open, I had no other choice. I love the accessories at Free People. I think part of me didn’t want to order online because I knew that I’d get distracted and want all the pretty things! Anyways, I bought the visor for $30? That might be in USD. Whether it was $30 or more, I’m obsessed with it. I’ve been wearing it to the park because it’s so perfect for blocking out the sun when I’m reading!

For the rest of the outfit, I wore these sweatshorts? Are they even a thing? They’re basically these Bermuda/board shorts in a sweatpant material and I freaking love them. They’re so comfy (and so perfect for walking around at the zoo lol). These shorts and the tube top that I am wearing are both from the TOPSHOP Petite section. I mean, at this point, you guys could have guessed that, no lol? The bag I wore (for this nonexistent trip to the zoo) was this tortoiseshell bag made with this translucent plastic material and with the cutest chain strap. I needed a new pair of white Converse this summer because my last pair was far from white and had a tear/hole where the rubber meets the canvas. I don’t know what it is but I need these shoes to dim their “whiteness” a little lol. Do you ever find your new white sneakers a little too white? I just want a good common ground between them being new and being completely destroyed ha-ha. I just love that look of sneakers when they’ve been “well-loved”, you know?

That brings us to the end of today’s post. I hope you guys have a fabulous week. Enjoy that sunshine and make sure you’re still being safe out there! (WEAR A MASK!)

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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