Outfits Of The Week

Hey everybody! Even with the craziness that’s going on in the world right now (I was told that Free People stores are all closing for two weeks, so I’m staying at home!), I feel like we should really remain positive and do things that make us happy! One thing that makes me happy is writing this blog post every week, so here it is! Here’s what I wore last week! I know I usually share 5 outfits but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post another one of these if I’m going to be laying around my apartment for 14 days! So I’ve added a little bonus outfit for you! I hope you enjoy them all!!!

Also: I’m sorry I’m a day late, I was busy trying to find toilet paper (lol kidding). I just had a lot to take in within the last day or so!

Outfit #1: We’re starting off with the bonus outfit! This was actually one of my days off but I was leaving early that day to visit my hometown to see my best friend, Emily! I don’t know what it is that makes me want to look good when I’m going back to my tiny hometown but like, you never know who you’re going to run into! I grew up there and therefore the likelihood of crossing paths with someone from high school, or an extended family member or family friend is high. What I wore is my favourite pair of black distressed Straight jeans from TOPSHOP. It was supposed to be a nice day (and it did end up being super nice outside), so I wanted to wear a lighter jacket. I found this the perfect time to finally wear my leather jacket from TOPSHOP without having to wear another layer overtop! Underneath I wore a beige cropped long sleeve (also from TOPSHOP) and for shoes, I wore my Adidas sneakers from SSense. To add some dimension/detail, I added a studded western belt. I thought the perfect bag was my dumpling bag because it sort of matched my beige top. And that’s it! It was really nice to see my best friend and it’s nice to get out of the city sometimes.

Outfit #2: Since I had a really long day off (4 hours in a car), I was pretty tired and didn’t want to think about what to wear to work the next day. I ended up going with a cream boiler suit from TOPSHOP because it just takes care of everything! I got this piece altered/hemmed to fit me better, and I think it’s going to be in my wardrobe for years! I added my thrifted cowboy boots, a hair accessory (a super scrunchie from Free People), a bag that I thrifted while I was home, and ta-dah!

Outfit #3: An early start if you can’t tell by the lighting in this photo (it’s so different/darker from the rest, or maybe it’s just me lol). I love mixing prints so I wore my navy pinstripe trousers from the TOPSHOP Petite section and paired them with one of my favourite blouses: my navy tiger blouse (also from TOPSHOP)! To be cozy and not business-y, I added my favourite cable knit sweater from Free People. I wear it so much! Like, literally all the time. It’s such a good staple for your wardrobe and I’m so excited to wear it in the Summer, like in the evening by the lake or to see an outdoor movie! (Can you tell I’m super excited for Summer?) To stay comfortable, I just wore my black high-top Converse sneakers and for a bag, I wore that same newly thrifted piece that I love so much! It’s in such good condition and I love the shape of it. The cute little chain top handle is also a favourite touch. I’m very happy to have it as a new addition to my bag collection.

Outfit #4: I think this looks like a mom outfit, but I kinda love it? I know I probably shouldn’t have worn the New Balance sneakers but I wanted comfort! Life has been stressful and not having to worry about my feet hurting at the end of the day is just one less thing. If I were to do this outfit again, I definitely would have done a heeled bootie. That’s just not ideal for work. The top is a new addition from Free People. We just recently received it at our store and I love it! I think it’s a great Spring/Summer top and I can’t wait to wear it with denim shorts. For this look, I wore it with my favourite Editor jeans from TOPSHOP. For pops of colour, I added my favourite En Route earrings from @enroutejewelry_. They’re these vintage inspired earrings with a green stone in the middle. The other pop of colour are my shoes, which I understand are kinda neutral as well, but they’re colour blocked! There are blues and yellows and greens in there somewhere (I think lol). I also added the same bag worn in most of these outfits so far because I think it matched well with the lines in my blouse.

Outfit #5: I posted this look on my Instagram and captioned it saying that I wore this dress to have more belly room! No, I’m not pregnant. I just wanted room to eat lots of chicken wings because I was meeting friends for wings after work that day! This dress is from the sale section at TOPSHOP. I know they currently launched a clearance sale, but this is from an old one. I don’t think it’s around anymore (unfortunately). It’s from their Petite section and I love it. You might recognize it from the Summer! It’s sleeveless so I like that it gives me versatility to wear it all-year-round! I mixed prints and added a printed blazer. It’s just this black and grey check-print blazer that has matching pants. I think since the blazer is in neutral colours, it really works! From there, I just added some necklaces and my thrifted cowboy boots, and that’s it!

Outfit #6: This final look was completely thrown together. I’m going to be open and honest about it. It was a long week and there’s a lot going on in the world that I just don’t care as much about what I’m wearing. I’m also going to be honest and say that this whole thing gives me a lot of anxiety. The fact that this pandemic has all these stores closing and having everyone stay at home so the virus doesn’t spread has me pretty worried. I’m trying to be positive but there’s a lot of uncertainty and I’m not a fan of uncertainty. Never in my life did I think we’d be dealing with a pandemic like this but I know that it’ll be okay in the end. It’s the direction that it could go in that scares me the most and I think this is why it is so important that if you can stay at home, you should stay at home. Let’s not make this worse! Think about your loved ones and their loved ones! You don’t want to put them at risk.

Now on to the outfit (sorry for the tangent)! I wore this black long sleeve with a quarter zip with a cute little bra top that I found buried in my closet. I’m really happy I found it because if you read my last blog post, bra tops are going to be huge during the Spring and Summer this year! I love the striped print on top of the long sleeve and to add some contrast, I added a pair of blue Straight jeans with two tones of blue denim for each pant leg! I stuck with black and white for my shoes and wore my Adidas sneakers. I added silver hoops to match the zipper and then a chain belt that I thrifted to add some more silver to the look! The final touches were adding my dumpling bag with my hair tied back in a Free People super scrunchie.

Okay! That’s it, that’s all! Like I said, I’m stuck in my apartment for the next two weeks so I don’t think I’ll have enough outfits to share with you (or maybe any at all?). We’ll have to wait maybe 3 weeks to have another one of these guys up and I’m sorry. If you have anything else you want to see from me, let me know! I have the time to work on it now (more than enough time lol)! Hope you’re all happy and well! Please stay safe and stay home!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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