February 2020 Favourites

Hey everyone! I can’t believe I’m sharing a new monthly favourites video and blog post with you guys already!!! February was such a fun and exciting month for me and I can’t wait to share with you what I loved most. Here are my February Favourites!

  1. Dominican Republic/my vacation – I don’t even know where to begin! This vacation was something I needed. I love the sun, it just makes me so much happier when the sun is out and I can feel it’s warmth. I can confidently say that the beach is my ultimate happy place. Take me there and I’m yours. It has to be my favourite place to be, ever. I don’t know what it is about it! I just feel so at peace when I’m near the water/ocean. Long story short, this vacation was perfect and everything I could have wanted! The beach, one of my bestest friends, and some good books, and I’m a happy woman.
  2. FP crossbody bag + FP sunglasses – Two of my most worn pieces while I was on vacation. Not only are they cute but they were super helpful. I used them all the time, like all day, every day. Both of them are from Free People and I snatched them just before my trip! The fanny pack? Crossbody bag? That woven bag in the photo was so handy to have on me. I could still be hands-free and have all my important things close by which is important when you’re travelling! These sunglasses have UV protection and I love how large they are. My face felt fully protected and I think they look so chic! I also could hide the fact that I literally wore zero makeup during the day and only put makeup on before dinner at night. They’re both definitely favourites that I am going to make sure that I wear throughout the Summer.
  3. Joe Fresh earrings (thank you, Brittany!) – Ever wondered what pair of hoop earrings would be your favourite pair of hoop earrings? Ever just wanted the perfect pair of gold hoops that you could wear with anything and everything ever single day?! Look no more! My friend Brittany found me the perfect pair from Joe Fresh. Apparently they’re really hard to find because everyone has picked up on the fact that they’re an affordable dupe for a lot of popular/trending gold hoop earrings right now. Brittany actually told me that they look exactly like a pair that Hailey Baldwin wears? What?! Not that I’m super crazy about her or anything but that’s pretty cool, right? Anyways, if knowing that Hailey Baldwin has a similar pair isn’t enough, I actually really do like these earrings. I love the size of them for my face. I love the weight of them (they’re SO LIGHT)! And I think they go with absolutely everything! I couldn’t get enough of them this month and I plan on wearing them all throughout March as well.
  4. Mejuri jewelry – If you haven’t watched my IGTV video where I unbox a package from Mejuri, you should stop and watch it now! If you have watched it, you know that I am obsessed with their jewelry and it’s not because they asked me to collaborate with them! I’ve collaborated with them twice now and I feel so lucky to have gotten two free pieces from them. I wear all of my Mejuri pieces every day. My relationship with the brand began when I just wanted a nice pendant necklace that I can wear around my neck all the time. I purchased their Sun Tarot necklace and instantly fell in love. I wear it absolutely ALL THE TIME. I posted it a lot on Instagram because I was so happy to have found the perfect necklace for me! I think Mejuri noticed this crazy woman talking about the same silly necklace all the time and decided to reach out, and that’s how it all began. If you want to know more about my Mejuri pieces, be sure to give my YouTube video a watch (all the details are in the video I’ve linked above)!
  5. Meet Cute/reading in general – This past month was a great month for reading for me. I finished 3 books!!! It was so rewarding and it was so nice to sit on a beach and just enjoy a good book, you know? I love reading (if you guys haven’t already figured that out), and I absolutely loved reading this book my best friend, Jericho, gave to me for Christmas. I thought it would be the perfect beach read on my trip to the Dominican Republic so I took it with me and finished it in two days! It was so, so, so good! It’s basically a collection of cute and romantic ways people have met. All the stories are unique and really heartwarming. I kind of wish each little story turned into an actual novel because by the end of each one I wanted to know more! I wanted to know what happened after that! Did they see each other again? Did they start dating? I love when books have you wanting more! Currently, because I had such a great month for reading, I’m already sitting at 8 books read in 2020. Last year I read 20 books. It’s only been 2 months and I’m already close to being halfway there!!!! My goal for the year is to read 30 books and at this rate I might surpass it! (But let’s not jinx anything.)
