Tiny’s Trend Watch: Spring/Summer 2020 Accessories

I thought that since I’ve shared the clothing trends that I’m excited for this Spring/Summer season, I’d share the accessories as well! I also want to do a video because I think I might already have some jewelry and accessories that might be perfect for these trends! If not, this is just another excuse to go thrifting, right? (although since we’re all supposed to be self-isolating, maybe that won’t be happening anytime soon)

Now this post will be kind of different compared to the clothing trends because “accessories” is a very broad word/category. We’ve got bags (my personal favourite as you guys already know lol), shoes, belts, jewelry, etc.!

Here are the Spring/Summer 2020 accessory trends!

BAGS (obviously we’re starting off with the accessory I love most!)

  • Oversized bags (the bigger, the better!) – I think this is a little self explanatory but I’m going to talk about it anyway! This season you can expect bags bigger than they have ever been. You’ll literally be able to fit your kitchen sink, ladies! I’m kinda loving the slouchy ones? I’m also always down for a huge tote bag. I’m obviously all for this trend because a lot of standard sized bags look huge on me anyway, and I also am known for carrying everything around with me in general – you never know what you’re going to need!
  • Raffia – I think raffia is going to be the material of the season. We saw a lot of it last year but we’re definitely going to see more of it this year. It’s not only going to come in the form of a bag, but in a whole bunch of other forms as well (I’ll get to it in a bit lol). I love the raffia bag and if you want to participate in the trend but don’t want to drop a lot of money on it, you can find SO MANY at the thrift store! It’s honestly such an easy trend to incorporate and they look especially cute with Summer picnic outfits.
  • The Bucket – I love the bucket bag. It’s just one of those bags that seems bottomless. You can fit everything inside a bucket bag but it still keeps its shape! I have a few bucket bags in my collection already, so I don’t think I’ll be needing another one. My mom has this Louis Vuitton bag that’s in a bucket shape that I have been begging her to give me for years. I want it so bad. Hopefully I can convince her to give it to me one day soon!
  • Hands-free – Last year we saw a lot of fanny packs in a number of different forms. We’re still going to see a lot of that but things are gonna get a little more creative. (These look more like lanyards tbh.) Try a fanny pack the size of a lipstick! Does it sound impractical? It probably is! Anyways, expect the fanny pack or these lanyard bags to be a huge trend this year. I’m not sure if I need another fanny pack but if I see something cute and different (or of the lanyard variety), you best believe I’ll be picking that up.


  • Raffia – Told you there’s more! Not sure if this will be the most comfortable of footwear but I think I’d like to try this trend if I can find something budget-friendly! They’ll be the Spring/Summer slipper? In terms of styling, I personally think they’d compliment denim really well.
  • Square-toed – I’m a big fan of the squared toe. A lot of people I know are kind of put off by it but I think I really want a pair of square-toed heeled sandals! I need a new pair of everyday heeled sandals. The pairs that I have are like 3 years old now and just aren’t going to hold on for another full season. I also wouldn’t mind a cute pair of square-toed booties though. What do you guys think of the controversial squared toe?
  • Flatform sandals – If this will give me height, sign me up! From what I can remember, I struggled to walk in flatform sandals. I will, however, give them another chance! This is something I’ll be pretty picky about though. The reason I’ll be picky is because a) I want to be able to walk in them! b) I want them to be comfortable, and c) they gotta be cute, they gotta scream “me”!
  • Mary Janes – I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED MARY JANES. I can remember when I was a little girl that I absolutely loved wearing my Mary Janes. I haven’t quite found a pair that I like in my adult life, but I think I saw some that I like from Doc Marten! A more girly and heeled pair would be nice to own as well! Anyways, this trend is something I would definitely invest in because I know I personally love the look and will wear them even if they’re no longer on trend.
  • Chain details – Ever had a hard time finding an anklet that looks good with your shoes? Look no further! Shoes will now come with anklets/chain details! I love it! Especially during the Spring and Summer when you’ve got a nice bare leg. It’s really the perfect touch.


