Fave Looks: Street Style at Milan Fashion Week

Omg, ohmygod, OH MY GOD. Holy smokes, guys! I have never been more inspired in my entire life!!! I was not expecting to fall in love with Milan and their street style but this year, wow. I cannot believe how much I loved every single look. Like, they were doing everything right in Milan! THAT was fashion (if I do say so myself). It was pure art and I love the life that I felt from just looking at all these images. I know I sound like a crazy person but this is my passion, and it’s weird that I felt the things that I felt when looking at all these beautiful photos! The colours, the silhouettes, and the balance. I’m so in love. This is why fashion is so important to me! I don’t even know how to articulate my feelings. I don’t know how to put my admiration into words either than “wow”. Milan takes the cake.

Take a look at *some* of my favourites!

While searching for street style pictures (reminder: these photos are not mine!!!), I came across articles saying that the street style might have been better than the actual fashion shows! I know this could be a little insulting to the designers, but the looks were just so good. I love the self-expression and the creativity, and this makes me so excited for Paris Fashion Week! I can’t believe that it’s the final week of Fashion Month!!! Milan has by far been my favourite for street style looks (sorry Copenhagen). After scrolling for hours late one night looking at all these photos, I think I’ve been much more inspired in terms of the way I dress lately.

If you want to see these outfits inspired by Fashion Month (Milan in particular!) follow me on Instagram @tinyintoronto!

NEXT STOP: Paris Fashion Week!

Hope you’re all having a great day!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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