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Last week was my first full week back at work so (obviously) I have outfits I wanna share! I only have 4 outfits instead of 5 because during this past week we had a statutory holiday! It was nice and I kind of needed it to get back into the swing of things after my vacation. I’m back to my regular routine now and although I miss the sun very, very much, I know that Summer will be here sooner than I know it. When you see last week’s outfits, you’ll notice that I’m a little conflicted with my outfit choices. I wanna dress for Summer but it’s still Winter so I have to keep most of my skin covered, so as a way to welcome Spring/Summer I’ve been wearing a lot of lighter colours lol. Will this manifest Spring/Summer? I’m hoping so.

Here’s what I wore last week!

Outfit #1: Another reason why I’ve been wearing a lot of lighter colours if so that I can show off my tan (let’s be honest lol). I started the week inspired by Fashion Month. I saw some similar outfits amongst the collection of street style photos that I’ve gatherer over the past few weeks and I absolutely love that I could recreate the look! I wore my Copenhagen graphic t-shirt because Copenhagen has been my favourite Fashion Week so far. I wore it with my woven/knitted midi skirt that I purchased from Topshop last year. It came in a set but I like to wear them separately. I honestly love the options that a set gives you! I highly recommend getting at least one for your wardrobe. You could even get a suit (because according to my research, they’re going to get even trendier)!!! Speaking of suits, I wore this oversized blazer from Talize (a thrift store) on top of the look and I absolutely love the shape of this thing. I know a lot of people might see it as something way, waaaaay too big for me, but I love the look and I think it’s so chic. Power shoulders are cool, no? I think I’m going to have this blazer for at least a few more years. The best part is that it was only $12! For accessories, I wore this pearl headband that I picked up from Amazon. It was super cheap and I was super hesitant to buy it because I wasn’t sure if I was going to have enough confidence to wear it, but I wear it at least once every two weeks! If anything, it gives me confidence! It’s my pearl crown and I love it. For a bag (because we all know I can’t go without one), I wore this new bag I picked up from Durumi (@thedurumi on IG). If you’re new here, Durumi is my obsession. It’s this cute little Korean boutique on Queen Street West that I absolutely can’t get enough of. You don’t know me if you don’t know how much I go to Durumi. I literally have to visit them at least once a week. It’s crazy. I had looked at this cute little pillow bag when they first got it and I wasn’t sure about it so I didn’t take it home right away. But then I kept seeing it pop up on my Instagram feed! It was like, haunting me! I immediately messaged Durumi and asked if they had any left in black and they said they only had ONE. They were amazing and kept it aside for me, and I honestly could not be happier! It’s so cute! I’ve been wearing it every day since!

Outfit #2: Really looking like a Summer gal here. I tried to tone it down with this fluffy bucket hat, did it work? The bucket hat is also from Durumi (#sorrynotsorry). I wore this top that my aunt in the Philippines gifted me when my family and I visited them in October 2018. It fits me so well and I wish I knew where she got it! I also wore my white “Mom” jeans from Topshop and my Little Burgundy boots! I think what’s special about this outfit is all the layered jewelry I wore. A lot of it is from Mejuri, there’s a necklace from Free People, and then I also wore the jewelry that I absolutely have to wear every day or I’ll feel naked. If you’ve seen my latest IGTV video, I talk about maybe recording a video about my every day jewelry pieces! Let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d like to see!

Outfit #3: I stayed at my boyfriend’s place which is why this is in a different setting than normal. I love his mirror because it’s so big and I don’t have to bend my neck to fit my face in the photo. Something on my list of future investment pieces is a new full-length mirror. If you have any suggestions for a good/affordable full-length mirror that kind of matches my aesthetic, please tell me! I chose this dress because it was only one thing to pack and an item that wouldn’t wrinkle in my bag. I get so many compliments on this dress that I never want to let it go. It’s from the Petite section at Topshop. I ordered it online during a massive sale and it was only $20. Honestly, it’s probably the best $20 I’ve ever spent! I love how easy it is and yet, I think I still look fashionable! With this dress, I wore my brown cowboy boots that I also thrifted from Talize. I added another headband that I purchased from Amazon. It’s black, velvet and padded. It’s definitely a current staple in my wardrobe! Headbands just add something more to my outfit, and I think it also hides the fact that I’m due for a haircut real soon.

Outfit #4: I talk about Saturdays being a busy day for those in retail because that’s when most people are off and want to shop. This Saturday was nothing different. I try to dress comfy if you don’t already know. When I think about dressing for Saturday, I think about my sneakers and how to create an outfit around them. This time I wore my “Crop” jeans from Topshop. They’re like my second favourite pair of jeans. I just love how wide they are! They aren’t restricting like most of my other jeans. I tucked my Fleetwood Mac graphic t-shirt (which is also from Topshop) into them and added my “Bonfire” cardigan on top. I love this chunky cardigan so much. It’s definitely one of my favourite pieces that I have from Free People since starting my job there. The sneakers that I chose to wear are these Adidas ones that I got last year from SSense. I ordered them from their online website and it was so quick and easy (and I also love their selection of sneakers) that I want to order another pair soon! I’m thinking about a sporty pair of New Balances?

Anyways, that’s it from me! That’s what I wore last week and I hope you’re happy that we’re back on regular scheduled programming lol. I do wanna say that since going on vacation and relaxing/doing nothing, I feel like my mind has had the rest that it really needed. I’m feeling so refreshed and now so motivated! I have so many ideas that I have jotted down and can’t wait to share with you guys! Keep an eye out for it all! I have a new series I’m working on and that’s all I’m gonna tell ya!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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