  • Big hoops – You know I love hoops! Big hoops are hard for me because I find that most pairs of hoops that are on the larger side are way too big for my face. Not only are they too big for my face but they’re also pretty heavy! I find that they stretch my ear holes a bit and buddy, that’s not cute! I will be on a personal hunt for a cute and unique pair of big hoops that are also lightweight. Am I asking for a lot? Probably. I’ll be sure to let you guys know if I get lucky! Until then, I do have lots of pairs of large hoops already in my earrings collection that I can wear.
  • Pearls – I think the pearl is my birthstone. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t pearls the “stone” for June babies? Either way, pearls are my absolute favourite. It could be because they remind me of the ocean or it could be because they somehow make me think of the Philippines (where my mom is from). I don’t know, I just love them. I have lots of pearl earrings in my jewelry collection already. I also have a pearl necklace. But knowing that pearls are a trend for this season gives me an excuse to treat myself to more lol… right?
  • Oversized chains – Is this going to be hot and sweaty? Am I weird for thinking this way? I just know that during the Summer I’m pretty sticky in general and having a heavy metal chain around my neck probably won’t make things much better. I do like oversized chains but recently I’ve also experienced an allergic reaction to one of my thick chain necklaces. Perhaps it’s just bad luck. Aside from that experience, I really do love a chunky oversized chain! I love how they add edge to any look. They make me look tough (lol)? They’re something I would pair with a really feminine dress, like one with lots of ruffles or something.
  • Single earrings – I really love this trend. I think it’s super different and I’m really excited to try it. There are so many fun single earrings that I’ve seen on the internet. I know some of you might instantly think: “What are we? Pirates?” But honestly, it’s cute. Don’t knock it until you try it! I also think that if you have a dangly pair of earrings already, try just wearing one of them! It’s so easy and inexpensive and you can still say you’re “on trend”.
  • All the colours! – I feel like this is kind of vague but think jewelry in any colour or multiple colours. Think rainbows! Colours and rainbows are a huge thing this season and you’re going see them everywhere, in almost every form! Coloured gems/stones/rhinestones, coloured rope, or coloured chains! I love this trend because I think colours make everything happier. I love rainbows. I think the Spring/Summer season is such a happy season (and let’s be honest, we need something to be happy about right now), so this trend is perfect.


  • “See the rainbow!” (coloured sunglasses) – I feel like I’ve seen sunglasses like these before but now they might be more prominent. I want a pair of those yellow Gucci sunglasses but like, a cheaper version lol. Or maybe just any pair of yellow aviators? I’m actually obsessed with those pink ones in the photo above, the ones on the bottom left! We sell a lot of coloured sunglasses right now at Free People, but I definitely think it’ll be easy to find a pair for this season. They’re gonna be everywhere!
  • Flower pins – I think this will be cute and new! Nothing says Spring more than flowers, right? This will be a cute little accessory to add to blazers and light jackets. I can see one on a denim jacket – omg, that’d be sooo cute! You could even pin a flower to your handbag? Or your everyday tote bag? Ou, the possibilities are endless with this one! I could probably even make my own flower pins with fake flowers from the dollar store! Would you like to see that? Let me know in the comment section below!
  • Raffia/rope belts – This is something I haven’t seen before but I do want to try it! You can easily add it to a maxi dress, a denim miniskirt, a t-shirt dress, etc. I think it’ll be a cute little accent! Where am I going to find one? That’s the question. This might be much tougher to find but again, I could maybe make one? I could easily buy some rope at Michael’s craft store (once they’re open again)!
  • Headscarves – You’ve seen me incorporate a headscarf into one of my outfits during Fashion Month and I’m very excited to keep experimenting with it! Another good thing about this trend is that it can also be very inexpensive. I can honestly say that I’ve picked up some of my favourite scarves from Value Village or Talize for $2. It’s so easy! And like the flower pins, if you get tired of wearing them on your head, you can wear them on your purse!

Alright, that’s everything from me today! I hope you’re all staying safe and staying at home if you can. I know that there’s a lot going on in the world right now that it can feel a little scary but just know that we’re all in this together! We’re all doing our best if we’re staying home. I also want to point out that I know that maybe this blog post isn’t useful right now. I know that we can’t go out and shop these trends at the moment, but maybe this is the time to go through your closet, or your mom’s closet, and see that you might have that old pair of coloured sunglasses just sitting in a box! Or maybe your mom has a bunch of raffia bags or printed scarves that she used to wear! Go through your old belongings and see if you can reuse them this season and if you can’t, maybe you can alter them? Make a project out of it? Or you can just make yourself more organized and create that donation box you’ve been meaning to do for a while now.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I really hope you’re all doing well!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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