Ways to Wear: A Bomber Jacket

One of my favourite light jackets to wear during the Spring and Summer is the bomber jacket. I know it seems way too hot in Toronto (I think they’re calling it a heat wave?) to think about wearing any type of jacket right now, but think about those cooler Summer nights? Rainy days like today?

This year I had to replace a bomber jacket that I regretted selling to Plato’s Closet. When the weather started requiring a light jacket again, I immediately wished I still had one! So I went online and ordered this navy cropped bomber jacket from the Petite section at TOPSHOP, and it fits perfectly. I know I say this all the time but their Petite section is such a blessing for me! I don’t have to alter any of their Petite pieces and it’s so satisfying.

For today’s blog post, I’ve put together 6 outfits to show you how I plan on styling my new bomber jacket and how there are generally so many ways that you can style it! I think it’s a great piece to add to your wardrobe. I will actually go as far as to say that I think a bomber jacket should be a wardrobe staple!

Here are some of the ways that I like styling bomber jackets:

Outfit #1: I’ve just noticed that the first half of theses outfits all have a piece of athleisure and I didn’t even plan it. In this first outfit, I wore a pair of neon running shorts that I purchased from Free People’s Movement line (@fpmovement on Instagram). This is literally the only neon piece of clothing that I own and I love them. Not only are they a statement but they’re so comfy! To dress them up a bit, I added my favourite navy blouse that’s covered in tigers. For shoes, I wore these grey heeled sandals that I’ve had for such a long time. I’m surprised that they’ve held on for this long but I’m also pretty impressed since I got them from TOPSHOP about 4 years ago. I wore these antique earrings that I thrifted and layered some gold necklaces for accessories. And obviously, I completed the look with the reason we’re all here today: a cropped navy bomber jacket!

Outfit #2: To balance the puffiness of the bomber jacket, I wore these cute light blue leggings that are also from Free People’s Movement line. I think that the fitted bottom balances out the bulkiness of the jacket in this outfit. I also like that they’re both shades of blue! For a top, I wore this white shortsleeved shirt that’s also from Free People. I wanted to add more colour so I added some contrasting colours to this look with my pink Nunoo bag and my green heels from TOPSHOP. This is probably one of my favourite looks. I like how the heels and the heart shaped pearl earrings dress up such a casual look!

Outfit #3: The last sporty look includes my favourite white sneakers from SSense. They’re by Adidas and I love how they look with white tube socks. It’s very retro! This look was inspired by all those photos that have resurfaced of Princess Diana. She was a big fan of the oversized crewneck sweater. The one I’m wearing underneath my bomber was thrifted from Value Village and I just love the colour. The jeans I’m wearing are Petite “Mom” jeans from TOPSHOP. For accessories, I wore my gold rope chain necklace from Durumi (@thedurumi on Instagram), gold hoops from Joe Fresh (they were only $10!!!), and a hat I got for Christmas from my brother a few years ago!

Outfit #4: If you guys know me, you know that I had to pair the bomber jacket with my cowboy boots in some way. I wore this pinafore dress that has a navy check print because I thought it matched the bomber jacket. I’m not sure if you guys will remember this but I got this dress from TOPSHOP a few months ago because I saw Emma Roberts wearing it lol. I’m a huge fan of hers. I layered some necklaces and wore the same gold hoop earrings from Joe Fresh and finally, threw on the cowboy boots I brought back from Montreal last Summer!

Outfit #5: This is another one of my favourite looks! I can’t wait to wear this one out in the wild ha-ha. I love this black tennis skirt from Aritzia last Summer. I love the preppy look so I had to pair it with a plain white t-shirt and my favourite sweater vest from Durumi. For shoes, I wore the same sneakers as before with the white tube socks. I added a black velvet headband and my “A” pendant necklace (both from Amazon), wore the same gold hoop earrings from Joe Fresh (again), and all that was left was the bomber jacket! I think this jacket compliments the look so well.

Outfit #6: I think I’d wear this outfit if I had errands during the day and a party/dinner/somewhere to be at night. It’s casual but has the potential of being kind of fancy/sexy? Are ripped jeans still a thing? This is my favourite pair from TOPSHOP. I paired them with these fake snakeskin boots that are also from TOPSHOP. The cute crop top that zips up the front is also from TOPSHOP, and you know what else? The silver hoops that I’m wearing are again, from TOPSHOP lol. I think the whole look is from TOPSHOP! Well everything but the bag. The bag is my latest Nunoo to my collection. I’m completely in love with her! If you know me, I am a Nunoo girl. By that I mean that I am obsessed with all of their designs. If you haven’t checked out their website, I highly suggest you check it out now!

And that concludes my exciting new blog post! I really liked putting this post together and I thought it was going to be a lot more work than what it was. If you would like to see a similar post but with a different item from your wardrobe, please let me know in the comment section below! It’s fun to put together looks! It tests my creativity and gives me outfit ideas to wear to work once quarantine is over.

I hope you’re all still safe and doing well!

– Tiny ❤

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