  6. New Expressie nail polishes – I saw a lot of advertisements for these nail polishes and so I felt inclined to try them. I am a big Essie fan. It’s the only brand of nail polish that I use! I got this nude colour called “crop top & roll” to wear on my nails during my vacation, and I’m going to say that I was pretty impressed by it! I came back and I even decided to reapply it/wear it again! Not only do I love the colour but the brush and application is just perfect. The brush is slightly tapered and is pretty big so it covers a lot of surface area. I like that because it basically covers my nail in one stroke! It’s so easy! It also applies really evenly. It also dries as fast as it claims! I just really like this line and I hope they come out with even more colours. I just recently got this green colour called “taxi hopping” and I’m absolutely obsessed with it too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a colour like this at the drug store. It’s so cute! The next colour I want to get is the purple called “get a mauve on” (omg and the names are so cute toooo).
  7. Locke and Key on Netflix – Shady and I watched the entire first season of this show during our trip and we were obsessed with it. I think one night we watched like, 5 or 6 episodes in a row? It was so addicting! You guys might find it kind of funny that we loved it so much because I think it’s catered to a younger audience but whatever! It was good! It was actually quite thrilling! The story is basically about the Locke family and the keys that are hidden in their family estate. Each key does this magical thing (which is super cool) and what they find out is that someone is after them. The person with all the keys is obviously the most powerful and scariest being so they don’t want the keys in the hands of the wrong person. These three siblings are then responsible of protecting the keys and making sure this bad person doesn’t get them all. Again, you guys know how bad I am at summarizing and retelling stories. I promise you that it’s more thrilling and exciting than I’m making it out to be. There’s a little bit of everything in it! There’s magic, suspense, some romantic bits, etc. It’s good! Just give it a shot and get back to me lol!
  8. Headbands – I won’t say too much about my headbands because I think I’ve talked about them a lot in previous blog posts, like in my “Outfits Of The Week”. Basically, my hair is a mess and needs to get cut. It’s been a while since I got my hair trimmed and therefore I’ve been gravitating towards all these headbands to make my hair look a little more presentable. I just need something to give it more life, you know? Headbands have been perfect for this so I’ve been rotating through a good assortment. I’ll admit that I have the urge to buy another one but I’ll just relax. What is your go-to when you’re having a bad hair day?
  9. Love Is Blind on Netflix – Oh boy. I don’t know where to begin with this one. I feel like everyone has come aboard the “Love Is Blind” train by now so you know how insane it is. I still don’t quite understand the concept. Like I get it but I also don’t. You get to know a person in “the pods” for a week or two. At the end of that period, you have to get a proposal or you’re outta there (it seems). Then you meet your fiancé and see their face for the first time before you go to an island and get to know each other physically. After a week there, you move into an apartment together and try real life as a couple in the “real world”. After another week or two, you’re then at the altar and have to decide whether you actually want to go through with this or you want to back out. Either way, does anyone really believe that all this can happen and be sustainable after a month? Am I being cynical here? Is love really blind lol? Anyways, I enjoyed the ride. It was mind-blowing. Some people on the show have me questioning humanity a little, but it was good! I recommend it! It’s oddly addicting.
  10. Fashion Month – February’s Fashion Month is one of my favourite times of the year. I love seeing all the shows but what I love the most is the street style! This year I saved so many great street style looks from every fashion week, in every city, and shared them with you! If you haven’t seen these looks, you have to go check them out! They’re are so inspiring and I’ve been using these looks as inspiration for my own outfits lately! I love how all this street style gives me a different perspective and gives me new ideas on how I wanna dress/express myself. I talk about Fashion Month a lot more (I pretty much ramble tbh) but I really do mean it when I say that this is a huge dream of mine. I would love to attend these shows more than anything.

That’s it for February 2020’s favourites! Thank you guys so much if you’ve read this entire thing or watched the entire video. It really means a lot to me.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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