Outfits Of The Week

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! I’m currently on my way to my home town to spend the day with my best friends! It’s super exciting but don’t you dare think I’m going to forget about my outfits from last week! (When will this be posted is probably the better question lol)

Outfit #1: This look was inspired by a look I saw online at Paris Fashion Week! I saw a lot of scarves as hair accessories this year! I actually wrote in my caption for this photo on Instagram that I didn’t know if I looked cute or if I looked like someone’s nonna lol. But I like the look! I might do it again! I will say that it’s kind of a high-maintenance look in terms of upkeep. I had to fix it way more than I wanted to at work that day. The silky material just slipped off my hair whenever I moved too quickly – it was annoying! For the rest of this look, I wore this white polo shirt that I got from Forever21 a lonnnng time ago. Forever21 stores have officially closed in Canada and that was even a while ago, so who knows when I got it! To pair with this shirt, I wore my favourite pair of grey check printed trousers from TOPSHOP’s Petite section. Of course, for shoes I wore my cowboy boots! I actually saw cowboy boots worn at Paris Fashion Week as well, guys!!! They’re FASHUN. And last but not least, I wore this cute little shoulder bag from Durumi (@thedurumi)! I actually wore this bag a lot this week. I love it so much!

Outfit #2: I think this was an early day and I didn’t even want to really think about putting together an outfit, so I wore a dress! It’s the easiest hack for those days where you just can’t bother. This dress is from Free People and I’m actually obsessed with the bottom ombré effect on it. With this dress, I mixed it up and wore my black cowboy boots instead of my brown ones! Whoa. Am I a little cowboy boot crazy? I also added this western belt to define my waist a bit more and threw on a denim jacket. Do you guys remember the bag I’m carrying? It’s NUNOO! I missed her! I can’t wait to bring her out for the Spring and Summer. I got this bag for my birthday from my boyfriend last year and I’ve been obsessed with the brand since! I actually have my eye on a few more bags from them (SHhhHh! I know I don’t need anymore bags!) because they recently started selling them in Canada at The Hudson’s Bay! This means trouble for my wallet but I’m super excited about it! You guys don’t even know. I’ve been saving all my money and I’m hoping to get more Nunoos real soon!

Outfit #3: Okay, don’t hate me. But I thrifted another blazer lol. This one fits different though! I’m obsessed with the shoulder pads and I love the length of it/where it hits. I don’t have anything like it and I think it’s a great addition for my collection (at least that’s going to be my excuse)! I wore this super cute cropped sweater from Free People that I love, and I’ve found that it goes with almost everything! I am so happy that I bought it. It was something I fell in love with on my first day working at Free People so it also has a bit of sentimental value. Do you guys associate memories with some of your clothing items? There are definitely some pieces in my closet that I don’t wear but won’t let go of because they have my favourite memories attached to them. Long story short: They just spark a heck of a lotta joy. For pants, I wore these jeans that I totally forgot about. They’re the “Editor” jeans from TOPSHOP and I’m afraid I don’t even know if they still carry them! On my feet I wore these boots that I had to take off after like 3 hours of working in them. It’s such a shame because they’re so cute!!! They’re the nude pair of booties that I bought from TOPSHOP last year with heels that look like a shiny hardwood floor? Do you guys remember them lol? I’m very sad that I can’t wear them to work but hopefully I can get more wear out of them somewhere else.

Outfit #4: This suit always puts me in a good mood. I feel so good wearing this suit and I think it shows because I got a few compliments when I wore it! This suit fits me perfectly and I got it from TOPSHOP at least a year ago from their Petite section (are you surprised?). Like a dress, a matching set or suit is so easy to wear. It’s effortless! I threw on a random band t-shirt that I picked up at Uncle Vintage (a vintage boutique on Bloor St. W) and added my sneakers I purchased from SSense. Then I added my Durumi bag for the third time last week and headed out the door! It’ll be your next favourite outfit, I promise! This is the only full suit that I own right now but I definitely want to keep an eye out for another from TOPSHOP. It’s unbelievable how well they fit!

Outfit #5: This outfit wasn’t planned. I kinda threw it together in a sleepy statembut I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out! Clearly, I seem to gravitate towards cowboy/grandma chic. It’s 100% grandma on the top portion of the outfit and western/cowboy on the bottom portion. Am I wrong? I don’t think so! Am I mad at it? No. Are you mad at it? I hope not! The sweater in the gorgeous mint colour that I’m wearing is from Durumi. It came as a set with a dress I wore in the Dominican Republic. Follow me on Instagram @tinyintoronto to see that look! Underneath the sweater I’m wearing a simple white button up shirt from Uniqlo. I think it’s 100% linen and very perfect for the upcoming seasons! For pants, I wore my gingham trousers from TOPSHOP. Now that I’m looking at this outfit a little more, I really am ready for Spring. Is it Spring yet? I’m over it being so cold! Today it was finally 10 degrees Fahrenheit so I’m thinking Spring is on it’s way, but I don’t want to jinx it! To finish this look, I wore my “The Heathers” scrunchie from my hair stylist, Olivia, at salon Twentyseven (@twentyseventoronto). She’s the owner of the salon and probably the best person to have do your hair. I’m actually going to plan an appointment with her real soon! Other finishing touches to this look were my thrifted brown cowboy boots and my dumpling bag from SHEIN!

There you have it! I’m finishing up this post at 11PM and I think that’s not bad for also having a fun filled day with my best friends! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! I’m sorry I couldn’t get this up sooner. You know I’ll be back next Sunday with another! ;))

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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  1. I love how you style the suit!! Trendy!

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